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Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Night Out

I've just come home from a night out, and I've had such a good time! It was something planned for months, and it was completely different than what I had been expecting.

I went again to see the New Christy Minstrels. It was planned that a group of us would go together, and my friend from OK, Joe had purchased the whole table of eight. Then, because of some changes going on in his life, Allan decided to spend Christmas with his mom in San Diego because he won't be able to go for some time. And Gail decided to spend the holiday with her son's family in Tucson when she realized that she actually had enough time off to make the drive. And Joe was one of the unfortunate people who lost power in the ice storm that hit the Midwest two weeks ago; his power was restored just yesterday, thirteen days after the fact, so he and his wife couldn't come. On and on, blah, blah, blah. So as of yesterday I was the only one going. Since Joe had already paid for the tickets, he told me to just grab people off the street if necessary and use the tickets.

I made several phone calls last night and this morning, trying to convince people to go. However, everyone had plans. Well, I was not going to miss it! That meant I went alone ... and sat at a table for eight by myself!! So I stopped by the theater today and talked with the owners, and they were more than accommodating. Joe has credit for seven seats for the next time he wants to come to New Mexico. I was switched to the table next to ours, actually a better seat because it was front and center where our table was one off center. And I was sitting with, among other people, the mayor or Ruidoso, who presented a key to the Village to the NCM. Everyone's problem solved.

I was a little surprised when the mayor and I introduced ourselves, he said he knew my name. I said I was relatively new in the area, and he wasn't sure where he'd heard of me, so it was dropped. As I drove home it dawned on me that he probably reads the local newspaper front to back, and I'm betting he saw my name on one of the articles I've written. Maybe I'll call him next week and tell him he's not crazy!

I jokingly told the owners that I wanted to be sure that there were handsome, available men at whatever table. I was next to two very nice gentlemen a few years older than me, one local and the other from San Diego. We had a wonderful, spirited conversation before and during dinner, and enjoyed chatting afterward with each other and with the members of the NCM. I introduced them to some of our excellent local wines, and I got a couple recommendations for some other wines to try. Nice evening. Alas, both were married, but still charming dinner company.

And I feel very good about one thing. I'm having a lot of trepidation about meeting men. I was not at all nervous about going out alone tonight, but not seriously looking to meet a man, either. As we parted at the end of the evening, the man from San Diego shook my hand and thanked me for sharing their table. He said that it was nice to spend the evening with such and attractive (!!!!) woman who is intelligent and a good conversationalist, and charming to boot!!! OK, I'm guessing I'll be alright when the time comes. And I know already what some of you are about to say about this, but I have to say this ... it is difficult to face dating after a long relationship ends, regardless of the circumstances, and you've forgotten the "hows" of it. Add to that being 63 years old, and it is intimidating as all get-out! This bit of reassurance was very good for me.

The show was great fun!! There was audience participation for several songs as they were recording for an album they are putting together. The mic was right in front of us. Hey, maybe you'll hear me sing! LOL!! One of the songs is "Ruidoso." Watch for it!

The group also did a number of their Christmas songs and that was fun! They were having so much fun on the stage that we couldn't help but have fun in the audience, too. It was just a lovely, fun evening, and although I'm sorry Joe couldn't make it, and I missed Gail and Allan who've been to all the others with me, I had an amazingly good time!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Oh, I am so sorry that Gail, Allan and Joe were not able to make it. But as you always do, you didn't let a little change in plans change your night. I love your attitude about the whole night. Good for you.

    Sounds like it was a great night and sounds like you met some really neat new friends.

    As many times as you have been to see this group, do you think you are becoming a groupie?? :) I guess if you do a post saying you are going to be following this great group around then we will start calling you that.

    Happy Sunday.

  2. I am in awe!!! I am shouting BRAVA at the top of my lungs and stamping my feet.
    You are my idol, my hero and my role model. For how you live life. Not about meeting men, though that day could well be part of my life scenario too.

    I mean your spirit Lynilu...where so many other women would have just stayed home rather than go alone, you did something you had been looking forward to and you also found a solution to all the extra tickets so that Joe wasn't out all that money.

