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Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Monday! Rise and Shine!!!

Good Monday Morning!

I worked my patootie off all weekend, and boy, did I get a lot done. I went to bed last night really tired and proud of myself. Then this morning, I got up, looked around and thought .... what the &%^$*@#????? It doesn't even show! Oh, well, I was working of putting things away, Straightening and organizing, so I guess if it doesn't show that is probably a good thing, right? But it still felt disappointing that there wasn't a flashing neon sign and a disco ball to announce my toil.

I also took time out to do some cooking. Tonight is a get-together with some friends, so I made a Kahlua dip for fruit. It is easy and, oh, so good. But I failed to realize that I left my mixer attached to the wall in KC! Mixing something with Philly cream cheese by hand and expecting it to be smooth is impossible. Oh, well, tiny lumps won't matter, I guess. I smushed it, beat it with a wooden spoon, and finally whisked it until I thought my arm was gonna fall off! It still has little lumps about the size of a BB. Tomorrow I'm going to Walmart and buy a mixer!!

While I was at it, I made a killer chicken salad and some deviled eggs. Mama gonna have a good lunch today!

I'm making this really short today. I still have two rooms to straighten, and one of them is a doozy ... this office!! I'd like the house to be neat again. Silly me!!

Hope everyone has a good week ahead. No. Make that ... you will have a good week, do you hear me??? :)

Yeah ....

... Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Good Monday morning to you Lynilu !

    Straightening, organizing, putting away, cooking, I send you SEVERAL disco balls and neon signs for the efforts you make every single week of the year !

    Hope that you find a great mixer -what color will you buy it in ?

    They have a dozen or so different colored bowls out there now - my next one will be robin's egg blue, even though my old standby is still chrome !

    Either way, it'll get the lumps out of your cream cheese !

  2. "Good Monday morning", get serious!! You don't have 550 kids to deal with. But I applaud your efforts over the weekend.

    Now that you live in the "country" though you can't just make chicken salad and devilled eggs. You gotta kill the chicken and gather the eggs first. And given the choice why would anyone eat anything with cream cheese in it anyway.

  3. I will have a good day.

    Everyone is cooking. I have read two blogs and I am starving. I wish I knew how to cook. I do try to cook but like I have told people, my cooking is so bad the dog runs away from home. Fortunately, all of my kids can cook. They had to learn or starve.

  4. Annie - You're back!! Yay!

    Well, thank you! The bright, dancing lights will help, for sure!!

    I have no idea on the mixer. I haven't had a new mixer in so long, that it will be fun to check out the options. I'm going to check out a store that handles top of the line things to see if they have one and what is available. But I'll probably end up with a Walmart special!

    Anon - Honey, I haven't been around long enough to have 550 children!! I didn't think you had either!!

    I actually remember being a little kid and helping pluck the feathers from the chickens after watching them being beheaded! Now I shiver at that! You don't like cream cheese?? Wha's a-matta chu? You'd like this concoction, I promise. Everyone at the dinner did. After all, kahlua makes anything good!!

    Have fun tomorrow, and kiss one of the bonney babies for me! Oh, never mind ... wouldn't want to have to bail you out for that. Isn't it time for you to retire?? ;-)

  5. Lynilu - yes I am interested in the doggie tranquilizers. She had a second seizure the other day. I just have a feeling she is failing. I plan to take her to her vet when we go back to Missouri in September for a complete physical.

  6. Pepper, I posted a comment/answer on your blog.

  7. I've wanted a red Kitchenaid mixer for a long time, but I can't believe how much they cost!!

  8. Sandra, I was actually getting a hand-held mixer because I don't have room to store one like you mention. I looked at them today, raised my eyebrows at the prices, drooled, and brought home what I actually could use!

  9. RETIRE! what on earth would I do then. I'm still having fun.

    Kiss 'em, probably not, but I do get lots of hugs and that can really make a bad day better.

  10. Anon - You have enough to do at the house to keep you outta trouble for the next year or so!! But I'm glad you enjoy the job. Not everyone can say that.

    Oh, I remember the days of the hugs from children. You're so right ... it can erase a lot of the crap of life. Sometimes, it was their own crap they were working to erase from my memory. Remember that the ones I worked with were emotionally disturbed, so there was often something they wished to obliterate from my memory!

    OK, just go have a good days full of kiddie hugs! :)


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