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Friday, October 12, 2007

Little Animals Stories

I just want to share something cute. Ali has discovered the joys of riding with the window down and his head ... or make that his nose ... out the window. I wish I could take a picture, but I can't drive and take a "back seat picture" at the same time! He can just get his chin on the door when the window is down, then he closes his eyes, and the wind blows his hair and his long ears back. As you know he has that underbite, so his little lower teeth show a bit, and I swear it looks like he is smiling!

Today as I ran my errands, he stood at the window most of the time! I could almost hear him purring!! Oh, that's right, dogs don't purr. Hmmm. Well perhaps he was saying, "Swe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-et!!!"

Speaking of cats, I encountered a beautiful calico on my deck a few days ago. We both froze, locked eyes, and as I backed into the house so not to scare her, she scooted down the deck and was gone. I put out some of the dog's tiny nibbles, and she ate them. And she ate more on the second day. So today I bought some cat food and I'll be giving her some sustenance . If she isn't a stray, it will just be a bonus feeding. Or perhaps the big tiger cat that I've seen from time to time will eat some of it. At any rate it is on the deck and behind gates where dogs or other larger animals can't get it, and it is up on a bench so my dogs won't get it. Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!

Happy weekend, everyone!!!

Oh, Yeah, Life is beautiful!!!!!


  1. At our house we call that snooting.

  2. Happy animal post. I love the visual of your baby and the car window. Thank you, though, for not trying to take a picture. :o)

    Sounds like you may have yourself a kitty.

  3. MLM - "Snooting"!! I like that!!!

    Jenster - He does look adorable, and I knew better than to try the pic! And the kitty ... who knows, she may belong to the whole neighborhood, but that's OK, too!

  4. doggies just love to feel the breeze on their "snouts"...but they hate it when you blow air in their faces!! Go figure!! Glad Ali had a lovely outing...
    As for the cat...lovely of you to feed it for may go home in time, but for now...he/she knows where the love is!

  5. Sherry - Ali was in doggie heaven today, for sure! I'd say the cat is female, since it is calico, but whatever, yes, its presence is welcome for whatever time is ours.

  6. Simple pleasures....Dogs are great are reminding us of the simple pleasures of life.

    About the cats. My neighbor found out that if you feed one, more will come. That is when she started the catch, fix, nick the ear, and release program at her house.

  7. Pepper - If I am able to catch them, I shall do it also. I have to ascertain they don't belong to neighbors, however, before I fix them. I've seen only the two cats here. No, make that three, but the black and white I saw just one time.

    Dogs are good at keeping us in the more pleasant perspectives, aren't they?


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