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Friday, November 09, 2007

Missing Home

Today I've spent a quiet morning, blogging, reading, munching and having time with the three dogs. I've noticed the city sounds around me. I've been back in city environs for ten days now, but only today had it really struck me. Other times I've been busy or distracted with other things.

I'd forgotten how noisy the city really is. The garbage truck was by today, and I heard it as it wound through several close streets. Cars are whizzing by on the through-street about a block and a half away, the sounds of their tires and engines very noticeable. There are dogs barking in several nearby yards, not constantly or terribly loud, but still adding to the din. It has been a while since I have been back in the hubbub and slowed down enough to hear these things.

And I'm appreciating the peace and calm of my home in a different way today. I'm suddenly homesick for the quiet of the mountain side. No, I'll finish out my trip because there are many people yet that I want to see and hear and hug. But I will be happy to return to my nirvana when the time comes, early next month. Sometimes being away is the best way to know how much you love your home.

Life is beautiful!!!

One of the gentle sunrises.

I miss the fresh, clean scent of the pines.

I dream of the blue sky and the clouds ...

... that never cease to amaze me.

And I'm so happy I have my photo library with me on the computer!! :)


  1. Where you live is very quiet and I can see why you miss it. One of my favorite memories from being there this past spring was laying on the bed looking out the window at the clouds going by. It was so peaceful. The clouds were so close I swore I could just reach up and touch them.

  2. I know that feeling about the clouds. Isn't it amazing? I slept in that room, the office, when I had company a few weekends back, and I loved waking up with that view. Feel like you can see forever in there!

  3. I always love getting away and usually can't wait to get back home. There's no place like home.

  4. It often takes "not" having we take for granted around us to truly appreciate how much we are blessed.

  5. Quiet DOES become addictive, Lynilu... There is something so nourishing about where you live, so much to see and appreciate and yet all in a tranquil relaxed way... Visitng about is fun, yet there is a pressure there not found in one's own nest... Something good to be said about each, being able to go and do - and then return home and have such happiness in it :)

    Loving Annie

  6. Daisy - You said it perfectly. I am enjoying my trip and the visiting, but I know that about two weeks from now, I'll be very eager to turn the blazing blue toward the West and hurry home. Ahhh, yes.

    Sherry - That is the truth, for sure. I think it is important that we all change our routines, see new places to appreciate the old ones, meet new people to understand the love we have for the old friends, have new experiences to push our comfort level so the comfort of home becomes even more precious.

    Annie - You are absolutely right. Coming home is about the sweetest of all pleasures, isn't it? I love travel, but in the end, the home holds the heart.


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