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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lynilu, AKA ......

I saw this at Cheryl's blog and it tickled me, so I "borrowed" it from her:

Discover Your Alias Names...

  1. Your Rock Star name (made up of your first pet and your current car):
    Spats Dodge (or Ram) (Snicker, either one sounds good! But it fits well in the next category, too.)

  2. Your Gansta name (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie):
    Créme-Brulée Chocolate-Chip (Oh, that doesn’t work at all!! Just call me Coffee Oreo. Or Vanilla Snickerdoodle.)

  3. Your Soap Opera name (middle name, city where you were born):
    Grace Perryton (Hmmm. The prude of the show?? “Grace Perryton, the prude of Perryton Place”? )

  4. Superhero name ("The," favorite color, favorite drink):
    The Purple Kahlua -and-Cream (sigh. There we go again. It just doesn’t work. How about The Purple Merlot? I don’t drink much that sounds “super”. The Purple Modello?)

  5. Nascar name (the first names of your grandfathers):
    Brady Martin (It works, but sounds more like a college professor than a Nascar driver)

  6. Stripper name (name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy)
    Leap Dove (Uh-huh! That is good!!) (They don’t make Leap anymore, and I can’t find a new favorite, but the lotion I use makes everyone ask about my “wonderful perfume”! I say I’m just naturally sweet smelling! giggle!)
Groooan. I gotta get some rest. Clearly I'm hallucinating. You can do this if you want, but it might give you a headache!!


  1. Rock Star - keekoo pt (definitely a rock star!)

    Gangsta - mint chocolate chip (pretty wussy gangsta)

    Soap Opera - dee portland (oh brother)

    Superhero - purple squirt (hee!)

    Nascar - clarence clifford (sounds like a silent movie star to me)

    Stripper - tuscany mint (odd to be sure!)

  2. Traci - Yeah, using ice cream flavors and cookies for the "Gangsta" name just doesn't work, does it? But I love your Superhero!! He's a miniature, right? hee hee!

  3. LOL at Traci's purple squirt!!

    Here are mine:

    Rock Star: Polly Accord

    Gangsta--Rocky Road Chocolate Chip (sounds tough doesn't it??)

    Soap Opera--Ann Merriam

    Superhero--Blue Coke

    Nascar--John Stuart (Isn't there already a John Stewart? Not Nascar, but TV person??)

    Stripper--Escape Hershey

  4. Wasn't that fun? I did it too (as a comment on Cheryl's blog). I love that I'm not the only one who likes purple :-). So what it doesn't make for a very good "name". It's all about ROYALTY baby!!! :-)

  5. Funny Stuff!! Here's mine:

    Rock Star: Jeanine Saturn

    Gangsta: Vermonty Python Chocolate Chip. (Not such a great ring)

    Soap Opera: Dianne Inglewood (Hey! I kinda like that one.)

    Superhero: The Teal Mudslide. Oooo! Maybe I should change it to The Aqua Mudslide. Or maybe The Aqua Margarita??

    Nascar: Homer Sam

    Stripper: L'air Du Temps Cow Tail (bwahahaha!!! Actually, I haven't smelled L'air Du Temps in ages, but I thought it sounded kinda sexy. Add the cow tail to it and you've got some kind of stripper!!)

    No headache, but I desperately need some chocolate now!

  6. Your Rock Star name (made up of your first pet and your current car):
    Bridget Kharman Ghia (mmm... Bridget okay.. the last name... well..... )

    Your Gangsta name (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie):
    Okay how did ice cream/cookie get to equate Gangsta? LOL Okay let's see i'd be Vanilla Sugar ooooh!!!

    Your Soap Opera name (middle name, city where you were born):
    Lee Williamsport (works for me)

    Superhero name ("The," favorite color, favorite drink):
    Pink Crantini (I can picture the suit!)

    Nascar name (the first names of your grandfathers) Ellsworth Harold (oh boy sounds like an aristocrat NOT a Nascar driver!)

    Stripper name (name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy)
    Happy Caramel (I was going to lie and say Happy Mounds but that would have been TOO x rated hehe)

  7. So far Caroline has the only gangsta name that would possibly scare me. :o)

  8. Caroline - Oooouuuu, I like the Gansta name, but it would even be better as: Rocky Road CC. Sounds plain ol' mean!

    Dawn - I think lots of us are royal!! Or else we had our brains Barnied-to-death!!! LOL!

    Jenster - I like the Rock Star name! Superhero: The Green Mudslide. Sounds like The Blob!!! Oh, chocolate, Yes!!!

    Patti - The Rock Star name works, I think. Sounds tres European! Yours all work out pretty well except the Gangsta, and I think you should go with Mounds!!! LMAO!!!

    Jenster - I know. As I said, I don't get pairing ice cream and cookies in relationship to ganstas. This has been a fun, silly exercise none the less!

  9. Those are cute, Lynilu - oh, I mean "Leap Dove" !

  10. Rock Star name - Jimbo Vue or Jimbo Neptune

    Gangsta Name - Moose Tracks Chips

    Soap Opera Name McKean Lebanon

    Super Hero Name Black Soy Milk leave out the milk. Look up in the sky its Black Soy.

    Nascar - William Ray

    I don't wear perfume...... Let me think.

    I will use body wash instead - Mango Almond Joy.... That sounds like a body wash.

    This was fun.

  11. Annie - Yes, I thought so, too. giggle. "Leap Dove" surely sounds like an acrobatic pole dancer, doesn't it?

    Pepper - Funny names! I understand on that perfume thing. I have difficulty finding a scent that doesn't "turn" on me and become unpleasant or simply fade away. Since they quit making Leap, I haven't worn one because I can't *find* one. But I reverted to that name because "Neutrogena Body Emulsion Dove" just seemed ... WRONG!!

  12. This was hilarious!! I don't know what was funnier... your answers, or your commentary.

    The funniest one I have is the Nascar name: Jose Joaquin. Yeah. Maybe the Mexican NASCAR! :)

    Oh, and my rockstar name?? Kiki Corolla. I could live with that.

  13. Catherine - Oooohhh, I LIKE "Kiki Corolla"!!! And Jose Joaquin sounds like a stereotypical name made up by gringos for a movie! I like it! Perhaps we should sponsor him here at one of the NASCAR tracks, ya think?

  14. Just came by to say hello on Friday afternoon and see what you were up to, Lynilu !
    Hope that you have a great weekend !

  15. love this! totally going to do it on my blog!

  16. Karen - Well, you just go right ahead, and I'll come visit you!


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