    Things happen for a reason, there are no coincidences. Everyone else dropped out for valid reasons but they left you the door to walk through and you met some lovely people, you made connections with the Mayor (!), you weren't looking for something "specific" in your evening other than enjoyment and you found that in spades.

    Being able to talk to men who are married made that transition easy for discover that you still have confidence in yourself and that the things which make you a beautiful woman, a beautiful human being are there for all to see -- including you!!

    When the time comes my dearest you are going to be more than ready. It is the scary prospect of doing what you haven't done for a long time...but you are coming to a place where you are ready to risk...your heart is open as is your mind.

    What a blessing you are...and what a beautiful role model.

    May this be the most magical and blessed Christmas full of wonder and joy. You are already on the way!!


  3. What a wonderful evening.

    I never have given dating much thought. In the beginning I was busy raising my children and then later I honestly never thought of it. In the beginning there were offers of fixing me up or being invited to a friends house only to discover they had a single friend. I would become a nervous wreck if I decided to start dating. I applaud you. You are my inspiration when and if I decide to start dating. Right now I would fall head over heels in love with someone if they could fix my frozen pipes.

  4. Caroline - I've never liked going somewhere alone, but being in a management position at G and being expected to do some PR once there, helped me get over some of that. I still don't like it, but as you say, I've learned not to let it stand in my way when I want to do something.

    IamnotagroupieIamnotagroupieIamnotagroupie! But I have enough fun at their concerts that I'll admit to going to 3 this year. All local! I'm not chasing them around the country!!

    Sherry - Ooouuu. I think you are giving me more credit than is due. However, in the spirit of Christmas, I'll take it! giggle!

    I do believe there are no coincidences. Perhaps this was just to let me know that I can walk through the door alone, sit with strangers and leave with friends. I think I had to have this step so I could move ahead to anything else. I have trouble telling whether a man is just chatting with me or coming on to me, and it has been the source of laughter with some friends here who say a man is hitting on me when I think we are just talking! I have so much to learn! But I'd rather be comfortable visiting in my own naiveté and get to know someone before jumping into the hearts and flowers mode!

    I suspect you're right ... when it is the time, I will be there. I'm not in a hurry, although I've noticed recently that I occasionally wish I had a relationship that included just cuddling on the couch and watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn or going for a walk under these awesome open skies loaded with stars. I'm not lonely, but I'm getting ready for "company." I'm not eager, but I'm opening up.

    Thanks Sherry, and you have a wonderful, happy Christmas with your family and friends!

    Pepper - I'm glad you chose to raise your children. Too many don't, as you well understand. That "nervous wreck" feeling is related to what I'm feeling. I've not exactly decided to date, but I'm finally getting to a place that I'm at least thinking of it. It just isn't as easy now, at 63, at it was when I was divorced at 29. The 33 years since I was last single have made me a different person in every way, and the biggest this is it has made me be out of practice. It'll come along, I'm sure. Like me, you'll start looking into dating when you are ready. I admire how you are living your life right now! (singing) We be-long to a mut-u-aaaaal ad-mir-ra-tion so-ciety, badda bum bum bum bum.! My guess is that you'll remember that song and appreciate it! LOL!

    I know what you're saying about the pipes. My friend is a barista and she has a coffee/latte/cappuccino cart. She towed the cart to the foot of the ski area yesterday, then discovered she had a frozen and ruptured pipe! Ouch! Are you still in LC? If so, I know why you have frozen pipes. That is a fairly mild climate there, but this year has been brutal! Hey, if I'd remembered that you were in LC, I'd have tried to reach you to have you and your mom come up and go see the NCM with me!! Shoot!!

  5. Oh yes, you very much deserve the kudos I've given you. Doing the thing that we thought we could not do? That is one of life's greatest challenges...and you're a wonderful example.

    As for men hitting you and you not knowing it...good thing you and I aren't going out together..the clueless sisters...I've never been able to figure that one out!!! :)

  6. Sherry - LOL at the clueless sisters!! I used to get it, but them I used to expect it, so I looked for it. I've forgotten how to do that!! Oh, dear me!!

  7. Lynilu I really wish I could have spent my Christmas with you in NM but you always make lemonade out of lemons my dear friend@


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