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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun Weekend

Saturday night was quite fun. The Boss rented equipment, including a twenty feet BIG screen, and set up an outdoor movie theater in back of the Gallery. He invited the citizenry of the village to join us as a way of thanking them for being or neighbors, to view a cartoon, a short feature (supposed to be the Little Rascals, but somehow got the wrong thing), and a movie filmed here in Lincoln County several years back called The Outfitters. The local mercantile furnished popcorn, and the ice cream truck came by and stayed for our eating pleasures. It was a really fun evening, but it got quite chilly before the end of it all.

BTW, if you have seen or choose to see The Outfitters, it is SO Lincoln County. I can't truly explain it, because you kind of have to be here to experience it. The Rodeo Bar has been closed now for a long time, but it was refurbished for the movie. The cafe, Smokey's, really exists and looks the same (food there is passable, but "greasy spoon-ish," in my opinion;that's OK for breakfast but I don't care for it lunch or dinner. :)), but the high school hasn't had cheerleaders for years ... something to do with cat-fights between the girls or something of the sort. It's a strange but very funny movie, especially if you "get" the dynamics of the long-timers in the area.

Since the screen and equipment wasn't to be returned until Monday, The Boss decided to see another movie on Sunday night, so he put in The Big Blue, and a bunch of us went and watched it last night. It got really chilly last night. I had on a light jacket and had to pull a little throw out of the car and wrap up to be comfortable.

I missed the first part of the movie
because I went out to dinner last night with Allan, our cousin and her hub, and Allan's coworker and his wife. We were celebrating that Allan and his business partner had closed papers to open a franchise real estate office. We met at an excellent steak place and had an scrumptious dinner and glass of wine. Great evening with lots of fun conversation, joking and relaxation.

And yesterday I got a surprise when my friend who was coming this week from KC called me saying that she wondered it she could come here earlier than planned. She became burned out on camping and decided to not stay in the Gila Wilderness any longer. Smart move in my opinion. That place is very rough country, full of rattlesnakes and wildlife that might hurt her or her dog. So she arrived here early afternoon, went to dinner with us and joined me at the movie.

This weekend is a big bike rally in Ruidoso. The town was full of noisy Harleys. I try to avoid going in when I know about these rallies. I don't mind the people at all (after all there is a huge, HUGE number of babyboomers present who are in real life doctors, lawyers and CPAs, and definitely not a threat!!), but the noise can be just awful! It is bad enough to encounter eight or ten of them on the open highway, but in town it is magnified because it is in a valley where the noise reverberates like crazy! To tell you what kind of folks they are ... we sold a lot of artworks to "bikers" at the Gallery this weekend. Not junk art, but real, honest to goodness fine art, paintings, pottery, etc.

Yeah, it has been a busy, good weekend, and tonight we will have another of our pot lucks. The Gallery is closed on Monday, so we celebrate by stuffing our faces with our best home-made goodies. Yeah, it is sinful. And wonderful!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I know a lot of bikers and they are wonderful people but I HATE the racket those cycles make!
    Sounds like a really nice week-end!

  2. What a fun weekend you had. Enjoy your company. ;-)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. I imagine it was pretty loud in town. I remember how close the streets are and there is not a lot of room for all that noise.

    Have fun with your company. Be sure to take lots of pictures.

  4. Patti - Yeah, bikers are mostly cool people from my experience, and when I was riding behind my brother looooong years ago, I could not have cared less.

    Daisy - Yes, much fun! And the company is great! Thanks.

    Caroline - You got it! The acoustics for that kind and level of noise is a bad mix. But it is worth it, IMO. I like it!


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