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Monday, November 12, 2007

Weather, Dog Beds, Salmon and Asparagus

If that title didn't get your attention, something is wrong with you.

As sticky and humid as it was yesterday, it is chilly and damp feeling today. It isn't really cold, but it is a moist 55 and breezy. Kinda goes through you when you are out in it. Boy, from one extreme to the other, I guess! It's supposed to go into the 30s tonight, then tomorrow back up to 70!! Good grief!

I'll be here tomorrow and Wednesday, then Thursday morning I'm on the road again. I'll drive somewhere between Little Rock and Memphis by tomorrow night and find a motel for me and the "kids." On Friday I'll be arriving in the Atlanta area to see my nephew and his wife, and on Saturday, I get to meet Dawn!! I'll be calling her tomorrow or Wednesday to firm up our plans (Hear that, Dawn?!?!).

I have to go to a PetSmart tomorrow for treats and to a vet for their prescription canned dog food to get us through until we reach Florida on 11/19. When we are on the road, they get treated with larger amount of the canned food because it is easier for us all. However, carrying enough for the whole trip was not feasible, thus purchases in route are necessary. Well, that's not completely accurate ... I could have carried a large amount of it in the bed of the truck, of course, but I'd have to take it out every night so it wouldn't sprout legs and walk away, so it seemed smarter to do it this way. And I'm considering getting a bed like Millie's that Ali loves dearly. He even sneaks out of my room at night and if she leaves the bed, he is in it! Thinking perhaps he needs his own. :) Not that he doesn't have beds in the car and at home, but he really loves that particular one. We'll see how much it costs, then decide!!

I bought some salmon filets today and Scott is going to cook them on the grill tonight. I love grilled salmon! Kylee just recently tasted it and she likes it, too, so it is a win/win. She is a picky eater, therefore every food added to her list of acceptable gustatory intake is helpful. I used to take her out, and she would order chicken strips because chicken was about the only meat she would eat. When they came, she would carefully peal off all the breading, not leaving a trace of it, then eat. So much trouble, but she didn't expect anyone else to do it for her! She now has a larger array in her diet, but new foods come into acceptance slowly.

PS later in the day - When Scott got home I found out that the dog bed was from Sam's and was reasonable, so we ran there. Ali loves his new bed!! Maybe he will quit stealing into Millie's bed when she isn't there! I'll get a picture of him later on.

While we were at Sam's I renewed my membership, something I've meant to do forever. I think it has been expired for about a year. We also bought some asparagus for dinner. Back home I cleaned part of it, drizzled olive oil on it, then a little sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some lemon pepper with garlic. Scott grilled it along with the salmon. The salmon was delicious!! Everything was delicious!! What a wonderful dinner, enjoyed while Kylee explained to us the benefits of fatty omega 3 oils in our diet! Cracks me up, that girl!!

Night, you guys!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I love your little road trips...we have a little road trip coming up also...details to follow :)

    Hope all goes well!

    The Egel Nest

  2. I'm glad you are having a good trip! :)

  3. Bradley - Me, too! I'm hoping that I've not been overly zealous about being away 5 weeks. So far it is OK! I'll look forward to hearing aobut your trip, too!!

    Casey - Oh, yes, it is fun! Ya know, when you get to go away for lengths of time and let other people do 95% of the cooking, what could be better???

  4. So glad you are having a great trip. Yep the title got my attention! LOL
    Mmm salmon & asparagus!

  5. I'm guessing you'll be taking I-40 through Arkansas, huh? I-30 runs right through the town I used to live in near Little Rock.

    The drive from Fort Smith to Little Rock is beautiful. The drive from Little Rock to Memphis... not so much, though I think just about everything is pretty in it's own way.

    Be safe!!

  6. Gotta love a girl who knows all about her Omega 3s!!!
    Glad to hear the salmon was excellent and the asparagus had my mouth watering!!!
    You are having one heck of a good time...and from the title I'm glad the salmon and asparagus weren't in the dog beds!!!

  7. Patti - I thought it would! And yes, the dinner was superb. All my kids and spouses are good cooks, lucky me!!

    Jenster - You would be guessing right! My grandmother-in-law used to live in Siloam Springs, and I remember how pretty Arkansas is in that corner of the state. And I have a cousin in Cabot. Never been there. Any suggestions about where *not* to stop along that route??

    Sherry - LOL! She's a smart one, for sure! I'm cracking up at your last comment! Yes, it is a good thing about that. The dogs would have finished off the salmon, I'd guess, but the asparagus probably wouldn't go over well with them!!

  8. I am so glad you are having a good time. I am sorry that I was not able to make it to visit with you. You know I would have it things were a little calmer at work.

    Salmon....good for Kylee for liking it. I have never been able to like it...and believe me I have tried and tried.

  9. Caroline - I know you would have been here if you could, and I missed you. There will be other times! The preparation of the salmon might make a difference. I like it most ways, but many people have trouble unless it is fixed "just so." Scot's recipe was excellent!

  10. I LOVE salmon and asparagus.

  11. If you can make it that far, I would suggest Forrest City as an overnight stop. I think it's about halfway between Memphis and Little Rock and it's probably the best place after you leave L.R.

    I wouldn't suggest West Memphis. I'm sure there's nice parts, but the part along I-40 isn't so great.

    We have relatives - we just call them our very good friends - in Cabot. *sniff* I miss them!!

  12. Daisy - Isn't it a wonderful combo??

    Jenster - Thanks for the info. I'd looked at the map and thought if I can make it that far, Forrest City would be it. If I'm too tired, how about Lonoke? It is just barely east of LR.

    Maybe I'll email you. It's more direct. :)

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