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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Feeling Raw

I'm sitting around this morning feeling sorry for myself. The worst part is this ... I'm not sure why! I think I may simply be tired and edgy.

And it is unusually hot here. The forecast high is 91, and this region is not inclined be over 90 very often. By the weekend it is going to be down to the upper 70s, but that doesn't change today's potential misery. We haven't had measurable rain for at least a couple weeks. A few showers here and there, but nothing significant. In spite of that, it seems muggy. Well, OK, muggy for New Mexico. Those of you in Atlanta or Kansas City or Florida would laugh at my calling this "muggy," but comparative to the norm, it is.

Other than that, I have no reason for my poutyness. It just is. I'm throwing a senseless pity party, and no one else showed up, so it is even worse! OK, OK, I didn't send invitations. But you didn't really want to come, now did you?!

Alright, enough!! On a very good note, Gail got a job! She started work today at a title & escrow company in Carrizozo. It is about 20 or 25 miles from here, but an easy drive. Carrizozo is the county seat, a very small town (something around 1000), and is the only village in the county that is not in the high country. It is in a valley between two mountain ranges, and the whole valley tends to be very hot in the summer and cold in the winter with the winds that sweep through it like horses on a race track. I wouldn't live there, and she doesn't plan to either. She will continue to look for something in the area of Capitan or Nogal.

Gail is happy as this means she can now consider seriously buying a house. Without a job, it is pretty much impossible to get a mortgage, of course. She had her heart set on one house that went under contract just when she was being hired. She will continue to look at other houses, but we are secretly hoping that the contract falls through, of course. Oops! Did I say that out loud? Well, now that the secret is out, you can all join us in that endeavor, and perhaps it will work even better! All together now, chant "Gail's dream house will be hers, Gail's dream house will be hers." Yep, that's it. Now just keep it up until I let you know you can stop. Uh-huh!

Next week is a big week. I go to court on Wednesday, August 29, for the name change to be finalized. I'm getting very excited about it! I will spend that day and possibly Thursday changing my driver's license, bank accounts, credit accounts, social security, etc. I will officially be ME!!

Then on Thursday or Friday, I will leave for my 45th High School Class reunion! Gail, since she has a job, is going to drive there in her own car, leaving after work on Friday. I want to get there earlier than she would so I can relax and visit more. When I return I will probably stop in Albuquerque for a day and visit some friends there before returning home.

Hmmm. Well, my mood isn't so dark now! Yay! Pity party over, everyone go home!!! I'm going to Ruidoso and do some shopping!

After all ...

... Life is Beautiful!!!

And I don't want to waste it!!!


  1. I find margaritas always go well with a pity party!

    Congrats to Gail and have a great time next week. First becoming you and then going to your reunion. Fun stuff!

  2. I'vwe been down in the dumps for almost 2 weeks and today - finally! I am feeling better. I hope you feel better quickly. It sucks to feel yucky.

  3. Jenster - I ran some errands between posting the note and now. I stopped in a store to buy a bottle of water, and I was really, really tempted by Jose Cuervo, that bad boy! I resisted because I have one small bottle of margaritas here at home, and I'd only taken a $5 into the store. It was too hot to go out and back in!! LOL! Nah, I'm not lazy!

    Casey - I know you have been. I wished I could have done something to help, but I remember that those times just have to be moved through. I'm surely glad you're feeling better, as I am. Keep smilin'!! At the least, it confuses the "blues"!! ;-)

  4. I am so happy for Gail. I know this took some pressure off of her. Let's hope she finds that dream house soon. I know she is anxious to get into her own place.

    I am sorry you are feeling down. You know where to reach me if you need to talk. Anytime.

    xoxoxo to you

  5. Caroline, I know I can call you. If I were still in the funk, I would have called you this evening at home. Thanks, hon! You're a jewel!

  6. Lyn, you forgot to mention that Carrizozo doesn't even have a grocery store...even if it is the county seaty!


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