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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Eve of Departure

I picked Kylee up after school today. On time. Right school. Then we went for more Cold Stone ice cream! Uh-huh!! She decided that this is a good tradition. I've been here ten days, and we've had CS twice, so if someone stays a month, she gets it six times! Not a bad plan, in my opinion!

We had a nice evening. It was one of Connie's late nights at school, so Scott, Kylee and I had dinner and visited until K's bedtime. When C got home, the adults had some time together, and it was very pleasant. Surely do wish they lived closer to me.

The car is loaded except for the few things I'll need in the morning. If I wake at the time I hope to, I should be on the road about 7:30 or so. That would be nice, as I could reach Little Rock before evening, giving me time to kick back a while and unwind. I'm definitely at an age where I don't drive as long as I used to but need more time to bounce back than I did in the past.

I'm shutting off the computer when I finish this, and I'll hopefully be able to write again tomorrow night when I get settled in the motel.

Just for fun, here is a pic of the kids on their bed. They really love it! Probably the best $25 I've spent in a while!

Need rest. Must sleep.

Life is beautiful!!!

PS - I just wanted to say that I've been really neglectful about reading blogs today, and I might continue to be so for a few days. Please remember I'm on the road but I'll be getting caught up when I arrive in Florida, if not before! Don't give up on me!!

And I called Dawn today about meeting with her in a few days, and guess what? She hasn't done her homework!!! We need a place to meet somewhere between where she lives and where I'll be staying with my nephew, and ... and ... and ... snicker! No, we'll figure it out. And Patti, I'm gonna be on the phone with you soon, too, so be thinkin', girl!!


  1. The children all snuggled up in their bed... so cute!!

    Glad you had a lovely last night visit with the family, and yes it would be so much more wonderful if you all lived closer together.

    Hope the drive today wasn't too strenuous, that you stopped as needed. Get yourself settled, let us know how you are but please don't worry about reading everyone are on vacca..and you have much to do!!

    Enjoy your meetings with Dawn & Patti!

  2. dimed me out...on national TV!!! Oh wait, this isn't TV...but you get my point, LOL. (not to mention, I DESERVE it)

    I actually did my homework this morning and I think I've figured something out. We'll talk sometime within the next 24 hours and come to a meeting of the minds.

    Be safe and I'll talk to you soon.

  3. Be safe on your journey.

    And the babies are so cute on their bed. I know this really help when you guys are on your adventures. Sophie has a bed and whenever we go somewhere she is just fine as long as her bed is there.

  4. Have a safe trip :)

    The Egel Nest

  5. Hello to you from vacation in Mexico, Lynilu !

    Vaction is a time to relax and enjoy ! Don't worry about us - we're just glad you are having so much fun, eating cold stone ice cream, among other things !

    That is an adorable picture of the dogs - SO cute !!!

    Drive safe, and enjoy Little Rock when you get there !

    Loving Annie

  6. Okey doke I am already thinking of a good meeting place!

  7. Have a safe journey.

    I Loved the picture of the tap shoe.

  8. Everyone - see new post, above.

    Dawn, I was just kidding!! No, you didn't deserve it, regardless. Just call me when you have something. I'll be on the road, so I might have to call you back, so leave a message if I miss you. Can't wait to see you!


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