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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Promised Pictures

Yesterday evening I was startled when I looked out the window and saw a deer just outside the fence of my back yard. My yard in only about 12 feet side, so she was just right there. I went for the camera and tried to get some shots. I've had to use some digital adjustments on these shots, because they were a bit hazy; I was shooting against the sun and into shadows, and the effect was not too good. I couldn't move from where I was without scaring her, so I chose to proceed, even with the poor conditions. I also had some trouble with the focus because she was hidden in the thicket and I couldn't move around to get a better angle to focus. Here are a few pictures of this beautiful creature.

This picture is while she was immediately out the back door, and I was shooting through a small opening so not to startle her.

I like this one. She is craning her neck, looking at me. Reminds me of an old, old silly song, "I was looking back to see if she was looking back to see if I was looking back to see if she was looking back at me ...."

She didn't run away, but did move about six feet farther before turning and gazing in my direction.

Here she had moved closer to the back door again, but still up the bank, a safe distance, I guess.

She wold get a bite of grass, then raise her head and watch me as she chewed.

This is how camouflage works!

Peeking out.

One more major craning of the neck to check and be sure I was still where I was supposed to be.

Isn't she lovely?

One last check before she turned and walked back into the woods.

Then today ...

Well. I left the house this morning on some errands, and before I'd driven 3/4 mile I saw a youngster, a teenage male, who was in obvious distress. Well, no, that's not quite correct. He was in a potentially distressing situation but appeared quite calm. Somehow, for some reason, he had stuck his head through the hole in the side of a plastic chair and clearly couldn't get it out! There he sat, sprawled on the grass as if nothing were wrong!

I actually saw him and drove past when it dawned on me that he was stuck! You know, one of those "Now wait a minute, what did I just see?" moments. I put the truck in reverse and backed down the road. Sure enough, he was stuck. I pulled in the driveway, and he got up to see what I wanted, I guess.

Here is what I saw. . . . .

His name is P.J., and despite how this looks, he was actually very casual about it all!

It looks like his is trying to get free, but he is actually grazing!!!

Every time he raised his head, the chair slid around like this.

But he would simply stretch his neck out . . . .

. . .or move his head a little to rearrange the chair . . . . .

. . .and simply go on grazing!!!!

"Dad" to the rescue!! P.J. actually belongs to "dad's" daughter. His destiny is not the dinner table, but to sire hopefully future show calves.

Let's hope his future progeny are, uhmmm, smarter than old P.J., here!!

Almost out, but it got stuck. Tightly!

OK, just a couple more swipes of the little saw.

Whew! Free at last, free at last!

P.J. was not the least worried about any of this ordeal! His demeanor reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull. Do any of you remember Ferdinand? A very laid back bull who loved to stand around smelling the flowers, as I recall. Yep, that would be my newly found neighbor, P.J.!!

And the man said at the end, with a deep Texas drawl, "Well, that was a durn good $3 chair from Walmart till ol' P.J. got hold of it." Yes, he was kidding. I think.

I promised pictures, and you got 'em!!

Isn't life beautiful!?!
And rather humorous at times, too!!


  1. The deer is beautiful. I love looking at them, but they can be a nuisance.

    PJ reminds me of a cow we once had (when I was a kid.). She was a pain in the butt. She was forever getting out. I think she must have been part houdini. She would always get into my mom's flower beds and my mom named the cow Jezabel. One day she got out and got her head caught in a pine tree. When she finally got herself undone, she had a branch of that pine tree stuck in her horns. She was a sight to behold. She had that branch in her horns til my dad got home.

  2. I love watching deers. They are so graceful.

    I am so glad the cow was rescued. It didn't seem to bother her though.

  3. I love it! Deer are such beautiful graceful creatures and I sure do remember Ferdinand the bull!

  4. LOL at PJ. I love how calm he seems while having a chair around his head. But I am sure he was glad when Dad came and took it off.

  5. Daisy - Deer can be pests, but I live where there is enough lad for them and me, too.

    LOL at Jezabel! I printed copies of the photos of P.J. so that his young owner could see it when she gt home from school. Since she missed out on the excitement, I thought she should at least see how funny he looked.

    Pepper - Yes, deer are quite graceful.

    You're right, P.J. wasn't at all nonplussed about his predicament nor did he fight having the chair removed from his neck. He really *IS* a Ferdinand!

    Patti - I figured you'd remember Ferdinand. You're about the same age as my son, and he is the one that loved me to read it over and over to him.

    Caroline - You'd have thought he did it every day, for the "distress" he showed. Actually, he didn't seem to notice the difference between the before and after. Silly bully!

  6. Oh my goodness, the dear is beautiful. I love seeing deer just wandering around. You got some great usual.

    Ok, you're killing me with these pictures of PJ. How funny is that? He looks like that's a normal thing for him, to have a plastic chair stuck around his neck. Well, some folks do like big, gawdy jewelry...why do cows have to be any different? LOL Glad he wasn't hurt or injured in any way.

  7. Dawn - Thanks. the pix could have been better under other circumstances, but I'll take what I can get. I really enjoyed having about 30 minutes to just watch her wander. It doesn't always last that long.

    Since I've dubbed the little bull "Ferdinand" because of his gentle behaviors, perhaps he likes jewelry, too. Who knows???? LOL!


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