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Friday, December 14, 2007

Heading To The Weekend With Randomness

Yesterday afternoon I went out the front door and saw a fawn standing in my driveway. I backed slowly and carefully into the house and got my camera, hoping to catch a shot or two. As I did so, the mama came out of the woods and stood on the driveway with the baby. Camera in hand, I slipped as quietly as possible back outside. But they heard me ... of course. I wasn't able to get a good shot between them moving and myself moving, trying to find a place where I could snap. It's blurry, but I have to show you this sweetness.

Will it make up to you if I give you a few sunrise pictures from two days ago? OK then, here you go.....

There was quite a heavy low lying layer of clouds when I looked out on Wednesday morning.
The valley was pretty well socked in.

It is interesting to be located as high on the mountain as I am and be able to look down on such sights. You just don't see this form a "normal" elevation.

Throughout the previous day low clouds moved from low areas like this up to my level and back down . It just didn't really go away. All day Tuesday was rather bleak, so when I saw this low like this on Wednesday, it was a relief to think I wouldn't have to see fog all day like I did the day before.

The sun was actually tucked behind some clouds to the southeast of the above pictures.

And the sun reflection on the mountains to my north was very pretty. Interestingly, all the mountain tops were touting cloudy halos, but most of the areas between clusters of mountains had few clouds, except for that valley straight in front of my house.

Have a good Friday, everyone, and a nice weekend ahead! Oops, I just realized the dire weather forecasts for much of the US for the weekend. Alright, pick up some extra milk and cocoa mix on the way home. Rent a few movies and get some popcorn. Bring in some extra firewood, and bring it on!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. You always have the most beautiful photos!!! My favorites were absolutely the first and the last ones! Just gorgeous!!

    Stay warm and cozy!!

  2. You have such a beautiful view! Incredible photos.

  3. Cheryl - Why, thank you, ma'am! And about warm and cozy ... stay tuned. I'm getting ready to post about an experience from today!!

    Moanna - I know, and I love it here. There is no question why, is there? :D

  4. I love to look at deer. They used to live in my back yard/woods when I was married to the ex. They are a nuisance though. I hate driving at night because of the deer. And the sky pictures are beautiful.

  5. daisy - I agree with you, they are beautiful menaces. It breaks my heart when I see one dead on the side of the road. Thanks on the pictures!

  6. Oh my goodness, as usual, your picture taking is breathtaking. Simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love deer and never tire of seeing them!

  8. Patti - Me, too. If they become a nuisance as they have some places, I might change my mind, but for now, I'm delighted to have them here.


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