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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day One - Forrest City, Arkansas

As I was ready to pull out of the driveway this morning, I noticed that the tree was nearly bare. This is the same one that I took photos of a couple days ago. The wind blew hard and all day yesterday, and it really stripped the tree!

A good share of those leaves are in the bed of my truck.

One of the leaves up close. Approximately the place that I photoed the close ups that day.

Somewhere in Oklahoma ... or was it in Arkansas? ... we stopped for a break, and as I was putting the dogs back into the car, I saw these teeny little flowers in the grass.

So delicate and pretty!

And speaking of the states I passed through today ... I think it is funny that in Kansas, the Arkansas River is pronounced Ar-kan-sas, but in Arkansas (the state) the same river is pronounced Ar-kan-saw, just like the name of the state. And I got to wondering as I drove along ... what do they call it in Oklahoma? Ar-kan-okla? Ar-kan-homa? (For that matter, what about in Colorado; is it called the Arkanado?) How did we come to have two states whose names are spelled the same, at least the last six letter, but have them pronounced so differently?

Where did the "w" sound come in at the end of Arkansas? I mean, Kansas is pronounced logically correct. Buuuuuut......

There is a river in Kansas which empties into the Missouri River right in KC. It is the Kaw River. Or the Kansas River, depending on who you're talking to. The Kansa people, Native Americans, named it the Kaw, but some people called it the Kansas River after the Kansa people. Are you following me? Good, because I don't know that I could possibly repeat it!!

All that is confusing enough, but the I looked up the name of the state, and here is what Wikipedia says: "The name Arkansas is a French pronunciation of a Quapaw word meaning "land of downriver people". The pronunciation "arkansaw" was made official by an act of the state legislature in 1881. " So, we came up with two similar words/names that confuse the hell out of me!!

Whew! I feel so much better after getting that off my chest!! And I'm sorry if I confused you with my babblings, but now you see what happens when I'm left alone in a car by myself for many hours. Nope, it ain't pretty!

I also discovered that the music of The New Christie Minstrels makes really good driving music. Yesterday Kylee listened to a couple of their ballads which tell "tall tales," and she mentioned that it would make good music to listen to on a trip. I tried it, today, and, hot diggidy dog! It is!! Most of it is lively and funny with occasional moody, melancholy ballads thrown in. Then add in "This Land is Your Land," "Green, Green," "Ramblin'," "The Drinkin' Gourd," "Today," and a few more, and it is movin' on music! We moved today!

No, I didn't drive stupid. I drove the speed limit and was careful. We took several stops to get gas, have potty breaks and also just to stretch our legs. Including the stops, it took just under 8 hours, and I wasn't terribly worn out. I bypassed Lonoke which is just east of Little Rock and drove on another hour to Forrest City. I was ready to stop, but not exhausted. It was a good trip. I saw one wreck along the way, I think in Little Rock. A sports car had been seriously flattened by some big truck with a huge tank on the bed. All the glass was shattered in the car. Apparently the driver of the little car was apparently OK, because the trooper was just walking casually around, everyone at the crash site was smiling and laughing, and I saw no blood in the car. I 'spose it wasn't bad, but it looked gross. Glad it wasn't me.

I've never been to this part of Arkansas, the central part. I'd only been to the extreme northern edge a couple times, and to Siloam Springs in the northwest corner a few times to visit my first husband's grandmother, many, many years ago. I was struck with how much the ladscape resembles the Kansas City area, but with denser growth. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, because they are in the same range of hills. It surprised me, at any rate. Driving along I was struck with the beautiful colors of fall. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture, or rather I didn't think of it when there was a place I felt safe to stop. Anyway, I wrote about it several years ago, and if you'd like to read a short essay, go here.

I called ahead and a couple of the motels were horribly expensive, nearly $100. Yeah, for a "single"!! A call to Day's Inn netted a much better rates. Even with a $5 charge per dog, it was less than $75. As I drove on in here, I began to worry about if it might be a real dump. When I pulled it, I was absolutely delighted! It is a very nice, seemingly new establishment. And I was even happier when I opened the room. It is huge!! Honestly, this is the largest room I've even stayed in! Look at this (sorry the pix are kinda blurry) ....

I don't have a tape measure, but I "stepped it off," and it is approximately 25 x 18!

That is a king size bed with ample room on either side.

This is a room big enough for a party! Anyone wanna join me??

Alright, you guys, I'm gonna get some rest! MaƱana!!

Life is beautiful!!!
In any state of the Union, if you just look around!!


  1. Me me me!!! I want to join you - that room looks great!!!! I'm glad to read that your travels are going so well.

  2. Being from Missouri, I've often wondered about the Arkansas and Kansas pronounciation difference. Mystery to me!

    You have a truck bed full of leaves, I have one full of acorns. My neighbor said hearing the acorns drop down into the truck wakes him up at night because he thinks a gun has gone off.

    Have fun on the rest of your trip!

  3. Casey - :) Well, I'm going to check out in a few minutes, but NEXT time, I'll try to let ya know earlier, OK? LOL!

    Moanna - Well, if it's all the same to you, I'll keep the leaves. I can't imagine the rattling I'd have heard yesterday going over those rough roads! About half the day was spent on those roads that have little tiny ridges evenly spaced to the tires go "thunkathunkathunkathunka, pause, thunkathunkathunkathunka"!! After a while my nerves were on edge, and honestly, reading some of the smaller signs was a huge challenge because my eyes were really bouncing!!

  4. What a nice hotel room!!! Yes, I need to have a little get-away please!!!! So I will be happy to join you... ;-)

    I LOVE that picture of the leave. So cool....

  5. I would love to join you. I will be talking to you tonight when you get off the road okay? Drive safe my sweet friend.

  6. I can always count on learning something new when I come to your blog. Drive safely and have a wonderful time meeting Dawn and of course meeting Patti. Take lots of pictures..(like I needed to tell you that)

  7. Your hotel room is very large...and for the price? You did quite well!! You could sing your songs all night long...wonder what the next one will be like??

    I was laughing about your wonderings on the pronunciation of the river in every state...too funny!!! The things we occupy ourselves with when we are alone!! :)

  8. I have always wondered about the pronunciation of Arkansas. I lived in Jonesboro Arkansas for 2 years (1977-79) while the ex's job was there.

  9. hey! you're in this neck of the woods. just finally checking in after a super looooooong time. the area is beautiul this time of year, huh?
    you coming this way?

  10. Cheryl - OK, you're invited, too! And thanks!

    Patti - You make 4 ... bridge anyone?? Yay, gonna see Miss Patti in a couple days now!

    Caroline - I'm just a walking encyclopedia, aren't I? giggle! And pictures ... yes, I'm taking them, but not as many as I wish. It's hard to take pictures and drive safely, too. More on that in the next post.

    Sherry - The room was the best deal ever, and it made me want to stay over again! If I could just hitch it onto the back of the truck and take it along, that would be perfect!!

    And, yes, we do some very strange things when left to our own devices, don't we?? LOL! Of course, some people are smart enough to not *admit* to it in a public forum!!

    Daisy - Jonesboro ... I think I drove through there today! I'll have to look at the map to be sure. Arkansas was really pretty, I must say.

    Cameo - I'm so glad you're back! No, I didn't do the KC trip this time, but I will later. Rest assured that I will let you know when I do!!

  11. Wow!! I knew Forrest City was a good place to stop, but I had no idea it was THAT good! LOL

    Glad you're trip is going so well!

  12. Jenster - Could I hire you as my travel agent?? Oh, wait! You don't actually charge for this, do you? LOL!!


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