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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm excited!

I'm excited! (I know, you're thinking, Thank goodness something is getting Lynilu off her usual blah-zay, ho-hum routine. Be nice now!) I got a call from my friend Gina from Kansas City, and she is on her way to see me! Woo-hoo! She is on a camping trip of unknown length, working her way toward my abode along trails through the gorgeous deep canyons of the Gunnison in Colorado, the mystical Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon near my old stompin' ground in Northwest New Mexico, soon will be in the great Gila Wilderness of Western New Mexico, and then probably mid next week, she will be here for a few days!

I envy her the trip, although I have to admit I'm not sure I'm up to that much camping these days. I have a few years on Gina, and these old bones can camp, but only for limited periods. She is of course, stopping every few days at a motel to get a thorough shower and wash some clothes. It's getting cold in the high country, as she said she was looking for a stocking hat and mittens after one night that was cold enough she ended up wrapping a pair of sweatpants around her head to keep warm! That's over the top for me!

Gina and I worked together off and on for over 15 years. She is, like me, a clinical social worker, and she is also an amazing therapist. Not your typical sit-in-a-chair-and-mutter-hmmm
kind of therapist, Gina always kept me alert, because I never knew what was coming next! You know how therapists sometimes say, "Think out of the box," when they are trying to get you to think or do things differently? Well, Gina doesn't just think outside, she lives outside the box! Trust me, she couldn't ask a client to do something she hasn't or wouldn't, because she lives big! The girl energizes me .... and then wears me out! So, yes, I'm excited!!

Tomorrow I'm having some plumbing done. One is an unexciting but very essential new vent pipe for my bathroom. The current one isn't venting well, and I get sewer gas smell, not often, but sometimes strong. UGH!! They've tried a couple minor fixes, but I can't stand it, so tomorrow it get taken care of. He is also going to install a new kitchen faucet for me. The current one is alright, but it does not have a sprayer. I didn't think that would be a huge problem, but after thirty or forty years of having the handy-dandy little hose, I've learned that it is a pain in the yoo-hoo to not have it! Even just cleaning the sink is a pain ... get a cup of water and pour it down the sides of the sink, over and over, and almost always pour it too high so it runs all over the counter, so I wind up having to mop up the counter, too. It will feel luxurious to have a sprayer on a hose again. Gee, I'm easy to please, aren't I??

And I got a call this AM from the road-grader guy. If it dries out a bit (I've had over 4 inches of rain in less than a week!!), he will be out next week to put down the base course on the driveway! Double, triple quadruple YIPPEE-SKIPPEE!!! No more mud tracked in, no more rutting driveway every time it rains, no more driving over eight inch water-formed ruts and feeling like you're on a bucking bronc!! In case you don't know (I didn't) base course is the kind of surface you often see in rural areas, kind of whitish with a mix of gravel, alkali, recycled concrete, sand and some other things that pack down and hold together much longer than gravel, but wa-a-a-a-ay less expensive than asphalt. In fact, it is what they use as a base for asphalt, so you can imagine how sturdy it must be.

After the driveway is done, I need to get the steps in place from the lower driveway to the upper one. It is a long walk around, so I've bought concrete bricks to create steps. Trouble is the ground is very rocky, so it is going to be a challenge getting them even enough to be safe, a huge task, but essential for guests and especially with winter coming up.

Anyway, I am psyched and gotta get to town and pick out my faucet. Y'all try to get along without me for the rest of the morning, OK? I know it is hard, but put forth your best effort. Just keep thinking of the exciting pictures to come! I know, you're saying, "Ooouuu, base course pictures!! Yum!! Sexy faucet shots, I can't wait!!" Yeah, yeah, yeah, but remember there just might be some pictures I take along the way that will be thrown in, too, like the dear in my back yard yesterday. Now be good and don't tear down the house while I'm gone, OK???? :) :) :)


  1. I would be excited for a new kitchen faucet with a sprayer too. After having one in nearly every house I ever lived in, I didn't have one when I came to live with Man. So I guess it is more that he did not have one. But regardless, I have one now in our new house and I love it.

    When I was growing up, I lived on a gravel road (the parents STILL do!!) so I sure do know what you're talking about.

    Have fun with your company and I can't wait to see your awesome pictures!!

  2. Daisy - We are simple women, you and me, when a kitchen sprayer is such a delight! LOL! I can hardly wait!

    The County is grading my road today, and that is as exciting as the sprayer! Now I have a nice smooth driveway and road leading here, too! YAY!!

    Pictures are a-comin'!! And I got some dandies!!

  3. Hey it's the little things sometimes that get us excited! Glad your friend is coming for a visit!

  4. Patti - I'm waiting now for the plumber. He should arrive just any time, and the I can spray away!! LOL!!

  5. What a great post. I love when friends come visit.

    Camping??? YEAH...that'll happen!! (insert rolling eyes I don't camp ANYWHERE unless it's got a neon sign out front that read, FREE DSL hook up, heated indoor pool and free continnental breakfast...LOL

    Oooo, a new kitchen more reason for me to come visit :-).

  6. Dawn - I used to love camping, but these days, not so much! Could be age, could be good sense!

    giggle! We can get excited over the strangest things, can't we? I love the new faucet! I spent about half an hour just cleaning the sink thoroughly today ... and loving it!! Uh-oh!!


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