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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Watch Your Ps and Qs At My House!

Gail is in SO much trouble! She didn't mind her Ps and Qs. Or should I say, her Fs and Ss. But first I have to set the scene......

Monday night we had our weekly pot luck dinner. We don't seriously coordinate the dishes, we just make sure someone is bringing the entree and the dessert. Everyone else then just brings whatever they want. Monday we had ribs and rum cake with ganache. The sides were: deviled eggs, sauteed broccoli with pine nuts, black beans with brown rice and shredded cabbage as a garnish, a couple salads and cornbread. Now does anyone see a trend there? Eggs, beans, broccoli, AND cabbage.

OK, I went light on everything. However, yesterday as I drove to work, I began feeling a bit nauseated as I was just a few blocks from the Gallery. I had felt sorta achy all morning, but no stomach distress. So I walked into the Gallery and announced that I was going home to work because I didn't feel right. Got some materials I needed and went home.

At home, I just went to bed for a while, and when I woke I felt OK, but a bit "flat," as in no energy, and just out of step with the world. But not nauseated. I don't know what it was, but it passed quickly. I suppose it could have even been just tiredness.

After I woke, I sat at the table and got most of the work done. When Gail got home from work she offered to make dinner. I was prepared to do hamburger steaks and mac and cheese, but she had picked up some potato salad at the deli on the way home so we scrapped the M & C. She asked if smothering the meat with onions sounded good, and it did. I also suggested some mushrooms with it. Yum! And she set about making dinner.

While the steaks were simmering with the thickening, we watched TV. Gail checked it on commercials, and after about ten or fifteen minutes she said, "Hmmm. It doesn't seem to be getting any thicker." She walked over to the pantry shelf and picked up a glass canister and said, "This is flour, right?"

Uh-oh. I didn't think it was. I was pretty sure it was powdered sugar. She tasted it. It was. So we poured that off, started over on the thickening with flour from the big ziplock bag marked "FLOUR," and hoped for the best. LOL! It really wasn't bad. A little of the sweetness remained, but not enough to be as icky as it sounds. And Gail said, "This gives you something to blog about," so I am!!

Did you hear the news about Verizon's answer to the iPhone? I'm a Macintosh person. Apple the whole way. But when Apple made the insane decision to join exclusively with AT&T on the iPhone, I croaked. AT&T sucks. It has for a long time. I won't cross the line and use them. So I was hoping for a response from Verizon. Yay, Verizon!! Now I just hope the new toy will play nicely with my Macintosh. Why can't we all just get along??? (Are any of you old enough to understand that phrase?)

OK, since I'm in such a good mood today, being well and all that, I've already given you a bonus of comics, so how 'bout a great video? I just got this this morning from a friend, and his comment is perfect ... "This kid deserves an Oscar!" Oh, yeah, he does! Enjoy!!

And have a beautiful day, because.....

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Loved the sugar story Lynilu!!! Good thing it was caught before the meal finished cooking!! LOL!
    The video was a nice add, and yes, Life IS beautiful!!! Thanks for reminding me of that today!

  2. You were lucky you didn't have tummy troubles, that meal would have KILLED me and anyone else within my general radius LOL

  3. LOL at Gail. That is too funny.

    As for the new Verizon phone..looks like I need to add that right next to the hot tub. :)

  4. Oh NO...not powdered sugar!!! :-)Why do they make all that stuff look alike anyways??? And not that this has EVER happened to me before...but DO NOT ever put flour in doesn't taste the same and the kids HATE it!!! LOL

    Glad you're feeling better :-)

  5. Good Wednesday evening to you, Lynilu !

    That meal would have given me gas for 2 days !!!! Yikes ! or should I say "P.U." !!!!!

    Powdered sugar ? heh-heh. Oh well, better that than salt !

    Loving Annie

  6. Mixing powdered sugar up with flour is something I would do.. In fact, I've mixed up salt and sugar once before.. Hilarious, but not very appetizing!

  7. Sherry - You know, anything can be funny if we chose to let it be so. I usually do. Occasionally I fail. Something like this is just laughable, period! Hey, you're welcome, and I try to remind all of us every day! Sometimes I forget to put that on a post. Keep smiling!

    Patti - Since then, several who shared the meal have commented that they had some tummy uneasiness. Do ya think we might be more careful about the menu from now on? Nah! We like living on the edge! LOL!!

    Caroline - We chuckled about it all evening! I hope the Verizon phone is a good one. I'm due for my new phone in December, and by then, I think there will be some analysis. I'm not sure I need it, but need and want are synonyms, right? :)

    Dawn - Ick! Koolade with flour?!?!? And, BTW, I NEVER made cooking mistakes. Just so you know. Honest. No, REALLY!!! ;-)

    Annie - Yes, if it had been salt, I think we could not have saved the meal! I have over-salted when the cap of the shaker fell off, and even grabbing, cleaning, rinsing immediately didn't save it. Oops, I just told Dawn that I never make mistakes! But the cap fell off ... not MY error! hee hee!

    Burg - I haven't admitted it to Gail yet, but I've almost done the same thing with flour/powdered sugar. Shhhhh. And yes, salt is far, far worse. shudder.

  8. Hahahaha!!! That's funny.

    I messed up and used cornstarch instead of cornmeal to deep fry fish once. That was pretty bad.

  9. Aha! So I'm not the only challenged cook in this house. you know why I gladly let Lynilu cook. I might have known you'd show the Bush-bashing video. humph.

  10. Jenster - Ya know, I'm thinking that all of our combined Oopses in cooking could lead to a funny little book!

    Anonymous - Well, you're not too anonymous after that remark! LOL!I didn't think you were "cooking challenged," just "knowing where everything is challenged"! Sometimes that challenges me, too!

    Oh, pish-posh! That wasn't Bush-bashing, just Bush-spoofing! Whew! Try saying that three times!


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