These are random musings of my life journey, the people, animals, places, and events which have woven, and continue to weave, a tapestry that is me. We all know there is no real destination, only the ongoing experiences which blend together, creating the trail. Each step gives a glimpse of what is to come, without allowing me to see the end result. It is exciting. I have a home base that is mine, that gives me a place to rest. This is it. This is where my heart is, no matter where I journey...................

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday Wideos. Or Mednesday Movies. Or ...

Wednesday Wovies? Vednesday Videos? I donno ... here they are, anyway!

Theme for today: Booze. Yeah, you heard me. You'll get it ....

First of all, a TV ad for the delights of de drink....

If you're ever stopped after sipping ....

And even the animals in Africa have aperitifs!

Gotta go. Time for a toddy!! Snicker!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I don't drink :-). I'm crazy enough as it is :-). All my friends and my husband just laugh at the THOUGHT of me being inibriated (don't think I spelled that right...but it was an impressive try...hee hee) Dr. Pepper is about the extent of my drinking. However, I have been known to have a nice tall glass of Iced Tea on occasion. I'm a party animal!!

    I've seen that video before with the traffic stop. I crack up every time I see it. LOVE the one of the animals.

  2. Awww I can't see the video at work :( Sometimes drunks are funny but rarely I guess.

  3. Dawn - You ARE a party animal!! LOL!! The traffic stop cracks me up. That guy was amazing in how he survived the tests, but the cop had great patience! And yeah, the animals are hilarious! I giggled all the way through that one!

  4. Oh, Patti - I missed your note! Be sure you look at it at home tonight. They are too funny!! The last one is the best, I think!


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