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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Wivia?

I forgot to post this yesterday. No big deal. Instead of Tuesday Trivia, I'll just call this Wednesday Wivia.

Just some interesting factoids about colors:

  • Blue is America's first choice for toothbrushes. Lilac is the runner-up.
  • A spider's blood turns blue when exposed to oxygen.
  • According to poetry experts, nothing rhymes with either of the words "orange" or "purple."
  • A turkey has several flaps of loose skin around the head and neck that turn color depending on its mood. The flaps are called the "wattle" (on the chin), the "snood" (on the head and over the beak) and the "caruncle" (on the throat). Under calm conditions, these areas are pinkish-gray or blue; if the turkey is annoyed or mating, all these areas turn bright red.
  • The original six colors of M&Ms were: brown, yellow, orange, red, green and violet. Violet was ousted in 1949 in favor of tan, which in turn was replaced in 1995 by U.S. voters' choice of blue.
  • The color we know as cyan was once made from cornflower petals and was known as "corn blue." In the late nineteenth century the poisonous chemical cyanide was used
    to create "corn blue" dyes and pigments for commercial purposes. After a series of "cyan poisoning" deaths occurred in the silk flower industry, the color was discontinued. The name "cyan" was revived when color photography became popular.
There! Now don't you feel smarter? Oh, wait, now don't be rude! Feeling smarter because I'm a goof-ball doesn't count!

Do you have any color trivia?


  1. Blue is Maddie's choice of toothbrush color. I always seem to go for red or pink if available.

    That is interesting but something I can live without ever seeing. I'm skeered of spiders!

    Well we can always make up a word can't we? We're smart like that!

    Every turkey I have ever seen has been a pissed off turkey I believe!

    I never even realized there were blue m&ms. I had to *cough*go buy a bag to *cough* see one.

    Hmmm now I can't remember color called Cyan. I must have always called it Cornflower Blue!

  2. Wednesday Wivia is very creative!! I like it when people make up new words.
    I have a blue toothbrush (but I am Canadian....)
    When you described the turkey's wattle, I thought you were talking about my neck!! LOL!! :)
    I don't know any colour trivia...but I shall think on that!!
    Thanks for broadening my horizons!!

  3. Sorry, no new color trivia from me. But I did find your info very interesting.

    Note to Patti: You have a pink toothbrush? I am sooo shocked!!! :)

    Is it bad that I don't even know what color my toothbrush is? Guess I need to pay more attention.

  4. Cool and interesting trivia.

  5. Patti - Cyan is the blue color in your color printer. If you have a multi-cartridge printer like mine, it will tell you that your cyan is low. But I like cornflower blue better, too.

    I can't believe you didn't know about blue M&Ms!! Where has that man kept you hidden, girl??? I don't care much for M&Ms, but hey, that's news!

    Sherry - Oh, you're Canadian?! Well, that explains a lot!!! ;-) No, of course I knew that! I had the same thoughts about the turkey waddle, LOL!!

    Caroline - I agree about the shock with a pink toothbrush for Patti! Gasp! Who would think she'd use a PINK anything??? Mine is boring white, but it is electric and it has a cute little band around it. I change the color periodically, and right now it is yellow. No, I don't know what that means.

    Daisy - Isn't trivia fun? I'm always interested, even though I don't remember much of it.


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