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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Short Update

I've had minor problems all day with Blogger. Slow loads, error messages, irritating things. Anyone else having a problem, or is is perhaps just the cold here?

First of all, I haven't seen the cat all day. I put food out for him around 11:00, about the usual time, but it is still there. Or I should say it was at about 5:00. I haven't looked since because it is just too cold to open the door if I don't have to. Darn it! I do hope he is OK. It is going to be cold tonight (although much better here than in the northern part of the state and Colorado), and I'm hoping he has a good warm place, wherever he is. Perhaps he lucked into some wild game today and is hunkered down for the night with a full tummy. I'll believe that so I can sleep.

As I said, tonight is going to be a cold one. It's already down to 14, no, make that 12 ... I just looked again, and it has dropped. There is a light snow swirling out there, but nothing sticking, at least not yet. The computer weather is saying it is 17, but that would be down in Nogal, several hundred feet lower. I'll take it, however, because it is a lot better than what they are expecting in Northern New Mexico and a good part of Colorado. I'm glad I don't live is Alamosa where Catherine does, because they're looking at -28. The Northern ski areas in NM are expecting as much as -42 with wind chills. G-g-g-g-good g-g-g-g-grief. I like winter, but let's not get carried away!!

I'm feeling better this evening, not unusual with fibromyalgia. I'm hoping that sleeping, with the inactivity of the night won't make it much worse, and I'll be able to get to the office for a while tomorrow. I have some things to do and I need some stuff that is there. The world won't stop turning if I don't go in, so ... whatever.

OK, I'm almost finished with my hot chocolate (white mocha, yum!!) and the Tylenol is kicking in, so I'm going to get some sleep. I am drowsy already.

MaƱana, kids!


  1. I hope you're feeling better this morning dearie!

  2. I hope the kitty is okay too, i'm sure your theory is spot on!

    Hope you are feeling better today sweetie! Hugs! Thank you for the email yesterday. You know how much I value your opinion.

  3. No problems with blogger here, Lynilu.

    I hope the kitty is okay - that is TOO cold to be outside !

    Glad that the tylenol is kicking in, the hot chocolate was yummy, and you are feeling a bit better !

  4. It has been COLD here too! We actually got sleet and some flurries yesterday!!

    My Mom suffers with fibro too. I hope you have a good feeling day today!!

    Got my fingers crossed that kitty will find its way home!

  5. Hi Lynilu
    First time here!
    I came over from Steve's blog!
    I like your bog...a nice and cozy feeling to it!

    It's sooooo cold here today!
    Actually, it's warmed up quite a's about 20F now...was -6 early in the morning!
    Hope the cat is ok!

    Take are and be well!

  6. Oh, I forget to mention, I have not been having any problems with Blogger!
    Hope it's ok for you now!

    Bye for now!


  7. I hope the white mocha chocolate helped you sleep...and the tylenol...perhaps that's what I need tonight!!

    I haven't had any problems/issues with blogger today but I haven't been on it much...every now and then it does "weird" things and I curse and carry on!!

  8. Hope you had a better day today. Also I hope the kitty is ok.

  9. Traci, Today was a little better, but it's not over just yet. Thanks!

    Patti, (and Everyone else who asked) The kitty did show up sometime before this morning and ate, so he is around and eating!

    You're most welcome. I was wary because of the old "unsolicited advice" thing, but you know that wouldn't stop me!! Good luck!

    Annie, Yes, I'm better, but not out of the woods just yet. Thanks!

    Cheryl, I seem to have the most trouble around sharp barometric changes, and those have certainly been the common factor lately. Isn't the weather, almost everywhere, just strange?

    Hi and welcome, Margie! I was puzzled for a minute, but I saw your picture and recognized you then. Good to see you!

    Our temps didn't make it to the freezing mark today, but it was close, and the sun was very bright so the slight cover of snow from last night is gone. I'm telling you, that strip of land between you and me (so. CO and no. NM) is getting it for sure!

    Stop back sometime, Margie!

    Sherry, I did sleep, but fitfully. Today seems to be a little better, and with luck, I'll sleep well tonight.

    Blogger seems to be working pretty well this afternoon. It is(can be) a temperamental entity, isn't it?? Just about the time I'm ready to give up, it smooths out. Whaaaa???

    Daisy, it has been an easier day, and I think tomorrow will be fine. Or almost so. I hope so!

  10. I'm happy to report that we're warming up. Only a -17 tonight! Yipee!!

    Seriously, though, I hope your fibro flare-ups have subsided. My sister-in-law suffers from that and I know it can get a person down in a hurry. Warm thoughts(from a really cold place) sent your way. :)_

  11. Thanks, Catherine. This last bout of FMS was fortunately short, but boy did I learn how much it wipes me out! I'm doubly glad that I don't have many sieges from it. Whew!


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