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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Mellowness

I'd forgotten how the humidity in the Midwest can be so heavy. When I got up this morning to take the dogs out, it looked almost as if it had rained. However, parts of the yard like the pebbles in the graveled areas of the back yard looked very wet, but the ground or the garden timbers appeared dry. I commented to Scott about it, wondering if it had showered and he said it had not, but early morning humidity can cause that effect. Yes, I'd forgotten.

As the day has edged on, I've also become aware of another effect of the heavy, moist air. I'd also forgotten how this air can seem to sit on your chest until you feel as if you're lifting several pounds of, well, something each time you inhale. I didn't remember how I frequently felt that I was having to work for each breath. Of course, back when I lived here I also blamed at least part of it on my weight. That's a reasonable and probably correct assignment of blame. I've lost some of that weight, but today I feel the humidity, still the treacherous, evil king of my breathing even with the weight pared down.

It hasn't been so humid most mornings since I got here. I didn't look at the stats until a few minutes ago, but now, nearly noon, it is 75%, so my best guess is that it was close to 100% at 7:00. It was cool then, so it didn't seem to bother me, but as the day warms, it becomes more problematic. It's not hot, just 68 degrees, but enough to start feeling a bit of the steamy effect. Ugh. Remembering one of the reasons I wanted to leave this area!

Yesterday, we did some running around, errands of different kinds. First stop was at a musical instrument store to have Kylee's violin adjusted and improved. I bought some accessories that should help her in tuning and transporting her violin. We all admired some cases for violins that are lighter with the soft sides, yet roomier for storing things inside the case. Shhh. she is going to get one for Christmas!!

Next, a stop at a Mexican grocery to buy some of those wonderful breads. Yum, I love them! If you're not familiar with them, Mexican breads are slightly sweet, but not so sugary as our sweet rolls. I've not found one I didn't like yet. Then a stop at a restaurant in the same neighborhood for "popsicles." The Mexican version is incredibly superior to the ones we've come to accept in the US. These are made of fruit juices with the fruit pulp mashed up in them, then packed together and frozen on a stick. Yum again! Connie had a mango in the style of her country, peeled and impaled on a stick and scored, with lime juice and chili powder sprinkled over it. I'd never tried it, but wanted to taste it because it sounded good, and it was! I'd had watermelon similarly prepared, and I knew that many other fruits are prepared that way. I know that to most of you with your "American taste buds" this may not sound good, but I love it!

Then we dropped Kylee for her violin lesson and Scott took Connie and I a few block away for a pedicure. Oh, nothing is much better then a pedicure. I used to get them fairly regularly every couple months, but I haven't had one for over a year. It is so relaxing, and my feet felt absolutely wonderful afterward. I need to find a pedicurist in NM when I get back.

One of Connie's co-workers came over for dinner last night. She made tortilla soup, and as always it was outstanding. Dinner was fabulous. I really liked her friend, a young man from Puerto Rico. Great dinner, superb conversation with delightful company. The "kids" all decided to go to a movie, Ghostbusters but I declined. It was already 9:00, I was a little tired (two glasses of wine helped that along!), and I frankly thought I might fall asleep in the movie! So I stayed behind and called Caroline to visit for a while. I'm glad I did. We had a good talk, then I slipped into bed with my new book and read myself to sleep.

I'm not in the mood to do the Sunday Funnies today. Sorry. And that doesn't mean I'm not in a good mood. Just not wanting to go there. Next week, OK? And now I'm going to scoot out of here, take a shower and get ready to do do something fun again today.

Take care, everyone!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. My empathy, Lynilu.

    Humidity over 30% is yucky. I'm sure that when you get back home, you will be even more blissed out to be where the air is drier and lighter...

    Can you get the recipe for those mexican breads ? It sounds really good, and I bet if you baked it from scratch at home... well, YUMMM...

    Not to worry about the Sunday funnies, Lynilu. I come here for you, and enjoy it whatever you write -

    Loving Annie

  2. I know what you mean about the humidity. Today feels like spring and even smells like spring.

    Sounds like you are having a great visit with Kylee and the family.

    Thanks for calling last night. It was great talking with you, as it always is.

  3. Annie - Hmmm. I hadn't thought of getting recipes. I'll ask Connie. She doesn't make them, but she may know some good recipes or someone who does know them. Great idea!!

    And, thanks! I'm glad you do come to read.

    Caroline - It is still very heavy air out there. You're right about the feel os spring, but I'm smelling too many fallen leaves for it to seem like spring to me.

    You know I always enjoy talking with you, too!

  4. I know what you mean about humidity. I have never lived in a place that didn't have humidity.

    The Mexican bread sounds yummy luscious.

    I LOVE pedicures. It makes my feet feel so good.

  5. Humidity: I grew up in Los Angeles which has no humidity to speak of... and never spent much time in humid places until I lived in Thailand.


    I love the place but the humidity is gawdawful!

    I'll be sure to try the Mexican bread. :)

  6. And to think you are on your way to see me!!!!! Good thing you love me so, huh? Over 300 days a year with 80% humidity or better! Lucky me! But there's many perks.. .hmmmm just having a hard time remembering them right now!!! ILY and can't wait. . .hurry!

  7. Daisy - I've lived in both types climates, and trust me, dry wins on my scorecard!!

    My feet still feel wonderful tonight. Amazing.

    Thailandchani - I can't imagine what it is like in Thailand. I think I'd die there (I become physically ill when the heat/humidity combo is elevated)! My uncle was there as a civil engineer while it was still Siam, and he said it was a beautiful place but not for the humidity-challenged.

    The breads are worth seeking them out!

    TL - Hi, baby-girl!! Yes, I'm going to be there in 8 days! YAY!! And I just took a look at the weather site ... it is 59% in M, FL and 75% here. And you know that it is far worse in this land locked area where it sits on your shoulder like a soggy vulture than it is where the sea breezes temper things a bit. The perks? OK, there is going to the beach on New Year's Day, camping on Thanksgiving, and your complexion will stay younger with the humid air to pamper it! Need more? ;-) I'll see you soon!!! ILY back!!

  8. OMG I laughed about your daughter using my dutch review in her lesson about online translations- As a teacher myself I think it's a brilliant lesson!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Orion - We take lesson plans where we find them, right???

  10. Patti - I was thinking that I don't know ANYONE who does! Sooooo, why do so many live where it is humid? Aren't we strange critters?


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