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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hummingbirds, Clouds, and Sunrises

I discovered this morning that I still have one little hummingbird feeding here. I discovered it when I was watching the sunrise. I woke early with lots of "to dos" on my mind, and after doing some of the list, noticed the amazing color show. So I took pictures. Duh. I didn't have to say that, did I? :)

And this cloud was just interesting. It was way up in the sky and had such unusual shapes in it that I snapped it, too.

This one was sitting over the Capitans for the longest time. There was a pretty gusty wind blowing at ground level, yet the cloud formations seemed to be sitting very still.

I'm thinking the hummingbird will be gone soon. As I said, it is just one, and the air is getting quite chilly. It's not bitter yet, by any means, but it is hinting of winter.

Gotta get back to work!

Life (and the sunrise) is beautiful!!!


  1. Absolutely exquisite, Lynilu...

    If anything was guaranteed to take your mind off of your 'to-do' list, that would be it !

    May today be wonderful for you !

    Winter Silks makes fabulous thermal underwear by the way...

    Loving Annie

  2. Annie - Thank you. Yes, I enjoyed the diversion!

    Winter Silks are marvelous, aren't they? Keep you warm but feel feminine and sexy at the same time. Ahhhh.

    Have a gentle weekend, Annie!

  3. The cloud formation in the bottom two pictures looks a bit like a bird flying.

    Beautiful photos, as usual.

  4. Jenster - Funny you should say that, because I thought the same thing!! And thank you!

  5. Look what you captured!! So beautiful!! You have a good eye for this...and you know exactly when to shoot. What a spectacular way to start your day!!

    Life and sunrises, al...are beautiful. I just love your mantra!!

  6. Sherry - Why, thankee, ma'am! I love it when I am up in time for one of the really special ones.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen clouds like those! Absolutely breathtaking!

    Um, unfortunately 'winter silks' only work for you folks who live where the winters aren't that cold. Up here we have to sacrifice sexy underthings to avoid frostbitten tushes. Frostbitten tushes aren't pretty.

  8. lynilu, interesting - we had that exact same cloud, the 6th picture down, in the sky yesterday. No difference at all - the exact same cloud.


  9. Sandra - We have some of the most beautiful clouds I've ever seen. I don't know how or why they are unique. My son says it is the atmospheric conditions, a combo of elevation at which we see them combined with the strata of air in the Rockies. Whatever ... I'm very glad to have them.

    LOL! Well, winter silks did it for me in Kansas City, but I'll admit, while KC is far more brutal (a longer and deeper cold) than it is here, it probably isn't Minnesota. And they worked for the general use, but when I was sitting at a KC Chiefs game for 3-4 hours, I added something additional to my tush area!! But you have to admit they are sexier than the usual long johns!!

    Robert - And there goes my son's theory about the atmospheric components! Isn't it interesting you and I saw the same cloud, being thousands of miles apart and in such different surroundings? Do you have a theory?

    Pepper - Thank you! Wish you cold have seen the "real deal." Breathtaking.

  10. What totally awesome pictures. You KNOW I love that :-).

    My hummingbirds are gone now...all of them. It was SO exciting to see them this year. Prior to my putting out the feeder, I'd never seen a hummingbird in real life. Now, I'm anxiously awaiting their return next year.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have an awesome week, my friend.

  11. Dawn - Thanks, as usual! Tonight I had three little ones out at the feeders, to my surprise. Well I'll keep feeding them as long as they come back. We are getting close to freezing in the next few nights, so I hope they know what they are doing by staying here!!

  12. My dad's always saying, "I don't remember clouds looking like this when I was young! I think clouds are changing!" As a cloud-watcher, I'm going to have to direct him to this post. You captured some pretty extraordinary ones!

  13. Catherine - Clouds are one of my favorite subject, obviously. I'm supposing that your dad and I are similar ages, and I'll have to disagree with him just a little. Since I have started using the camera to see many things, I'm rediscovering the delights of clouds. The more pictures I take, the more I remember lying in the grass as a child, watching with my friends. I'm remembering how I saw them with a child's eyes, how it was more than just seeing animal shapes in them, but I actually looked at the textures and depth. Perhaps my eye was a budding photographer even then, eh? I guess I'm saying that the wonder of the clouds is that they are ever changing ... just as they were in my childhood. Sure, tell him to drop by and perhaps we can have a little online debate about clouds!!

  14. Beautiful! It doesn't take much to get me distracted from my to-do list LOL

  15. Patti - Thanks! Isn't that how to-do lists are supposed to be handled??? (I mistyped that and before I corrected it, it said "do-do lists"!!! I almost left it just for fun because most of them really are!!!)


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