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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Three ... Great Day!!

I have has a great day! But before I get into that, let me add a little to yesterday's recounting of the trip. I totally forgot that I had some pictures! Duh!!

First of all, I have the pictures of the beautiful, bright colored trees along the way. I think these were taken in Mississippi. This is where I couldn't pull off on the soft shoulders, so I was taking them "on the fly." Sorry for the blurriness in most of them, but you'll get the idea about the colors.

If you enlarge these, you'll see the mixture of color really well.

The colors are probably best in this one, but Excuse Me, Mr. Truck Driver, I didn't mean to get in your way!!

Do you see the "patchwork quilt" in these?

And this I took for fun. It is is Tupelo, and you'll see the message if you click on the picture.

And now, back to the current day ...

First of all, we had a rather lazy morning here at the house. Sat around visiting, drinking coffee and watching our collection of dogs. My nephew and his wife have two little guys, also. Toby is a little larger and a mixed breed. I'm not sure about the mix, but a sweet little dog. Dusty is a younger dog, a Shih Tzu and possibly mixed with something else. Both are nice little guys and they got along with mine very well.

We were talking about books on CD and how they make a trip so much easier, and I mentioned that I'd like to get one to listen to on my way to SC and FL, so Stan and Dixie weren't hesitant at all to take me to Cracker Barrel to rent one ... and have breakfast or lunch while there! So we did, and I did. I haven't eaten at a CB in a long while, and I really did enjoy it. I also bought a couple rolls of Necco wafers for the trip. Do you remember those? One of the fun things about CB is the "old fashioned" candies. And Charles Chips! I remember when Scott was small and those were delivered to the home! Loved Charles Chips and the home delivery just made them even better! Stan and I remembered the candies that my grandmother, his great-grandmother kept in her room. One type they didn't have be we found the others that were occasional treats for us kids! What a nice memory lane trip!

We talked about doing some other things, but I was enjoying simply having time to visit, so we came back to the house and continued with that.

Later in the afternoon, Dawn called and we arranged to meet half-way between the two homes. I got my directions and left. I knew Dawn would find me in the parking lot at the mall because of my ... ahem ... rather distinctive vehicle! And she did. She brought her two daughters with her, Jayla who is almost 6, and Bryanna (I'm not sure I'm spelling that right) who is nearly 23. Both these girls are just beautiful! Jayla is everything I expected ... cute as a button, precocious, smart, a personality to die for, and friendly ... and then some! She is definitely "all that" and she knows it, but in a sweet way. Bryanna is just beautiful. She is witty and funny, and I'm really glad she came along so I could meet her, too. She has a little Shih Tzu, also, so you know she is a very cool person by that fact alone! LOL!

Bryanna checked to see if a Starbuck's was in the area, and yes, there was a Barnes and Noble. Perfect! We got some drinks, and since all the tables were occupied, we moseyed back to the children's section and took up residence at one of the little tables there. It was perfect, because Jayla could browse the books, giving her something other than grown up talk to help pass the time. She had birthday money from her big sister, and she must have considered, oh, one or two hundred books to be purchased with her new fortune!

I didn't look at my watch, but I'd guess we spent about an hour and a half, just talking about many things. It was very easy to chat with Dawn because I felt I already knew her in some ways through our blogs. Isn't it amazing what can come out of these? Dawn is every bit as nice and genuine as I thought she would be. She has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. In fact she is a beautiful woman through and through. What a cool mom she is! It is clear that Bryanna adores and respects her mother, and being the kind of good older sister that she is comes from being mothered by a woman like Dawn. In the short time we were together, I could see clearly how much both of her daughters were bonded with her and were examples of the young women she could be (and is, of course!!) happy to call hers.

It was a good time we had together, and I'm so glad that we were able to get together as we did. I enjoyed watching and listening to them together and as individuals. Thanks, Dawn for taking time for this. I know you had a crazy, busy day. BTW, they had Jayla's 6th birthday party today, and I got to see the birthday pictures before you all did. Na, na, na, na, na, naaaaa!

And now, in response to the multitude of requests for this, following is the picture, proof-of-completion of the "blogger meet and greet" ........

Ta, dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is beautiful!!!
...and gets more so with every new friend!

