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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things Are Good Unless they begin with K

I went to lunch with Scott and Connie at a Lebanese restaurant. Fairly good food, nothing to die for but decent. I enjoyed being with them, however. And my full tummy has made me drowsy.

OH! Excuse me, I dropped off for a moment there!

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and when I arrived at home I had no key to let myself into the house! I looked in my car, on the ground around here and then headed back to the store. I'd apparently lost it at there. It wasn't in the parking lot, and my heart was sinking. I decided to check in the store. At the service desk I asked if anyone had found a single key with a heavy elastic band on it, and to my delight, she held it up! Whew!

I have to tell you about the experience of picking Kylee up at school yesterday. I was there as prescribed, before 4:00 and pulled in a parking space across from the front door of the school to wait. Kids, teachers and occasional parents came out and got in cars to go home a few at a time. No Kylee. But I was patient. At 4:05 I began to wonder if she didn't see my truck, so I went to try to get into the lobby of the school. Uh, doors are locked and lights in the lobby are off!! Huh??

I called Connie and told her what was happening. We had an interesting conversation which is to complex to reconstruct here, but the highlights:
  • I told her I am in front of XYZ Middle School. She asked if I'm on the East side of the building. No, I'm on the West. She said I should be on the East facing South. No, I'm facing North. Can't be, it's a one-way drive and I have to be facing South.
  • I drive to the East side of the school, and there are no public access doors, just lading-type doors.
  • I repeat that I'm back in front of the main door where the office is. Above the entrance it says, "XYZ Middle School."
  • Oh no! I'm supposed to be at XYZ West Middle School!!!!
  • Now it is 4:23 and I'm several blocks away, so I hurry to XYZ West Middle School, and sure enough, there is a one-way drive and on the East side of the school, I am headed South. Sighhh.
  • Kylee is standing in front of the school with two friends. The East side of the school is in the shade, and a pretty good clip wind is blowing with a temp in the upper 50s. She is cold.
OK, OK, I had a map that Scott drew, but I inadvertently left it home. Who knew there were two middle schools that close together. Who knew I turned on the wrong street? Who knew I was an airhead going to have so much trouble with a simple task?

Turns out that no one told Kylee I was picking her up anyway! She was waiting for the friend who usually picks her up on that day of the week. After she was in the car and out of the bitter wind, she warmed up quickly and we had a laugh. And called Connie to let her know all was well. OK, lost the kid, lost the key ... think I might not be trustworthy? I'm not confessing about the key! LOL!!

We went to Walgreens for a couple things I needed, then to Borders (yes, of course I bought her a book!) and then to Cold Stone for an ice cream (yes, of course I bought her an ice cream!!). No, I didn't feel guilty, just because I'm just her Grammy. Really. No, REALLY!!

I talked to Gail yesterday and she is getting moved. She is moving many of the smaller items from storage to the house in her vehicle, and she says she is making great progress. This weekend, some folks are going to help her move the big stuff. She sounds very happy to be getting into her own place. I know how that feels, and I'm really happy for her. I know it is a relief after living for nearly two years in "temporary" quarters. She will be having an early Christmas when she begins opening boxes that she packed away two years ago!! I'm sure she doesn't even remember that she owns some things. I know I didn't.

The dogs are doing pretty well. Ali has adjusted fairly well to the changes, although he has good days and bad days or good hours and bad hours. Scott mentioned that Ali seemed to be having the sundown syndrome that is common with dementia. When the sun goes down, people (and apparently dogs) get disoriented, agitated, anxious, confused. Some evenings he stays mostly in the bedroom, but he comes down the hall, stops at the entrance to the living room, whines, turns around and scurries back to the bedroom. He may do it once or twice, or may continue until I am ready to retire. Once I'm in the bedroom, he seems to be fine. And if it is really a bad evening, I put him on the leash, so he feel my connection with him, and that usually calms him down. He does this at home, too, and I hadn't thought of the syndrome. Poor little guy.

China is fine. Of course. She is so easy going most of the time! She is happy just about anywhere, as long as she is fed and can find a corner out of the way to lay down in so she won't be stepped on.

Millie is Scott and Connie's yellow lab, and she is getting along well with my dogs. Well, she's had a few moments when one of them walked close to her and startled her from a sound sleep and she woofed at them, but nothing serious. BTW, about three weeks ago she suffered a stroke in her spine which left her back legs paralyzed. It was uncertain how she would progress. The vet said she could be a paraplegic for the rest of her life or she might regain as much as 90% of her abilities. They have been taking her outside to relieve herself by placing a wide strap around her abdomen and carrying it while she walks on her front legs. Well, Scott has been doing it as the girls can't pick up the dead weight half of a 60 pound dog. When I arrived the other day, I was delighted to find that she is walking! Her right rear leg doesn't have full control, but she is getting around quite well. She needs help from the yard back up onto the deck, about an 18 inch rise, but she can do regular steps out the front door! Yay, Millie!! Connie and Scott say this is their last dog because they can't take the stress of this kind. They've almost lost her twice now, and besides the fortune they've invested in her (and who wouldn't) they realize that when she does go, it is going to be devastating. They just think they can't go through it again. :(

We are going out for spaghetti tonight, so I need to get ready. Kylee is finishing up her homework, and then we'll just hang out and wait for S & C to get here. Later, y'all!

Life is beautiful!!!

(as long as you keep track the kids and the keys!!!)


  1. Keeping track of kids and keys...stay away from the "k"s for sure!!! :)

    All's well that ends well but of course you're expecting the child to be frantic when in fact she had no idea she was even waiting for you.

    Ice cream and a new book will have made everything better without a doubt...

    Enjoy the spaghetti dinner...

  2. I love hearing about your wonderful visit! And if you ever come visit me will you buy me a book and some ice cream?? :o)

  3. Ok, in my own defense (and yours), keeping up with kids, and apparently keys, is HIGHLY overrated...LOL!!! Anybody need a babysitter or house sitter? LOL

    Glad you found out where everyone and everything was. :-)

  4. I love cold stone...that place is awesome!!!!

    The Egel Nest

  5. Sherry - We all had a good laugh, and I suspect that my son will remind me of this from time to time. What self-respecting son would not take advantage of such an opportunity??

    I really did have plans to take Kylee for a book shopping trip and a treat anyway. Really. :)

    Jenster - As long as I get to join in the book and ice cream treating, you betcha! I bought myself Mitch Albom's "For One More Day." I've been wanting to read it for some time. I love his books ... so thought provoking and meaningful. What flavor ice cream will you want? :)

    Dawn - Don't we all have times like that? My son remembered a time when he was supposed to pick K up at daycare and take her to Connie at work, and he spaced it out. Whew!!

    Bradley - Absolutely my favorite ice cream, hands down! Yummmm!

  6. Hey at least you didn't pick up the WRONG kid like the Grandpa in Jacksonville, FL.

    My heart aches for your Ali and your son's dog also.

  7. Patti - I haven't heard about the Jacksonville thing. But I'm surely glad I didn't pick up the wrong kid. I'd put money on it that it would be the last time I'd have her in my care at all!! Goodness!

    As for the doggies ... you know, at least they are both with families that love them and will do whatever humanly possible to make them happy and comfortable. But thanks for the kind thoughts. They both send puppy hugs!

  8. There is nothing better than a treat of icecream and a good book. Cold Stone has amazing icecream.


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