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Sunday, January 06, 2008

And We're Back with .....

Ta ta ta DAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

Part two...............


With savvy moms!!!

Can ya hear me now????

The lingo comes to be standard, a times!

And sometimes, the technical jargon spreads across to other areas.

Yeah, like Excuuuuuuuse us!!!

We get so into shortcuts that....

LOL!! I talked with a kid like this not long ago!!

I'm tellin' ya, the customer service departments are out to make us crazy!!

Uh, yeah. Been there!

OMG!!! Me, again!!

Have a happy Sunday, All!!!


  1. Loved these!! #1 and #2...SO my house...#1 makes me nuts!!!!

  2. All of these rang true with either me or my kids, lol.

  3. Sherry, I'm SO happy I don't have teenagers!! :D I would be very obnoxious if I were a teen today!

    Kathy, I'm sorry!! LOL!!

  4. Another great collection of funnies, Lynilu :)

    I'm so glad I don't have teenagers with all their gadgets !
    And would you believe I don't have a blackberry or ipod or razer either ?
    Modern technogy doesn't thrill me overmuch. I'd rather get together for lunch than text message...

  5. Annie, I have some gadgets, but I don't Text either. I might once in a blue moon, but I won't ever let that replace vis a vis.

  6. I would love to be up on modern technology, but it's progressing so fast. I can barely operate a dvd player. I want an mp3 player so badly but I'm nervous about learning how to use it. And now these phones that make computers obsolete!

    Here, in Japan, the sale of computers is way down because the phones do everything that a computer can do and more.

    Of course, technologically speaking, they are about a year or two ahead of America, but still...

  7. TOO funny!!! My faves were the techno "lingo" and the blogging! Love it!

  8. Hi, DMB. I gues you do get to see it all almost first had, don't you? The trouble with the high-tech phones is the size. I know for some that is the lure, but at my age, I want something with a bigger screen! Besides, I couldn't give up a computer because of my work with photography.

    As far as being afraid of the mp3 ... I don't know about the mp3. I have an iPod and it was very easy to learn to use. I've heard it is easier than the mp3. Within a few minutes, most people have it going and are enjoying th3eir music. Go for it!!

    Cheryl, every day stuff with a twist, eh? :D

  9. You pick up the best funnies!!!

  10. Thanks, Patti!! I look forward to hearing about your life when Madison is a teenager!!! :D


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