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Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday and Finished!!

Today is the day! The final remnants of the yard sale will go to someone else. I took one load yesterday, came home and loaded the pickup again, but I was just too tired to return. In about an hour I'll take it, come back for just a few boxes that wouldn't fit, and IT WILL BE DONE! Wow, is that going to feel good! I'll have a little work to put away or in order the rest of my own things on the deck, but that is a piece of cake compared to what has been accomplished.

And Ali was surprised by the fact that he can't escape from the deck! He trotted down to that end, stopped with his nose inches from the screen wire, then looked right, looked left, and the curled tail went limp and almost touched the floor! However, he didn't seem distressed after that one moment. He stayed out with me, snoozing in the sun and watching the birds at the bird feeders. And he didn't bite my ankles, so I assume he isn't mad at me!!

Speaking of birds ... I refilled the bird feeders and most of my feathered friends returned quickly. The numbers are a bit smaller, and I'm sure some of them have begun the migration. Even the hummingbirds were still around last week, but I'm not sure they are now. I don't see any this morning. I may have just missed them. Yesterday I saw just three or four, so I'm guessing they have begun migration, also. I'll miss those little cuties.

I gotta get busy. Have some copy to write for some ads for the Gallery, a man to interview today, and then I'll spend the rest of today and the weekend cleaning house. It has been grossly neglected for the past three weeks, and I can't wait to have it back to normal.

I hope everyone has a super weekend! See ya 'round the bend!! And never forget ...

... Life is beautiful!!!


  1. You can always count on housework being there. Have a delightful weekend.

  2. Hope you have a great weekend. I'll call when I am all settled.....once again. :)

  3. Glad that Ali is not mad at you for "plugging" up his escape hatch!! Enjoy the weekend and don't spend too much of it will always be there!!

  4. Good Friday afternoon Lynilu !

    That is wonderful about the remnanats of the yard sale being DONE !!!!

    Glad you'vve found a way to keep Ali from escaping the deck, too.

    I bet the hummingbirds will be back soon. How long do they migrate for ?

    Have a good weekend. I'm not crazy about cleaning, but I love the end result :)

  5. MLM - Isn't that the truth?? And I will. I think.

    Caroline - I'll try to, and yes, please do call me when you're back to you!

    Sherry - I'm glad, too! I really thought he might cop an attitude, but he didn't. I really do have to do the cleaning, however. I'm expecting company from Thurs through Sun.

    Hi, Annie! I can't tell you how freeing it is to know it is over!!

    The hummingbirds were back here in late Mar or early Apr this year, so I guess they are gone for just 5 or so months.

    And me, too! I don't especially mind the cleaning, but it always takes longer than I expect because, like most projects, you "find" more things as you clean. I'm excited about having the company next week, so hopefully, it will be a labor of love! LOL!!


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