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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting Geared Up For the Next Leg

The dogs know something is a-foot. I'm washing some clothes and repacking the suitcase, and they are watching me carefully. They watch as surreptitiously as possible, as if they think I might try to slip out if they aren't watching, so they pretend to sleep to try to catch me! Silly babies! I also went out early today and rearranged some of the truck. They sat and watched the door until I returned, then both sighed loudly and laid down!

It is chilly here today. Now nearly 1:00 and it is just 56 degrees with w.i.n.d. And the leaves are being blown all over the place, causing my allergies to storm up. When the sap rises in the spring and the leaves fall in the autumn, I have some problems. Arghhh. I've gone through twenty or so tissues already today. It is actually getting a bit better since I began spraying my nose with saline spray. But I feel a bit icky. Not sick (sicky???), just dragging a bit as happens when I can't breathe right. It'll be fine. Eventually. I've just realized in the last hour why my fall at my house wasn't bad .... no trees dropping leaves! Wow!

I'm having a bit of mixed emotions today. I'm excited about moving on and getting to see more country and people, but it is also hard to leave this dear little family behind. Is there ever enough time to have with family? I don't think so. Oh, eventually it is good to be back to one's own routine, but they are missed at the same time.

OK, now before I get teary ......

Yesterday when I came home from errands there was a box at the front door. It was to Millie! It was addressed to "Millie Last Name" and it was from "Otis Other Name." It was a get well box from Millie's brother! Millie and Otis are litter mates and Otis belongs to very good friends of Connie and Scott who live in their former town. The box had several toys and treats in it, and as soon as Kylee began to open it, Millie became extremely active. As soon as possible, she nosed into the box and retracted a chew bone, ran to her bed and began gnawing!

Kylee unpacked the rest of the box with Mille alternating between the box and the chew bone.

A couple treats, and Millie knew life was good!

I tried to take pictures of Ali on his new bed, and he sorta complied. He stayed there, but he kept moving his head!

China was more compliant for the pictures.

The bed is a great success. They both like it and share it well. It will help them with the frequent moves of this trip, I suspect.

Finally, as I was in the basement doing laundry I noticed one of Kylee's long-ago tap shoes tossed on the bench with other sundry items as collect in such areas. It's a tiny little shoe, shorter than my hand, and it looked so forlorn there. I'm thinking this may be one to print and frame. I'll probably call it "Forgotten."

Back to packing! Later, y'all!!


  1. I know what you mean about leaving family after a nice visit. But you're right, sometimes it IS nice to get back into your own routine.

    How cool for the doggie to get some mail. Trae would love that...I think. However, the packaging would be the best part to him :-).

    Be safe on the next leg of your journey. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. How sweet of Otis to send a care package for Millie. I love the name Otis. Reminds me of the movie "Milo & Otis".

    Be safe on your next journey. I can't wait to hear all about your visits with Dawn and Patti. You are one lucky woman!!

  3. Dawn - As long as it remains fun to go and to return, we have it made!!

    Oh, once Millie smelled the goodies, she lost interest in the package itself!! It was really funny!

    Caroline - "Milo & Otis", "Millie & Otis". Yeah it works for me!!

    I'll keep you posted!!

  4. Oh the forgotten shoe! A sweet memory of time past!!

    I feel you with the tearing's wonderful to move on to the next leg of the journey but hard to part with family that you love so and who love you so. You've been part of a "family" unit for days and it's made you feel so good.

    But know this..there is more good waiting for you.

    Enjoy your travels and drive safe!!

  5. I can't wait to see you but I hate that you are sad about leaving your family!

  6. Sherry - The shoe brought back memories of when she was just about 3 or 4 and the cutest little tapper! You can see how small she is now ... imagine her at that age!

    I do miss being part of a family unit at times. Usually it is good to simply be me, but on occasion it would be so nice to have others in the house.

    Patti - It will be just fine. Once I hit the road, I'll be back to myself again. And I'll see you very soon!!


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