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Saturday, January 05, 2008


It's Saturday just before 9:00 AM, and I'm still in bed. I got up and fixed a cuppa tea and crawled back into bed. I'm not tired, I'm not sleepy. I'm lazy!! I just don't want to get up, period! And the dogs are in no hurry to rise and shine, either. Both are still crashed, Ali at my feet and China near my right hip. Yawwwwwwwwwn!

I've been watching old movies this morning, and right now I'm watching an old episode of "The Whistler." At 9:00 I'm watching "The Far Country," with Jimmy Stewart and Walter Brennan from 1955. I suppose most of you aren't old enough to appreciate them quite like I do. Occasionally I love to watch these ancient movies. Today seems like a good day for that, as I need to keep myself occupied while un-decorating or de-decorating the house. When I get up. If I get up.

The wind is blowing wildly today. It has been blowing a lot with hard gusts for several days, but this is the worst. The metal roof is rumbling and snapping on occasion. We've grown used to that noise, the dogs and I, so it's not disconcerting, just a certain reminder of the wind. Just a minute ago I watched a pet taxi/kennel roll across the back yard, compliments of the wind. Agreed, that is not a heavy object, but the fact that it has tumbled about thirty feet tells you how strong the wind is. The "official" report on the wind is 15 to 25 MPH. I'm guessing that the gusts are upward of 40. And today's temps are to be in the 60s. That sounds nice for a day when I will be pulling the totes of Christmas decorations to the basement.

The weather is supposed to be very warm today. Yesterday was nice, something in the lower 50s, I think. The night before didn't get to freezing, so almost all the snow has now melted, in some areas it has become a muddy mess. I suppose this wind is a good thing as it will dry out the gooshy spots. Yesterday there was so much mud that when the dogs went out I had to wash their furry little paws every time they came inside. My choice was to have wet footprints on the carpet rather than muddy ones!

I went to dinner at a friend's home last night. She had a life-long friend visiting from Colorado, and she invited several of us to meet him. We had the best time! My friend is an excellent cook and she fixed a wonderful meal. She served a scrumptious pot roast with all the veggies, salad, asparagus and lima beans. She introduced us to something I didn't know about. The lima beans were what I call butter beans, the large ripe ones that are yellow-tan, not green. She served them with a dollop of sour cream on the side, and it is wonderful!! There was also bread for dipping in olive oil and garlic. We ate and visited, laughed and drank some wine, then finished up with an exquisite cherry cobbler and coffee. Yum and fun!!

I'm going out again tonight. Allan (stepson) and I are going to dinner. He is recently back from his holiday in San Diego with his mother and has lots of family news and gossip to catch me up on. I'm looking forward to a nice evening with him. As you may remember, Allan is one of my best friends, and I always enjoy our time together. We're going to a restaurant that I haven't been to for some time, and I'm looking forward to the evening.

Well, I guess I'd better get on with the day. My tummy says "feed me." Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Lynli you know how old I am and indeed I do remember some of those wonderful old cursing, no sex, a little bit of drinking and everyone smoked LOL How times have changed.
    Enjoy your dinner tonight.

    Ruth in Canada

  2. Have a great weekend, Lynilu!!

  3. oops sorry Lynilu, I messed your name up.


  4. What a fabulous way to start the day . . .sounds wonderful. I have just recently gotten into watching older movies-though I guess I should be careful as to what I call older ;) . . but I have recently seen Singing in the Rain, My fair lady, and a few others. I never had the attention span for those movies before, and now I am really fascinated by what they could do with the technology of the time.

    I don't like movies as much these days they put out, and soon it seems we won't even need actors or actresses-we could just use computers to make our people act-kinda loses something.

    Enjoy your dinner and time out with your stepson. Gossip and good grub is always a great combination.

  5. Oh a day spent in bed watching old movies, listening to the wind howl?! I could go for that!!!

    Your evening last night sounded fabulous...I love a crusty baguette with garlic olive oil for dipping...add some other herbs and savouries and I could eat just that for my meal!!

    Enjoy your dinner with Alan. I'm on my own tonight...husband and youngest in Ottawa for a hockey tournament this weekend and oldest went back to Uni this morning..I'm having what no one else will eat...I stopped at the deli for a huge cabbage roll and I've got a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Yummy!! No dessert but I'm enjoying a delightful chardonnay!

  6. i remember a lot of old movies because they were the best and besides that i am 62 years old so they are in my head.just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy new year. have a good one. talk to you soon.

  7. There must be something in the air....this morning I got up around 7:30am to let Sophie out and then we both went back to bed (Ben also) until 9:30am. And even then we didn't get out of bed until close to ten. I love lazy mornings.

  8. Hey, Ruth, you hit it right on the head ... how times have changed! Some of the acting is a bit hokie, but I like the essentially clean movies from "back in the day"!

    No sweat on the name. After all, what's in a name?? LOL!!

    Thanks, Daisy, you too!!

    Beans, Yeah, what that "older" stuff!! LOL!! I agree that a lot of the current movies are just turnoffs. I won't go to a theater and spend what it costs to see a movie these days unless I'm double-triple sure that I want to.I usually wait for the DVD, which these days doesn't take long.

    Sherry, I enjoyed the day for the most part, but Ali got spooked about the wind, and I had to keep him on the leash so he was "grounded."

    Ohhh, I love cabbage rolls!

    Hi, Mr. Haney, it's good to hear from you! Yes, those movies are just something special, aren't they? And Happy New Year to you also!!

    Caroline, I donno ... was the wind ripping at your roof, too? LOL! Oh, that makes a wonderful morning, doesn't it? Lazy days just rule, all around!

    Everyone, the dinner with Allan was so nice! We did get caught up on the family gossip as well as the local gossip, too! It was a good evening! The pasta was a bit overcooked, but the apple-caramel-walnut pie more than made up for it!!

  9. Yay for lazy days! I hope to have a week-end to myself coming up!

    I love butterbeans but never thought of pairing them with sour cream!

  10. Patti, Try the BB/SC combo. It really was good. I just dipped my fork tines in the SC, then scooped up a couple beans, and it was yummy!!

    Hope you get your weekend!!


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