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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Short Update

Another very quick update.

The kitty did come and eat sometime late in the evening. I couldn't stand it, so I braved the 11 degree weather and peeked out at about 1:00 and the food was gone. I put more out at noon, and it was gone at 4:00. So he is eating, although I haven't see him.

I'm better today. I'm still in pain, but it isn't as severe. I'm going to take a muscle relaxer at bedtime to help me get through the night, hopefully without waking a dozen times! It helps the aching of the muscles and allows me to sleep, and it is far safer than some other "sleep aids." It is what I was given to assist sleep, and since I take less than 10 each year, I think it is a reasonable response to the problem. I used to be on Elavil, and that is a vile medication, as it has the potential of overuse and abuse, because as you grow tolerant to a dosage, it is upped. And upped, and UPPED. I'm glad I got off of it, because I had a "hangover effect" from it, too, being drowsy past noon before they stopped it.

I'm not going to try to blog more today. Just wanted you all to know all is (relatively!) well with me.


  1. Glad you're hanging in there-watching out for YOU and the kitty!

    I hope you find some peaceful rest soon . . .

  2. I'm glad to hear from you today my dear. I've been thinking of you and your owies. Rest well.

  3. Hope your back to 100 soon. Its nice that your taking care of the outside kitty.

  4. Glad to read this update and that the kitty is eating (you do have a way with critters!!). I'm also hoping that you used the muscle relaxer and had a seamless sleep. I know how you feel about being dependent on meds...I feel the same way, though I'm still using Effexor and feeling okay about that. I monitor myself and so does the doctor(s I guess I should say) and I've never had the script "upped"..don't want to either.

    As for sleeping aids or pain meds like muscle sound like me. I've had a script for immovane for almost 2 years and still have half the bottle!!!

  5. oh Lynilu - get feeling better soon. So unusual to see you without all that energy. Take is easy, and rest lots.


  6. Glad you are doing okay and I am glad to get a Lynilu and Kitty update! Take care of you this week-end my friend!

  7. Good morning, everyone.

    I'm feeling generally better this morning. I'll post later.

    Beans, thank you so much. I'm getting rest and the kitty is eating, so all is well.

    Traci, thanks for your concern. I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

    Msnblogger, thanks, I'm working my way back. And I couldn't let an animal suffer if there is something I can do for it.

    Sherry, I did sleep pretty well and it helped a lot.

    Yeah, medications ... They have their place and I'm certainly not against them, however, I think we consumers have to be knowledgeable about them, and use them judiciously. So many take meds without any idea of what they do to the body or even knowing the side effects. So dangerous. And I'll admit that I've done it, too. No more. I research them. I may post more about this later.

    Ruth, thank you. Yep, this thing saps energy like you can't imagine. I am fortunate that I have little that is pressing for me, and I can make ... or break ... my schedule as I chose.

  8. Patti, how do we keep doing this??? I am writing a comment and you sneak in and leave on before I finish, than I don't look until later to find your comment! LOL!!

    Thanks very much. I'm glad you come by regularly to check!! You have a good weekend, too.

  9. Actually Lynilu I do know what its like to have every bit of energy sapped from your body, after going through radiation, chemo, surgery, and chemo again. I got rid of the cancer but ended up with on-going problems as a result of the cure.
    I'm still here and enjoying life as much as I can, but I do understand when there are days you dont want to even get out of bed. You are sounding much better and yea for you. Glad you are on your way back to normal, (hmm whatever normal is lol)


  10. Ah, Ruthie, it sounds like you've had a go of it, for sure! You have to do what you have to do to beat out the cancer, but the "left overs" really suck, don't they? I'm sorry you had to do all that, and that you have the residual effects, but I'm awfully glad you are here to join us. ")

    Yes, I'm much better. I stayed in today and did some work from here, so it was a productive day. Normal? (twitch) Normal? What's (twitch) that???


  11. Glad kitty came back - and that you are feeling better. 10 pills a year to sleep is nothing. Smart of you to get off the Elavil.

  12. Annie, Me, too, on all accounts! Elavil is a scary medication. whew.


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