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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Middle Names ... What Do They Mean In Your life?

Mine is .... well, let me explain.

We had the weekly pot luck last night, and it was great fun. I love pot luck dinners because of the marvelous taste exploration! Oh, yummmmmm! Always something new and good. However, I'm beginning to run short of my favorites to take as "new." Guess I'm gonna have to revisit the old recipes file, huh?

After dinner several of us were in the kitchen washing dishes, and I boo-booed! I opened a cabinet to put away plates, not noticing that two bottles of wine were there on the counter, both taller than the space between the counter and the door. I caught one bottle. Of course, it was the one with just a little left in it, while the other crashed to the saltillo tile floor, shattering and flooding the tile with almost a full measure of red wine. ARGHHH. This took place at The Bosses house. Sighh.

Add that to the fact that a few weeks ago, at the first of these dinners, I broke a wine glass. A nice wine glass. Not a $100 wine glass but not a WalMart special, either. I bought a nice set of four comparable glasses to replace it, but in situations like this you never get over it. I always feel so bad when I come out feeling like a bull in a china shop. Then I mess up the whole floor as I did last night. Again ... sighhh. My middle name is Grace. Yes, it is. Really, I swear! My mom's first name was Grace, and she used to say it was a curse to be named that because then you just have to be a klutz to balance out. Perhaps she is right!!

My friend Gina went to the dinner with us, and she fit right in and had a good time. She doesn't meet many strangers, and this group is highly affable. She made a beer bread to take that was outstanding, went well with the ribs that were the center of the meal. I took a dish of baked beans that has a mixture of types of beans, and Gail took a chili-cheese dish that was superb. What a feed!

We came home to a bit of a mess. Apparently Gina's dog, Brittany, and my Ali both got spooked by something. It rained a little, so perhaps Ali thought it was going to thunder. Brit has some separation anxiety, and she might have freaked being left here. (The three dogs were getting along well, so we thought ... Uh-huh, that "thinking" will get you in trouble every time!) Anyway, Ali had chewed up part of a cardboard box and several pages of a magazine as he does when he gets freaked, and Brit had tried to climb out the front window, scattering several things that were on top of a cedar chest in front of the window. Perhaps one of them had a bad moment and set the other off. I donno. It wasn't anything serious. Brit is a large dog, mixed breed, and I'm guessing has some black lab in the mix. She is probably fifty pounds, an interesting contrast to my two wee ones! Very laid back dog .... normally!!

This morning Gina left. She was feeling refurbished and ready to rejoin the wild for some more camping. I wish she had stayed a couple more days, but nature was calling to her. I've admired Gina's fee spirit before. How many women do you know that would camp alone (well, with her dog)? But I remind myself that in her early 20s she was backpacking through Europe. and in 1989 she joined the Red Cross and worked with victims of Hurricane Andrew, then they took her to Hawaii in the aftermath of a similar storm there. Those among her other adventures that are in the category of "not the usual" for women of whatever age. She has never let the presence or absence of a husband or significant other in her life slow down her quest for what is over the next hill.

So now life is getting back to normal again. "Normal" is a relative term, of course. I need to clean house since I put it off when Gina arrived early. I'm glad I did. The carpet can remain unvacuumed when an old friend is here to visit with. OK, groan, I'll heave myself out of this chair and start laundry, run the vacuum and straighten the house. Get off my back. I'm going.

:) Y'all have a good day!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Sometimes I have to force myself to get passed "the house can remain unvacuumed while there is a grandchild wanting to read".

    I'm glad you had a great "friend time">

  2. The potluck sounds so good! Mmmmmm So sorry the pups got spooked. Poor things. Gina sounds like quite a lady!

  3. Good Tuesday evening to you, Lynilu !

    Life has so many 'graceful' and not moments, such a juxtaposition of the beautiful and the mundane !

    I say don't worry about the wine glasses - things are made to be cherished, broken and replaced, just like the cycle of life...

    Everyone does SOMETHING awkward just when they least want to... have a horror of burping or passing gas... (I'd MUCH rather break a wineglass, trust me !!!)

    Glad that Gina fit in so nicely.

    Poor little Ali !

    *cyber hugs and smiles*
    Loving Annie

  4. MLM - Isn't it wonderful when you can convince yourself to be with the little one? Never miss that opportunity!No dust or dirt is worth missing it.

    Patti - Oh, the rest of the dishes were equally yummy, too. Loved it! The pups survived, and so did we. I do feel sorry for them to be so afraid of whatever, storms or being alone, without their humans. And she is!

    Annie - You re so right, however, one can tell oneself that it is not important in the scheme of life, but it i still embarrassing. I agree, much better than bodily function errors, but still personally horrifying!

  5. Why did this post remind me of this post you did last summer before you moved??

  6. Caroline - OMG, yes!! And these two:

    I need to be on a short leash, don't I???

  7. I do so relate. I am a terrible clutz.

  8. Pepper - and when I do something, it is usually "notable"!!! If I could jus slide through with out notice, but NOOOOOOO!


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