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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts About Trees

I think it was good that I had no one around when I was "weeding out" my ornaments!!

And I think about what the animals must think at this time of the year!

What are your memories about Christmas trees? Was there ever a favorite that stuck in your memory? (One of my aunts had a home with a high peak in the living room, and I was always captivated by her very tall trees. They were 18 or 20 feet tall! But then one year she had an aluminum tree with revolving lights on it. Ohhhh, how cool was that? OK, but to a four year old it was very cool! This would have been one of the original aluminum trees. My aunt was very trendy.) Did anyone have an unusual tree that fascinated you? (I remember a friend who always went to the woods and cut down the ugliest tree she could find so it wouldn't be left out!) How about an interestingly decorated tree? (The same friend would use only natural, biodegradable trim for her tree so it was like a tree from Little House on the Prairie, [did ya get that, Caroline?] with popcorn strings, cranberry strings, paper cut-out ornaments, etc. Yes, she was a hippie, one of the originals. BTW, as a side note, when she got her degree in teaching, she was hired right away. However the school district required her to wear a bra. LOL! She refused to cave in, went shopping to find undergarments to "restrict her jiggle," as she put it, and went to work. No, they never caught on! She was an interesting young woman!) What was the biggest or smallest tree you had? (When I was just married to my first husband, we had a little tree that was maybe three feet tall. I bought one string of lights, a box each of medium and small glass balls and the tree was decorated! Oh, I think I bought some tinsel, too, but didn't, couldn't use the whole box!)

I've seen trees that were so perfect that they felt cold and unfriendly. These trees seem to me to be for the adults, not the children. Maybe some kids like them, I donno. I was a "casual kid," and I liked trees with lots of color and texture, variety of every possible kind. I've seen trees that were decorated completely for kids, as mine used to be, obviously. Some trees are monochromatic or duochromatic. I'm not fond of those. It's alright if you are! Just not my taste. I like trees with cranberries and popcorn, but I've never done one because I don't feel I have time to do that. It is all about our different tastes and how we play out those tastes. And god-love-us-all, if it weren't for those differences, how boring could it be???

OK, give me some of your Christmas tree memories.


  1. We had a fairly large tree the year Evan was about 3...laden with ornaments and his father thought he had it placed properly. Not we were in the kitchen one evening eating dinner there was a loud "crash" and then smash. Evan's eyes flew wide and out of his mouth came "uh wasn't me"...too funny. Except for all the smashed ornaments and water all over the place. We anchored it to the baseboard with rope and nails...and made a trip to but a LOT of new ornaments!

  2. our yellow cat knocked over our real tree 2 years ago ever since then we went fake love it no pine needles to clean up

  3. Sherry - LOL! I love that ... "uh wasn't me"!! They learn young don't they?

    Redfrog27 - I've been torn between real and fake for years, but fake lasts for a long, long time, and as you say, no clean up. It's a toss up as to "better" but I'm inclined to let living trees stay put and help us breathe. Let's not talk about the chemicals killing the ozone in the making of the artificial, OK?!


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