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Monday, October 08, 2007

It Really Is Over

All the yard sale items are boxed except a small amount of kitchen items. I'll do them tomorrow. The truck is loaded with trash for my first run tomorrow. Then I'll come back and load up boxes to take to a charity. The deck is nearly clear. Well, it is the clearest since I moved in, at any rate. By tomorrow evening, it should be amazingly open. I love walking up and down it and admiring the space I have there.

I spent almost all day on the deck, boxing up the remains and cleaning as I went. It was a gorgeous day after the early morning chill was gone. When I got up around 7:00 it was just 38 degrees. Don't know how low it was overnight, but I brought all the plants in yesterday. Good thing! I'm so glad I got so much accomplished. It will be excellent to tote it all away.

Ali scared the pee-waddlin' out of me again today. He did his Houdini act on me one more time! This time he was MIA for over two hours. I had stomped through the woods, walked up all the roads, driven up the roads farther than I could walk. I came back home and waited since he usually shows up after 30 minutes or so. But he didn't show up. Finally, I decided that he was really, really gone, and I came inside to make a flier to post all around the neighborhood. I found some pictures that show his face really well, and his coloring and stance. I was bawling my head off, and when I pushed print, I went outside to do more on the deck to occupy my mind, and there he was!!

Well, I decided that enough is enough. He was somehow escaping through one end of the deck, but I didn't know how. I had bought some chicken wire a while back to put around the deck, mostly so their toys wouldn't fall out. One end of the deck is just a foot or so above the ground, but the other is a drop of 12-15 feet, and I was afraid that (1) I would be forever tromping down the stairs to get toys, or (2) that one of them might slip through the uprights and fall. shudder.

Anyway, I decided that enough is enough. I got the wire out and began putting it around the end of the deck where I know he is getting out. With the power stapler I attached the wire to the posts, and guess what I found? Three of the upright posts were loose, enabling him to slide right through them!! I pulled the loose nails and put in four inch screws! That'll hold him! Then I finished the chicken wire around the end of the deck, secured the gate, and I don't think I will have more problems. Whew.

I need to get more of the long screws to secure the rest of the deck. I found several other nails that were loose, and there is no sense in putting more of the same. Screws will be far better. I'm just happy to be able to get to these things now! They've been covered up with boxes for so long that ... who knew?!?!

And now, I'm tired as stink. I'm going to eat a bite, shower and go to bed. Even this tired I know ...

... Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Those little buggers! My littlest guy used to get out of our fence too! It took me awhile to figure out how he was doing it but I fixed him! You should have seen the stunned look on his face the first time he went to try it again and couldn't escape! Hee! I'm glad you got it fixed!

  2. I am so glad that Ali came back safely and good job securing the deck. Slipperly little thing. :)

    By the way - I think I am going to steal the "tired as stink" line - I loved it! :)

  3. I also like...tired as well as...pee-waddlin' lol

    The Egel Nest

  4. Glad Ali found his way home.

    It is good you found how he was escaping and fixed the situation. The chicken wire is a great idea.

    I like the "tired as stink" line as well. That's what I am going to be by the time Thursday evening gets here.

    Have a great day!! :-)

  5. Traci - LOL! I've already had the mental image of Ali running over to the railing, putting hid head down too push out, and jerking his head back with that canine "wha...." look!

    Casey - Me, too. I didn't write it, but when I picked him up after his absence, I bawled again. Silly, soppy me! And I don't know where that phrase came from, but I've said it as long as I can remember. I have no copyright on it so steal away!!

    Bradley - Well, the pee-waddlin' term is another whose history is unclear. Where do these things come from??? :)

    Daisy - Yep, I'm gonna keep that little chicken in the coop! He does try my patience and poke at my nerves on a regular basis.Isn't it funny how some pets (and kids) seem to do that more than others? He was born on my birthday ... 'spose that has something to do with it? Too much like me?

    Chin, up! Thursday is just around the corner! I know it has been a long weekend for you.

  6. Oh my, not the "misplaced" doggie again?!? It makes me SO sad when I can't find my doggie. I had that problem with my last dog, she'd wander away ALL the time. But Trae...he's a little (big)scaredy cat and won't go too far away. He barks at his own shadow in the yard, lol. After my other one getting away so often, I vowed off of small dogs :-). She'd be in a closet sleeping for HOURS and I was ready to call in the troops!

    Glad you got all your yard sale stuff taken care of. Now on to your next project...

  7. Dawn - He is a slippery little sucker, for sure. I'm going to be out there this afternoon, and I can't wait to see what happens when he realizes that his disappearing act has been canceled!!

  8. What a day! You accomplished so much and were then able to walk about and enjoy the view and enjoy your deck. Not only that, you have fixed the problem of the escape route!! Glad Ali came back so soon...must have heard your tears!!

  9. I am glad he is safe. I don't think I am ready for yet another loss. My heart still aches with Rita being gone. I love you and miss you.

  10. Sherry - It feels SO good!! Gail came back from her weekend away, and she was amazed at the deck. I still have some of the "give away" boxes, but they will be gone soon.

    I guess he did hear me. He's been on my heels all day today, too. I guess he might realize somewhere in his little head that he had a very big adventure!

    TL - Me, too. I thought about Rita when I was out calling him. And I still look at Mai Lin's little box and get misty. It has been nearly a year. I love you, too, baby girl! Hugs!!!

  11. I am so glad that Ali came back safe and sound. He's a sneaky little booger. :)

    Glad you are finally able to enjoy your deck. For those that have not seen Lynilu's deck in's amazing. I'm not sure how it's possible, but you can see the most amazing sunrises and sunsets on that deck. It's pretty neat and very peaceful.

  12. Caroline - You should have seen him today when he realized that his escape plan was foiled!! The corkscrew tail just uncoiled and drooped to the ground!

    You really need to come see everything now. My world is all new! The deck is open and has s.t.r.e.t.c.h room, and you can see the beautiful views from several vantage points!! It is wonderful!


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