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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Morning from Eastern Florida!

Some of you may have seen some similar pictures that I've had from the previous trip, but I'll bet you won't mind looking at this scene again. I'm in one of my favorite pichur-takin' spots.

This morning I had a cup of coffee on the patio. This is from inside the screen as I sat with my coffee and watched birds flying over, listened to their various calls. It is really peaceful out here, one of my favorite places to sit and relax. I took this just to give some perspective for the next pix. See the door on the left side of the picture? I stepped out there and took the second picture, facing roughly the same direction.

This is the "outside" version of the previous pic.

My favorite view, however, is this one, across the little lake into a stand of trees.

And as I was writing this, I thought about taking another angle, looked over my shoulder to see this ....

A closer shot.

It is very common to see various cranes, egrets and herons right at the water's edge and sometimes just strolling along just a few feet from the screen. This one is actually about twenty or twenty-five feet away from me.

He stood very still for me as I crept closer. I kept edging out, trying to get the best possible shot.

Eventually, I spooked him and he flew(he is right at shoreline on the left hand side). I adjusted the zoom as quickly as I could, but he was already across the lake. This is why I need a more powerful zoom to take pix without scaring the wildlife!

As he flew away I noticed the ducks resting at the water's edge.

So why not refocus on them?!

The little tree that you've seen in a couple of the above pictures has fascinated me. I asked Kirk what it was and he said he'd heard it called a "frangeepangee." To which I replied, "Huh?" I looked it up and it is indeed called that! Or as Wikipedia spells it, 'frangipani." It is actually a "plumeria." It is the flower used in leis in Hawaii. The write up is interesting if you have a couple minutes to read it.

Kirk says it is short-lived, leaves coming up and then dropping almost as quickly.

Another shot across the lake at a slightly different angle taken just a few minutes ago. As you can see it has clouded over and there is a little breeze ruffling the water now.

A shot of something blooming across the lake. Can't tell what it is, even with the max zoom, but I liked the picture.

Having nothing to do with anything .... I was doing some laundry while typing this. I got ready to put a new sweater in the washer and decided to stop and check the label although I though it was just another synthetic or synthetic blend. It is a very light, summer weight, short sleeved, loose knit which I wore on the way down here yesterday. I bought it at Target the other day, on sale, summer close-out rack. I was amazed to learn that it is merino wool. You see, I'm allergic to wool! When I wear wool, I itch and squirm like I've got ants in my pants, and if I leave it on very long, I'll break out in a rash! With a shirt under a wool sweater, I can usually get away with it for just a little while, then after a couple hours, I'm itchy and uncomfortable under the shirt. I wore this sweater all day yesterday, against my skin, and while leaving back against the car seat, with zero discomfort, zero itching, zero rash!!! Who'd a-thunk it?!?!

Gotta go get in the shower and get ready for Vittor-r-r-r-r-rio. LOL!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Merino wool is different from regular wool, it's not supposed to be itchy. I don't remember the scientific explanation but I did read about it somewhere. You should be able to wear Merino wool even if regular wool bothers you.


  2. Well gosh, how could that NOT be a favourite view!!?? It's breathtaking!!

    You and me both with the wool makes me crazy!!! I've heard that about Merino wool (what Sandra said)'s the other stuff that gets me!!

    Have fun with VITTORIO!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey you guys have egrets too!
    We got them all over Hawaii...
    BTW I sent you an email re the CD of LOTTERY!

  4. Sandra - I'd actually heard that but hadn't tried it because I just didn't think it would be OK for me! WOW!


    Sherry - Well, it works! Be brave and try it!! I have a number of shots with sunsets and other "added effects." One day they will be published/hung.

    Orion - Yes! Lots of 'em! We have them at home, in NM, also. A great wildlife reserve is about 90 minutes from where I live, and I love going there for pix!

  5. Good Tuesday evening Lynilu !

    You find beauty wherever you go. The pictures are absolutely lovely.

    Wishing you a yummy and wonderful Thanksgiving --

    *cyber hugs and smiles*

    Loving Annie

  6. What a great view TL and family have. Wow. I forgot how pretty their view is. Although, I am excited because soon the view out my back door will be of SNOW. You know the crazy KC weather...yesterday and today was in the 70s and spring like and tomorrow we are getting snow. Only in KC.

  7. Hi, Annie! Are you back from your trip? We are leaving in the morning for our Thanksgiving camping adventure, and I think it is going to be great fun! I'll catch up with you when I'm back! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Caroline - Well, Think how fun some snow pictures will be!! I think it may be doing something similar in NM over the next few days, too! While I'm loving it here, I would really hat to miss the first snow of the season!


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