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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Having A Maxine Kinda Day

I'm not at my sharpest today. Yesterday was one of those days that nothing went as planned. No big problems, but just more speed bumps in my path than I could not drive around! One delay is that a computer guy came to set up my wireless router. I've tried time and time again without success, and the IT people from the phone/DSL company are worthless. It should have taken about 30 minutes, tops. After an hour, we called Apple, and they walked us through several steps, and finally found that one of the connection ports (the WAN) was not working! They are sending a new one free to me since it is under contract. Yay! I will be very glad to have my wireless capability again. But it took over two and a half hours out of my day to have, uh, nothing to show!!

Then I left for town with an artist, who had patiently waited in my living room while all this went on. We went to have his art framed. He has no car, so I was happy to provide him with transportation as I had to go in anyway. Once there, he and I encountered delays of all kinds, but mostly long lines everywhere we went. He bought me lunch for my kindness which I thought was really nice.

So by 6:00, when I was supposed to be at the pot luck, I was still about twenty minutes away. Luckily no one in the group is uptight. And I was bringing the wine!! We had fun and wonderful food at the dinner, but because of my delay, Gail, the artist with me and I had to buy something to take because we just didn't have time to do otherwise. Not that it is a big deal, but it's always more fun if everyone brings a homemade goody.

Then last night I woke a bit before 2:00 (oh, that's this morning, isn't it?) and couldn't go back to a sound sleep. I drifted in and out of "twilight sleep," frequently waking and becoming more frustrated with each. Then China wanted to go outside at about 4:00. By this time, I was exhausted, and I did manage to sleep until about 7:30. Bottom line ... a frustratingly slow day followed by broken sleep, and I'm behind on getting the house cleaned and ready for company arriving on Thursday and Friday!

I'm on my second BIG mug of tea, and I'm nearly alive. It occurred to me that I'm felling a bit Maxine-like today, so here ya go .....

Hmmm. I guess I'd better get crackin'!!! No, not crackin' knees or other old joints, but getting work done!!!

If I have time, I'll do a Tuesday Trivia later today. If not, you'll get a Wednesday Wivia again tomorrow!! Have a good Tuesday, everyone!!

~ ~ ~ ~

PS - I forgot (see how fuzzy my head is working???) to say they started on the back deck yesterday. I had voiced concerns about there being a lot, make that A LOT of rock in the way of digging holes for the posts. The guy building it said he thought it would be alright, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Yeah, uh-huh. Two guys spent all day yesterday digging, pounding, prying, chiseling, etc., at almost solid rock. They got three and a half holes dug!! We'll see what happens now, but I'll say I'm really glad I'm doing a trade at this and not paying by the hour!!

So ...

Life is beautiful!!!

... after all!!!


  1. oooohhh you did have a Maxine kind of day!!! The hurrider you went, the behinder you got!
    As for the pot luck and the homemade? Nice for sure, but hey, you had the most important part!! You had the wine!!!

  2. Sherry - LOL! Yes, the wine was MOST important!

  3. The maxine video is a crack-up Lynilu !
    Slow and delay and not fixed yet and can't get to sleep without waking up and then got so much to do with company coming days drive me crazy - I empathize !

  4. Annie - Lots of fun, that Maxine!

    And you summarized it all very well! "So many things to do, and so little time!!!"

  5. I hate having a day like that and then not sleep well. I unfortunately have a lot of nights like that...don't sleep well.

    OH*WOW!!! I bet you ARE glad you did the "trade" for the deck!!! Sounds like it's going to take them a lot longer to do with all the rock they have to go through.

  6. PS. Wine makes everything better! ;-)

  7. I have those kinds of days too. I just grit my teeth and bear it!
    I know they were okay with waiting on the wine LOL

  8. You wrote, "Then I left for town with an artist"....when I first read the post I thought you wrote "I left town with an artist" which made me think you've really got a lot of spark left, but I reread it and realized 'my bad'. hehe

  9. Daisy - Yep, it is not going to be an easy job. I'm sorry it is so hard for them to get the support hole dug, but I *did* warn him!!! And lack of sleep just stinks. I rarely have a problem, but when I have *things* to do, arghhh! Wine is the best!!

    Patti - It is good that this bunch of people are mostly laid back anyway. And yes, for wine they'll lay back even more!!!

    Seven - OMG!! I about laughed myself off the chair with that!! But no, this guy is my age, far too old for me! I asked him the other day if he was a hippie in younger days, and his reply was, "I still am!" Not my kinda guy, but a nice fella. And don't doubt the spark. It ain't snuffed out yet!!! :)(:


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