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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday Wivia ... One Day Late!!

OK, it's Wednesday Wivia on Thursday. I just can't win!! :)(: Obviously I didn't get back to the computer in time to do it right, even on the wrong day!!!. So, let' see what I have . . . . . .
~ ~ ~ ~


Without contraception, the average woman would bear bet-
ween 12 and 15 children in her lifetime.
Geez, are we happy for contraception or what????


The average American ate 118 take-out restaurant meals in
I know for a fact I beat that is 2005 and 2006, and probably 2007! Call me Spendy!


The average age at which U.S. women are having their first
child has climbed to an all-time high of 25.
That's good. Babies having babies stinks.


That's a Ton of Meat

Even if the average American eats 20 percent less meat
in 2050 than in 2000, total meat consumption in the U.S.
will be roughly 5 million tons greater in 2050 due to
population growth alone.


Global Warming

Every year, U.S. school buses emit 3,000 tons of toxic
soot, 95,000 tons of smog-forming pollutants, and 11
million tons of global warming gases.
And that doesn't include the kids who think it's funny to fart in the other kids' faces!


Need more Energy

The more developed world uses over five times the energy
per capita used by the less developed world. North America
uses over eight times as much energy per person as

does Latin America.
Have you ever seen the picture taken from a satellite that shows lights all over the world at night? It is scary how "lit" we are! On top of the waste involved, we cancel out the view of the beautiful night sky.


The largest bubble ever blown was 23 inches in diameter.
Wow! That's even bigger than my "bubble butt"!!! IS, TOO!!!


Trident was introduced as the first sugarless gum on the
market in the early 1960s.
And, boy, did it taste nasty!


Sugarless gum can only be sold in Singapore by prescription.

Heavyweight champion boxer, Jack Dempsey, chewed gum
before every match to "make his jaw stronger."
Again ... Huh.


All chewing gum was originally made from the natural gum
resin called chicle, which is obtained from the sapodilla
tree. Chicle is more expensive than other natural gums
and newer synthetic materials, so it's use has greatly
Yeah, who cares about the health issues when THEY can save money?


The country with the largest number of chewing gum
manufacturers is Turkey, with more then 60 companies
manufacturing chewing gum!
Well, clearly no one has a corner on the market. Good business, I suppose.

~ ~ ~ ~

It's me again. Just wanted to comment that we have had wind here for the last couple days, and it is really blowing hard! Last night my metal roof was snapping like crazy! It looks as if we are in for another one today, as it is already shaking the trees. With the cooler weather, it surely makes one glad to have a jacket handy, as I do. But I haven't brought my winter clothes out yet, and I'm wondering if I should. Putting away the summer and getting out the winter clothes is a sure way to bring on another warm spell, isn't it? I guess next week after my guests are gone, I'll bring out at least a few things. I'll be headed toward Florida via Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia week after next, and I will probably not need heavy winter things until I return in December. Oh, well, I'll figure it out! Anyway, what I set out to say is that if the wind would just die off, our temps in the 60s would be very comfortable, Go 'way, wind!!

OK, gotta get busy! So how's your weather? What's in your trivia basket today?

...Life is (breezy and) beautiful!!!


  1. Good Thursday morning to you, Lynilu,

    VERY glad for contraception !

    Yeah, I ate at least that many in the last 6 months.

    30 would be even better.



    The night sky around here is gorgeous - you just can't see it because of the smog...

    You are doing some MAJOR traveling ! I'd get too homesick after 5 days. Brave you !

    It is sunny and cool here (around 60) and no wind yet...

    Loving Annie

  2. The weather here has been so rainy that I almost drowned trying to get to my car yesterday.

  3. Annie - I love your comment about the sky!! Yeah, it is beautiful everywhere! Now if we could just learn to not muck it up with smog and neon lights, we might see it!!

    And the travel ... I love traveling. I also love coming home. There is a lot of the US that I've never seen, and I am enjoying driving on long trips, stopping when I feel like it, seeing what I wish along the way. In my *previous* life, We were always rushing somewhere with no time to stop and read the historical markers or see the sights. This is a beautiful time in my life.

    Caroline - Sighhh. The sind is perhaps worse today than it was yesterday. It's not bad otherwise, but the wind about carries you away! You'll drown, I'll fly away!! LOL!!

    Hugs back to you!

  4. If we're having Wednesday Wivia on Thursday, does it make this Thivia?!? LOL!!

    Love these random facts...glad I've been keeping my legs closed...2 kids is as much as I can handle!!! AS for the chewing gum...if it comes from Turkey..does it taste like turkey?! Sooorrrry...I'm tired tonight!! Been a long day!! ;)

    Weather here...fog!!! Lots and lots of fog and damp and then some rain...but no wind...I think they sent it all to you!

  5. Sherry - LOL!!! You are really on a roll today!! I'm cracking up over those comments!!!! If it comes from being tired, knock an hour off your sleep each night! Just kidding.

    The wind seems to be slowing down now, thank goodness!

  6. Although all of these tidbits of info are pretty darn interesting. My mouth is still hanging open from all those kids the "average" woman would have. WHEW!!! Good thing I've never been average, LOL.

  7. Oh I am Very very glad for contraceiption. I have that record beat also!
    I can't wait until you get to SC!

  8. Dawn - When I was younger I would have been one of those who would have loved having a dozen kids (well, maybe 6 or 7) and now, I'M SO GLAD I DIDNT!!!! LOL!!

    Patti - Yep, see above!!!


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