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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A New Day

OK, I really need to get that sad post off of there!

Late yesterday afternoon Gail and I were preparing to go to another potluck (apparently it is going to be a weekly or nearly so thing) and I opened the back door to let the dogs out. When I did, I startled and was startled by a deer that was just 10-15 feet from the door. He jumped several yards away, but then stopped and just looked at me. It was a beautiful eight-point buck!
I softly called to Gail and told her to come quickly. She was able to see him because he didn't move from the spot for about fifteen minutes. He was just grazing and occasionally checking me out to be sure I wasn't doing anything threatening. Wow, was he a handsome creature! I didn't take a picture as we were scurrying to get ready, and I really didn't expect him to stay so long. OK, OK, so shoot me for not snapping him! Here is something to make up for it.

Am I forgiven?


And on our way home from the dinner, just as we left the highway toward my house, we saw several deer, does, in the bushes just off the road. Last night was certainly a "deer" of an evening!!

Eight point-bucks, cat-tails, and indescribable clouds ....

... oh, yeah, Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I'll occasionally see a deer near my house and I love to look at them. So graceful and majestic!

  2. Patti - I just came back from Ruidoso where I saw another buck, 6 points, I believe, strolling down a street (the town is very wooded). He, like the one in my back yard, still had the "fuzz" on the antlers. Yes, they are grand animals, indeed!

  3. I love your cloud photos! They are really awesome. I take my dog out for walks numerous times a day, and half the time I am staring up at the sky taking it all in. Did you catch the lunar eclipse this AM? I did! And we often see a fox when we're out early in the morning, but he takes off pretty fast once he spots the dog!

    Caroline's MG

  4. MG - Thank you! I missed the eclipse. I woke up around the right time, but I couldn't drag myself out of bed! Lazy bones!But I go out often in the evening for that "one last time" with the dogs, and I love looking at the sky. It is so clutter-free here that you can see stars that you've forgotten are in the sky! It is awesome!

  5. I keep telling MG that we need to come visit you because if she thinks the pictures are great she really needs to see the sky in person. It will simply take your breathe away. (hint hint MG)

  6. Caroline - You are SO right about that. The pix are good, but the real thing is awesome! So .... c'mon!!!

    Pepper - Oh, yeah! And thanks!

  7. BEAUTIFUL usual!

    I saw a beautiful doe in our yard one day. Which is pretty rare for Georgia. She was actually standing in our side yard about 5 yards from our driveway. I called quietly to Jayla to show and her "OH MY GOSH, MOMMY!!!" scared the ole girl away :-). And do you know, no one our house believed that we actually saw her.

    Nobody ever believes me :-).

  8. Dawn - And what have you done to deserve that reputation??? ;-)

    Are deer actually not common there? My daughter lived in a northern suburb of Atlanta, fairly rural at the time (a new subdivision being built), and near a big lake. I saw a couple while I was there. I love watching deer. They seem so perfect in the wild.


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