PS - Everyone keep in your prayers and meditations some requests for good health reports for "Ruth in Canada." Ruth is having her big 5 year check following treatment for cancer on 11/22. This is a big event, and she is nervous about it. Between now and Thursday, think of her with positive energies and do it often. And on our Thanksgiving Day, remember her in your giving of thanks. Ruth, girl, good luck and hugs for comfort. :)


  1. I'm FIRST!!!!!

    First of all best wishes to Ruth :)

    I had to check out Lynilu & Dawn's meeting as I am meeting Lynilu myself today! Can't wait! I wish Stacy & Madison would get home in time but I know they won't. The MIL always hates to let them go so it's usually well past 4:00 before they roll in.
    I know you had a wonderful time with Dawn. I started reading her blog because of you and I love it. She is definitely a wonderful Mom as it shines through her blog. Well hopefully only about four hours until we meet. Safe travels~

  2. What a wonderful day. I am sitting here just smiling because I know what it's like to meet your blogger friends. I've met one and hopefully this spring will meet 4 more at one time. I can't wait!!!!! Have fun with Patti.

    I hope all goes well for Ruth.

  3. How much fun is that?? You got to meet Dawn in REAL LIFE!!! And at Big Bookstore!!!! I have only met 2 bloggers in real life but would love to meet more. If you're ever in NJ let me know. Man and I would love to meet you.

    I am sending your friend Ruth good thoughts and wishes and will say a little prayer for her.

  4. Lynilu, thank you so much for you caring words of comfort and thanks to your special blogging friends as well....I appreciate the concern of all of you. I beat the odds for ovarian cancer, and intend to stay cancer free....I hope, I hope, I hope. Happy Turkey Day to all of you.

    Ruth in Canada

  5. First and foremost, I pray for the best for Ruth.

    Lynilu, OH MY made me cry! What SUPER sweet words you had to say about me and my girls. It's amazing what you can "get" from people in just a short visit with them. Speaking of which, I almost hated to leave yesterday, because I was enjoying finally getting to meet you IRL! :-) LOL

    I can't wait to tell Briyanna what all you wrote about her. And I'm gonna read it to Jayla in just a minute :-). Jayla was so thrilled to have met you. When we were heading home, she said, "Hey mom! Your new friend is so pretty! Can she be my new friend too? I love her!" So I guess you're in the "club" now...cuz Jayla loves you, lol.

    Again, I thank you SO much for your time, the conversation, introducing me to Starbucks :-), the picture and most of all, the sweet words. Me and my daughters are blessed to have met you. And I look forward to our next meeting. Getting to meet you was an awesome birthday gift.

    Be safe in the rest of your travels.

  6. Oh, this was SO FUN to read!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet Dawn "for real" some time too. I know she'd be a doll!!!

    And I'm SO jealous that you got to see the bday pics first!

    The tree pictures are wonderful!

  7. Definitely keeping Ruth in my prayers...the 5 year mark is a huge milestone and will be thinking many positive thoughts and prayers for her.

    You're looking like you are on vacation Lynilu!! Lovely photograph of you and Dawn and I'm so glad you had a chance to meet with her and her daughters...sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

    Cracker Barrel sounded like a good time as well..I haven't been to one of those in years, since the last time we went south. Necco wafers!!! Now there's a blast from the past!!

  8. What sweet things Dawn wrote. But to be honest I am not surprised at what she wrote. I know you, and you really are one of the sweetest people I know.

  9. Patti - Yes, indeedy, you are!! It was a nice time with Dawn and her girls, and as soon as I answer these comments, I'm gonna post about US!!!

    Caroline - It was a really good day, for sure!It is a lot of fun to meet our friends IRL. I hope you can still make the Minnesota trip. That would be awesome!!

    Daisy - LOL! Isn't that awesome that we met at BB?? I was just saying tonight that I have not been to the Northeast, and I hope I can do that perhaps next fall. Maybe we can work it out!!

    Ruth - Quit hoping and start believing!! You have lots of people pulling together to insure your good future. Hugs from us all!

    Dawn - Thank you again for a really good time. It was a very special meeting, and I'm so glad we were able to pull it off! I'll be back!! And tell Jayla that I'm delighted to be her new friend! She is so very cute! I think it was a beautiful experience for us all!

    Cheryl - I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a great, fun time, and gosh, you're close enough we should have invited you up there, too! :)

    Sherry - I'm feeling "on vacation" too! I'm tired this evening, but it is a good kind of tired, full of happy moments! As for CB, I love every stroll through it because of the fun memories it brings back!

    Everyone - Thank you for the kind thought and prayers for Ruth. The power of combined prayers and positive thoughts is very powerful, enough so to carry her through this in flying colors, I'm very confident!! Ruth, feel that power!! We will be with you during this week.

  10. Thank you all again. Such a beautiful bunch of good friends you have. I truly appreciate all the good
    wishes along with the prayers.
    I cant wait for this week to be over, and I will be sure to keep in touch.


  11. Ruth - Girl, I think you need to start your own blog!!

    Yes, do stay in touch. I may not be able to check internet stuff until the weekend, but you won't leave my thoughts!


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