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Friday, September 14, 2007

A New Award Sent My Way

I've been awarded an award. Hmmm, that sounds strange. I've been granted an award. Ah, better.

Pepper thinks I'm nice. Thank you, Pepper. I'm sure there are some who would argue with you over this, but I have it in my greedy little hands now, and I'm not turning loose!!

The rule is, like almost all blogging awards, is to name five recipients to whom I wish to pass the torch. So, all else aside and on to the nominations.......

  • Sandra and Patti
    I'm naming these two together because I'm nominating them for the same reason, the kindness each shows to animals in distress. Sandra is actively involved in rescuing and fostering abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Patti recently took two little injured four-legged babies into her home. I can't think of a greater kindness than to rescue a defenseless animal and give it a chance at a better life.
  • Loving Annie
    Annie never says a bad word about anyone. Even the man who broke her heart. And now, Annie is being rewarded with finding another man who is more than making up for the past. Being kind and keeping good karma is worth it, and Annie is an example of that.
  • Dawn
    Dawn is another who never says unkind things in her blog. She is upbeat, caring, and has the most positive attitude I can think of. Even when she is hurting over something that another human has done without thought for Dawn's feelings, she finds the "happy seeds" in it and plants them for the future.
  • Casey
    Casey has a tender heart and has struggled over life changes in the past months. Those with tender hearts seem to feel those pains in others, as well, and Casey notices what her fellow bloggers are coping with, always adding her kind words in support.
  • Traci
    Traci daily faces her own struggles, but she never misses a chance to look at the lives of others and tries to make their lives a little easier with her support. When someone can't see past the current roadblock, she seems to find comforting words and encourage continuing along the path.

I'm glad I've come to know all these lovely ladies, even though it is from afar. Thanks to each of you for what you add to my life with your gentle ways.


  1. Wow. Thank you! I am touched by your kind words. I guess I never really think of myself as being "nice" more just relating to the human experience and sharing in it all. Thank you, Lynilu - I really appreciate it.

  2. My goodness, there you go again. You are just too sweet for your own good. Thank you SO much for such a special "award". You know, I STILL haven't done my part with regards to that award you granted me several weeks ago. I think I'm still a little in shock that you think such nice things about me :-). I'm seriously should come see...LOL.

    To be honest, I actually clicked on my name when I just saw it. I thought maybe you were referring to another Dawn. But low and behold, it was me. So again, I thank you so much. And you TRULY deserve this award.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend.

  3. I loved what you wrote about Loving Annie. I think I need to start taking some of that advice. Sometimes I forget about karma.

  4. Casey - Sometimes, often times, we don't see the same things that others see in us. I think that is the beauty of awards like this ... letting people know what we see in them. :)

    Dawn, Dawn, Dawn - If I find an award for procrastinators, you'll get it, too!! LOL! Sheesh! One would think you have a life or something like that! And, yes, I think nice things of you ... get used to it!

    Caroline - I think it is easier to see the karma, or lack of it, in others and forget that it applies to ourselves. We need reminders, I suppose, to remember how our own karma is created. BTW, *you're* a nice person, too; I didn't nominate you because of your private blog, but you can take the award home for display on the day you can finally make it an open blog again.:) You fit in there with Sandra and Patti in the animal rescue (Catch the kitties and take them to WW before you leave the house!!), for the work you do, and because you are one of the kindest and most trusting persons I know. And fie on those who abuse that in you. :)

  5. Oh man, I stopped by the other day and saw your new award and thought 'how cool someone noticed her sweetness.' I didn't finish reading the post though and went to carry on with what else I had to this morning I stop by and see the rest of the story and am stunned. Thank you my friend. You've touched my heart. Wow.

  6. Traci - Heh, heh! Yep, ya gotta read it all, don't you! You are most welcome, dear girl.

  7. Thank you so much Lynilu but I certainly don't measure up to Sandra. She does so much more than I and i've learned so much from her. I find it so uplifting and am really humbled by the love and support my blogger friends have given in the recent rescue acquisition (and i've got a kitty that i'm going to show tomorrow). Again thank you so much my dear, sweet, thoughtful animal-loving friend!


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