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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Important Post About/From Ruth in Canada

Be sure to read my note at the bottom of this post.

I’ve been having an off-blog conversation with Ruth from Canada and I want to update you all on what she shared with me.

We all pushed to get Ruth to set up her own blog. I have learned that Ruth is a relative novice to computers and the Internet, and is still somewhat baffled by some things. She tried to set up a profile so she could comment more easily, but she ran into several snags and eventually gave up.

Then she said maybe she should just visit, but not comment. WHAT??? I told her no, please comment. And I told her that I would post something to let everyone know that she isn’t avoiding a blog to avoid us.

~ ~ ~ ~

Now, here is the sad/dumb/ridiculous/neglectful part ... I wrote the above right after talking with Ruth sometime around the first of January. Then I forgot to publish it!!!!! I just found it sitting on my desktop, right where I should have seen it long ago. I’m a nitwit. Mea culpa!! Mea culpa!!!

Sorry, Ruth! Please don’t take offense. It was just a hair-brained error on my part.

Please come back, Little Ruthie! Come back and comment!!!!

BTW, Ruth sent me a beautiful Power point slide show about Canada and I'd love to put it in a post. Does anyone know if it is possible to upload a PPS??


  1. Are you sure she's not upset because you didn't pick the name Wilson for the cat?? (another vote which makes 5 for wilson)

    Seriously though....please come back Ruth. We love hearing from you. I know I missed you when my blog was private.

  2. Hey, Caroline, can you read minds? Are you getting my message??


    You're incorrigible. I swear, I thought I raised you better!

  3. I think I learned all of this from remember how many hours we spent on the back deck just talking??? :):)

    Seriously though....I really think the cat should be named Wilson...(that makes 6 votes now)

    (sorry i can't stop voting for wilson)

  4. Oh my goodness Lynilu you are the absolute sweetest person and just for being so nice I will change my vote to WILSON. I'm not about to get in to the blogging thing right now as I am off to Florida for 5 weeks, and would surely forget what I'm supposed to know. I will keep in touch, thanks to all the computers in the Public Libraries made available to tourists. I will be anxious to see what Lucky will eventually be called LOL


  5. Caroline -- one vote per poster!!! But I like your style (and you can have my vote since I didn't vote the first time around!!!) LOL!!!

    Ruth is around -- I've seen her at Sage and told her she's always welcome...she knows that.

    As for forgetting to post this -- it happens to all of us Lynilu.

  6. And you talk about ME being forgetful!! HEE HEE

    It's alright, sweetie. We ALL forget things from time to time :-).

    C'mon back Ruth!!!

    Now, about this PowerPoint thing...I'm not sure how publish that on your blog. Other than maybe uploading it to something like, That's all I can think of.

    Good luck!

  7. Thank you Caroline, Sherry, dawn bibbs and of course Lynilu. You all make me feel so welcome.


  8. Caroline, S.T.O.P!!!!! You're bad, just bad!!!! :D

    Ruth, Ohhh, what a great time for being in Florida!! What part of FL will you be in? My daughter lives in Melbourne, on the Atlantic coast. Please do stay in touch, but first, have fun, fun fun!!(Till your daddy takes the T-Bird away!!! LOL!!)

  9. Dang! I didn't mean to push "publish"!!

    Yeah, Caroline, what Sherry said!!! LOL!!

    I know, but I hate that I forgot that post, very much!

    Oh, uh, hmmm, did I say something about that,Dawn? Er, uhmmm, well, I'm sorry!! :D Darn! You're too sharp! I cant get away with silly junk around you!

    I haven't tried I'll look into that, Thanks!

  10. I remember Ruth from Caroline's blog too. I hope she does come back


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