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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All We Do Is Eat!!!

And boy, am I enjoying it!!

I ran a few errands today to get the things we will need for the next leg of our journey, dog food, a travel book from AAA that I somehow failed to get before leaving, a couple snack or drink things for me, mailed some bills, etc. I also invested in another storage box for the bed of my truck. I won't need it there most of the time, but while traveling, it will be good to put my suitcases in it in case of wet weather (although I don't see any in the forecasts), and I won't have to take them out at every stop. I pack with a small suitcase carrying the things we need at the one-night stops, so it is just that small case and the little one with my shower needs and make up (no, I haven't lost it again!) and the dogs food and meds. Lots easier!

We went out for dinner tonight to a small restaurant that serves Mediterranean foods and some from other cultures. It was scrumptious! I had orange roughy Florentine. Wow, was it good! I had about half of it left, and that will be tomorrow's lunch. had a glass of wine with it, and a Greek salad to start off, then finished off the meal with a tiramisu and a cup of coffee. And I'm so full I could pop. I really need to go to bed and let it begin turning to fat!

Tomorrow will be mostly a "getting ready" day, some laundry and packing, and tomorrow night I will load the truck as much as possible to make an early start easier on Thursday. Oh, and I'm picking Kylee up at school again. And I know where it is this time!

I'm about to drop off with my fingers all over the keyboard, so 'Night for now!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Sounds like you're having such a good time.

  2. Ok, personally...I don't see a problem! :-) Of all the things that we HAVE to do in life...eating has got to be the most fun (or shall I say, FUNNEST!). I say, keep up the good work and congratulate yourself...with a sandwich, a bag of chips and a big ole Iced Tea...LOL.

    Hope to see you this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Be safe out there, my friend.

  3. You're making me hungry!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your fun with Dawn!!

  4. You're making me laugh...go to bed so the food can turn to fat, haven't lost your make-up again and know which school to go for picking up Kylee!! LOL!!

    Mediterranean food is all sounded so good...especially the tiramisu and coffee....just thinking about it is making me turn to fat!!! :)

    Glad you are set for the next safe!

  5. Vactions are made for eating. Glad you are having a good time. Now I am craving a Greek Salad.

  6. Daisy - I am!

    Dawn - Yes, eating is the funnest part of life, isn't it?

    I'm going to call you later today!

    Jenster - I just realized I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat the leftovers! Yum!!

    I'll keep posting here and tell everyone how wonderful Dawn is in real life!!

    Sherry - What can I say??? ;-))

    It is one of my favorite kinds of food, also. And when it come to eating things that good, who really thinks about fat??

    I will, thanks!

    Caroline - Probably my favorite salad ever! And in case you haven't figured it out, vacations are my excuse to go eat everything I possibly can!! LOL!!


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