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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Second post before noon? Wow!

Can you guess what greeted me in the shower this morning?

It was about four inches long. I swear the legs were longer than these look. Ick! I didn't know it is possible to drown a centipede, but since I wasn't going to pick it up, even in tissue or something, I tried it. It worked! Again, ick!

Gee, you all have a great day, alright?!?!?


Yeah ...

... Life is (still) beautiful!!!


  1. Ack!!! I nearly had one of those run over my bare feet when I was in Carlsbad years ago. Except it was black with very pretty bright colored legs. Still ICK!!

    Glad you took care of it. :o)

  2. I can't STAND centipedes... or worms... or silverfish.... or... ACK!

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  4. Jenster - I've heard stories about millipedes that are really big in the area of Lovington (or Loving, I'm not sure) that "stampede" at certain times of the year. Is that a fish story? I was told they run across the highway and actually can be heard! shudder!!

    Patti - I'm not crazy about any of them, but I don't freak out ... usually. This one just grossed me completely. ptooey!!!

    Casey - YEAH!! What YOU said!!!

  5. I love that bug. Beautiful. You are so lucky to one.

  6. Pepper - Yeah, well, just wait till you come visit, and I'll find one for you to keep in your home, OK????

  7. Ew!! I've never heard that before, but the thought gives me the willies!!

  8. Jenster - I'm guessing it is an ol' cowpoke story told to the tenderfoot!!

  9. I would have screamed.
    And then washed it down the drain, having nightmares of it crawling back up while I was shampooing my hair and my eyes were closed.
    EEK !

  10. Oh PA-LEEZE...I'd STILL be passed out somewhere if I saw that thing in my shower. I don't do bugs of ANY kind. Actually, Trae is a pretty lucky guy because it's enough for me to accept ANYthing with over 2 legs!!!

    I'm a sissy, what can I say? LOL

  11. Annie - I tried that ... it was too big to go down the drain cover!! shiver.

    Dawn - I'm not uneasy about too many things, but this was certainly one of the ones on the list!!


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