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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Been Tagged ... Again!!

I have been tagged by Pepper. Here are the rules.

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
Share the 5 top places on your "want to see or want to see again" list.

Tag a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here goes:

I’ve done so many of the random/weird tags that this is hard! So, since it is my nature to do this kind of crazy thing, I changed the rules! Sooooo .......... Here are five things that I never pictured being in my future when I was 25 years old.

  • Living alone and loving it.
  • Taking photographs that I think are good enough to exhibit.
  • Driving a pickup big enough and tough enough to make men drool. (Now if they’d just drool over ME!!)
  • Taking road trips by myself all over the United States without unreasonable fear.
  • Looking forward to being 100 years old and feisty enough to make my great-great grandchildren blush!

And five place I want to see or see again ...

  • Alaska: I’ve always wanted to see Alaska. My ideal way is to take a long cruise to see the shoreline, the bay, the islands, then get off the ship for a week or two or three, and see the state from ground level. Then I’d sail back, again savoring the glaciers and the whales, etc. Ahhhhhhh.
  • Oaxaca: My daughter-in-law is from Oaxaca, Mexico, and I’ve heard such nice things from her and from my son. I want to go climb the pyramids while I still can (at least, I think I still can!). I want to meet the people of Oaxaca. They sound like gentle lovely people, decendents of the Native Americans(Zapotec and Mixtec) who lived there and built the pyramids. I want to watch the artisans create Alebrijes, the wonderful wood carvings; I have several and I love their fun and fantasy!
  • China: Another place I’ve been interested in is China. I’d love to walk on the Great Wall. The history of China fascinates me, so I’d like to see some of the elements first hand. I met a man from Beijing on a cruise and I would love to go meet his wife and little daughter. I’d also like to see Tibet where Shih Tzus originally came from. I’d like to visit places where the Dalai Lamas once lived (do their palaces still exist or have they been destroyed? I don’t know). I know the political climate is not the best there, but heck, since this is just an exercise in wishes, why not?
  • Canada: I’ve wanted for years to take a long drive across the width of Canada. I’d like to get in my truck and just meander around, seeing everything there is to see. I was in Canada when I was just about four, somewhere near the Niagara Falls. I don’t remember much except that I was there. I’ve considered a long train ride to see the countryside, but I’d have to stop every night and sleep so I wouldn’t miss any of the scenery! Riding the train and sleeping wouldn’t do it for me.
  • Finally I choose New Mexico: Yes, I know I’m already here! But I want to travel around and visit parts of this state that I haven’t been to before, and I want to revisit a lot of the places I’ve already been. It holds so many beautiful, interesting nooks and crannies that I could probably spend the rest of my life just exploring within these boundaries. There is everything from desert to mountains, from cities to open range, history from the Native Americans to the Spanish/Mexicans, culture from the simple to exquisite. I have a lot to see, right here. I’ll be happy until I can afford to go on some of those other trips! OK, my commercial for New Mexico is officially over now.

I'm tagging Caroline, Sherri, Jen, Traci, Catherine, Jenn, Patti, and Casey. And you can pick "random," "weird," or "things that I never pictured being in my future when I was 25 years old." I'm such a rebel. LOL!!!


  1. You devil rebel you!!! I'm game...I'll give this a go tomorrow...and thank you for your means a great deal!!

  2. Oh GOOD...I didn't get tagged. You ladies have fun! :-) LOL

  3. Sherry - You're always welcome to cyberhugs, all I can send! :)

    Dawn - Don't get too comfortable, my pretty! I have more goodies up my sleeve!! (evil laugh rings out)


  4. that I've read the entire post, tee hee...I LOVE your answers.

    I'm just so impressed by the REASONS you want to go places. They are so much better than my, "Well, it just seems like it'll be pretty." Or, "I've heard it's a nice place to visit," OR, my favorite, "The pictures I've seen from there are beautiful." :-)

    Thanks for sharing. And if I don't talk with you (via blogging) before then, Happy New Year, my friend. And know that you really made my birthday this year, extra special. Love ya!

  5. Dawn - Uh-huh, I see! You are making comments without reading the post! Wha's up with that?? :D I gotta have a talk with you! LOL!

  6. I like your version of the tag, and I swear I'll be doing this one first thing next year. :) I've gotta think on it a little.

    Loved your answers, by the way. Especially the one about New Mexico. Growing up there, I know exactly what you mean... so so many things I still haven't seen yet!

  7. Catherine - I suppose that it could be said about most places, but NM is my heart. I think you know I grew up here, too, but despite 20+ years here and numerous visits back while our parents still lived here, I feel that I haven't seen a smidgen of what is here.

    I'll look forward to seeing your post on this!!

    Happy New Year!!

  8. I just LOVE the way you changed the tag around. Your answers are GREAT!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy and blessed new year!!

  9. Cheryl - Thanks1 And I wish the best possible for you and your family in the coming year! Could it get any better? Well, without counting the stroke. Much happiness!!

  10. I did this today! I like the twist you put on the me~me! Oh and I'd LOVE to be your travel companion. Maybe one day!

  11. Great list!! I'd love to visit all those places with you! Gosh - I could maybe even show you a place or two in New Mexico, though I'm guessing you could show me a bunch more.

    I'll have to think about this one...

  12. Oh, good, Patti, I
    ll be over to read it in a few! Hey, I'm open to having traveling companions!

    Jenster, I'll take any travel tips or friendly guides that are available!

    I'll look forward to your responses to the challenge.

  13. GREAT

    I am constantly asked to reveal wierd things about me. I love how you changed it around.

    New Mexico is a great answer. I was told yesterday that I could stay another month. My first thought was "Hec no." This morning I woke up to the morning doves, the clouds touching the Organ Mountains, and of course my road runner buddy sitting on the fence and I thought to myself "why not." I have "resided" in only one place in New Mexico but I have driven all over the southern part. New Mexico is truly enchanting.

  14. Pepper - If you get near Ruidoso again before you leave, let me know. I'll go meet you wherever and we'll have lunch or coffee or something, OK?

    Thanks for appreciating my State.

  15. Road trips are always so much fun


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