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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

End Of A Good Day

It has been a good day. I thought I'd post a few pictures from today.

Aleksis was playing with the dogs, and as I got ready to take a picture ... yes, Ali saw me with the camera and turned away!! What is it with him?? Goofy dog! But pretty girl!

A picture of Terri was a bit on the fuzzy side, but I switched it sepia. Nice effect!

Philip was playing with a dart gun and discovered the it was funny to stick them on his glasses!

TL and Kirk playing cribbage.

I want a cribbage partner at my house!!

Next Philip came out of his room and told us he was Frankenstein!! Note the darts on the neck!

Last, my new do! Of course, it is almost like the old do, but it feels wonderful to have it in shape again. And yes, Vittorio, er, excuse me, Vittor-r-r-r-rio is still handsome!! And such a charmer! He is the kind of hair stylist every woman wants. He schmoozes you without you feeling schmoozed. Well, just the good kind of schmoozed!! sighhhh.

Damn, Life is beautiful!!!



  1. Love your new doo! I used to attach those suction darts to my glasses as a kid also!

    And the Florida pictures below are Gorgeous!

    The Egel Nest

  2. Forget "life is beautiful", "lynilu is beautiful"!! This cut is may be the same doo you've had before but it's like a whole "new" looks awesome!!!!

    The photos are fun, and I love the sepia effect..the kids are gorgeous and hilarious...and that dog of your's was obviously hounded (no pun intended!) by the paparazzi in another life.

    btw...I want to spend some time with VITTOORRIOOO...if he can make me look like he made you va va voom!!

  3. Bradley - Thank you! I barely blog-know you, yet somehow, I can imagine you with the suction darts on the glasses!! LOL! See ya after the holiday!

    Daisy - Thank ya, thank ya, ma'am!!

    Sherry - Ooouuuu! Thank you so much! Isn't it amazing what a new doo or a redoo does for us? Thanks on the pic, the kids and the nutty doggie! I love the paparazzi comment!! And, Next time you're on your way to FL, let me know, and I'll "hook you up" with the amazing Vittor-r-r-r-rio-o-o-o!!! LOL!!!

  4. Lovely as ever Lynilu. Your family is beautiful. I love the goofiness of your grandson hehe....
    What is Ali's problem? Where's the dog whisperer when you need him? LOL

  5. There's nothing like a good cut - and you definitely got a good one. Stunning!

  6. Your family is absolutely beautiful! All of you! I love the hair.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  7. Well, aren't you just a cutie pie? :-) Your hair is beautiful anyway!!!

    Looks like you're having a grand ole time. Glad you're getting everywhere safely and enjoying yourself with family and friends.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  8. Patti - Ohh, thank you! (blush, blush) My grandkids are fun, for sure! And Ali??? shoot, who knows!!

    Sandra - Thank you! And you said it well ... a good cut is worth a lot!

    Jenster - Awww, thanks! I like 'em, and I think I'll keep 'em around! And thanks on the hair, too!

    Dawn - :) :) Well, Thank you, my friend!


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