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Friday, November 16, 2007

Day Two - Newnan, Gerogia

I made it! Whew! Today seemed like a very long day because of some of the obstacles I encountered. First of all, China had be up three times in the night to go potty, so I was a bit tired this morning to begin with. I didn't push myself, because I know that if I do, I'm fighting the tiredness all the way. I took my time in the shower, with breakfast, had plenty coffee, and I left only about 45 minutes later than I planned. I gassed up last night, but the tires looked a little low to me, so I stopped to add air, another 15 or so minutes.

On the road I chose my "music du jour." Considering where I was going today, I chose to put on the satellite radio, tuned to Sirius 13, of course. Now, does anyone know why I would choose that station?

I was in Memphis in about 45 minutes, and traffic was a bit heavy. Actually I-40 was solid trucks from the time I hit Little Rock yesterday, and this morning it was one after another after another on the highway! I missed one turn and had to circle back a few blocks, but wasn't delayed more than five minutes or so. As I headed out of town, I switched from an interstate to a US highway, and it went through town, slowly at times with trucks end to end in the right hand lane. I noticed several times young women walking down the sidewalk. Didn't think much about it at first, but I realized that they all wore unusually tight jeans and high heels. Finally it occurred to me that they were hookers, and shortly after that, yep, one of them crawled into the cab of one of the long line of trucks! Lawdy!!

From Memphis, I took US 78 southeast through Mississippi toward Birmingham. It is a pretty good highway, considering that it is not an interstate. They are, however, going to make it into I-22, so widening is taking place. The shoulder was just dirt and gravel most of the way, so I could stop and take pictures as often as I would like.

It was a pretty drive. The trees were that lovely patchwork that I talked about, and I so desperately wanted some pictures. I was afraid of the loose shoulders, thinking that pulling back onto the highway with traffic coming on might be difficult. I did take some "on the fly," and if they turn out decent, I'll put them up tomorrow. I drove through Tupelo, MS today, and I tried to get some pictures there, too, but traffic was heavy in that area, and I couldn't find places to pull off where I wanted. Arghh.

Somewhere along the way I saw a sign for "Tom Sawyer RV Park," and it reminded me that I meant to tell you something from yesterday that will give you a chuckle. First of all, "Tom Sawyer" and "RV Park" sorta work for me as a pair. After all, TS was an adventurer, RVers are adventurers. But yesterday I saw a sign in Arkansas for ... "Lester Flatt RV Park." I'm not kidding you!! What is that connection? Is that an "only in Arkansas" thing? Anyway, I laughed out loud about that one!

Once I got to Birmingham I had the driving experience of a lifetime. First of all, currently the only way to get from US-78 to I-20 is via about twenty miles of slow, through towns kind of traffic at 40 to 45 miles per hour. Ugh. Once the new I-22 is finished it will have a direct connection, but for now that is it. Slow, grueling traffic with lots of trucks. No hookers noticed on this stretch! I was relieved when we got to the interstate, but it wasn't over yet! Birmingham might take the award for the worst city to get through. The bumper to bumper feeling didn't let up till we were wa-a-a-y east of the city. It was early, around 2:00 I think, but travel was wearisome because of how slow and tight traffic was. And east of the city, the interstate cuts through some hills; lanes were narrow with embankments on either side. After a while I began to feel claustrophobic with the hills on each side and trucks everywhere else in front and behind.

Finally the road began to open up a little bit. That's where construction began, of course!! I had to laugh about it, because it seemed that one thing was corrected just in time for another to take over! You see, next I encountered more of those bumpy, "thunkathunka" roads. Really bad ones. Ali was in the back seat making a little groaning, whining sound, and his voice was wavering, just like kids do on bumpy roads! He was definitely NOT enjoying the road!

Once in Georgia, I was back to lesser roads again. It wasn't a problem, but slower progress at times. I got here around 6:00, very glad to be off the road for a while! Dawn called me just minutes before I reached my nephew's home, and I was watching the odometer for exact tenths of miles, get through local traffic, and trying to read street signs, so I couldn't talk with her about where we will meet. Bless her heart, she's ready to get set up and I couldn't stop to take notes! She calling again tomorrow and we'll meet finally. I can't believe I'm actually here and going to meet her! Yippee-skippee!!

Patti called later this evening, too, so we have our first stage of meeting planned. I'll see here on Sunday, just as planned! WooHoo!!

I'm tired, but this is just too much fun with the plans to meet two of my special blogger friends! I'll keep you all informed as we go. And yes, I'll be sure to have pictures as Caroline requested!!

Life is beautiful!!!

PS - Oh, and did you figure out the music choice of the day? Sirius 13 is the Elvis station. I was in Elvis country, Memphis and Tupelo! What could have been more appropriate? I wanted so badly to stop and drive by or visit Graceland, but I knew that would not be a quick thing. Nope, I gotta come back for that some time. Yep, another time when I can actually be a tourist!


  1. omg you are a wonderful tour guide. I am seeing places and states I have never been in. We go to Fla for a month in the winter but that trip is south east through NY Pa Va WVa NC SC Ga into Fla and I hate the trucks on the interstate. They all seem to play little games of blocking in the canadian snowbirds lol I have been as far west as Montana then north to Calgary, and have been through the New England States.....beautiful area. Your trip seems to be going well and you certainly are well organized. So nice that you are getting to see friends and family along the way. Continue to drive carefully and keep the travelogue coming. I'm enjoying it immensely. Nov 22 is my oncologists appt. so this week is a nerve wracking one for me. Be safe. Ruth in Canada

  2. I was so glad to talk to you last night. Enjoy your visit with Dawn today!
    Trucks make my palms sweat! That's funny about the hookers though!

  3. I clued in to the Elvis connection!! Figured since it was Memphis, the "special" station must have to do with The King.

    Sounds like you've had your share of bumpy roads, slow traffic..and hookers!!! keep off the loose shoulders and stay away from the girls with loose shoulders!!

    Slow traffic drives me nuts and I find it very stressful, so I hope you are really managing to relax and get the kinks out and give poor Ali a chance to settle those giblets!!

    Have fun meeting Dawn & Patti..I think it goes without saying that you will have a great time with both...and we'll be waiting to hear all about it!

  4. I had the Elvis thing figured out! lol You mean you didn't take the time to go through Graceland?? :o)

  5. Aww..I'm so glad that you and Patti are going to be able to get together. Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  6. Anon - Tee hee! Wait till you get my bill as your tour guide!! I am enjoying this driving trip, even with the stress. I've always been "in a hurry to get there" on trips until the last couple years, and seeing the US this was is just wonderful! Boy, you have a long drive to FL, don't you? Where in FL do you go? And thanks for the well wishes!

    Patti - It was a great visit, and now I'm excited about meeting you tomorrow!! Yeah, hate driving with trucks surrounding me. shudder.

    Sherry - I kinda figured you might catch the Elvis thing! LOL about the loose shoulders! We are all enjoying our stay here, settling down a bit and letting the giblets settle! The dogs are both doing well, and that surely does make me feel better about dragging them around the country like that!

    Jenster - You're another one that I suspected would get the Elvis hint. About not going to Graceland, no, shamefully I didn't. and I realized today that I was only about 2 miles away! Groaaaan.

    Casey - I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. I'm psyched!


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