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Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Shoulda Been So Simple!

I gave the dogs a bath today. That's a good thing. Then I wanted a picture because they looked so darned cute. But Ali doesn't like to have his picture taken, remember?

"I'm not looking at you."

"Quit it, Mom! Go away!!"

"I'm not looking!!"

"OK, you won't go away, then I'll move!!"

At this point, he decided to get down off the bed. and I was just a s stubborn. I got right in front of him at the edge of the bed.

"Not looking at you. Not, Not, Not!!"

"Back it off, Ma!"

"I can't see you!"


So I decided to take a picture of China. She was more cooperative. She just sat there and posed sweetly.

Isn't she a sweetie?

Oh, wait! She is turning her head away!!

"Ali doesn't like it, now I don't, either!!"

"Mom, I said stop!"

Now look at this! Ali is standing in the background, coaxing her on!!!

Now they're both ignoring me!!!

And China gets up and leaves, for goodness sake!!

"Alright, if I let you take this one, will you leave me alone?"

Yes, I left him alone.

Dang dogs!


  1. Love the captions. Looks like you were reading their minds!! Adorable. You know your babies, don't you?

  2. Aren't they hysterical? I love my dogs too! They crack me up daily!

  3. Froggi, I was, too!

    DMB, those two have few secrets from me after almost 15 years together!

    Traci, they are great buddies and keep me jumping. I can't figure out the camera phobia. I don't use a flash. Silly critters!

  4. Wow did you blow dry them? Major fluffitude!!

  5. This was so cute...and oh my gosh, they are like children...even egging one another on!!! You crack me up!! (and so do they)

  6. You're scaring me!!! LOL

    The pictures ARE cute though. I love doggies!

  7. Sandra, actually I did! I don't usually, but it was cold enough that I wanted to get them dry ASAP. And that is with using a conditioning shampoo, a conditioner, AND a smoothing & detangling after-spray! Poof!!!

    Sherry, sometime, I swear they actually do egg each other on, although I don't hear it, so they must be whispering. It's a plot!!

    BWAAA HA HA! Dawn, it's working!! Be careful when you fall asleep! LOL!!

  8. They are just too funny and too adorable!!!

  9. Patti, they are characters!!


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