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Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's Saturday, 2:00 PM.

My back aches! I've been bent over the paperwork, sorting and deciding. (LOL! In this situation, I am "The Decider"!!)

I've bagged up five (5) garbage bags of paper, shredded and otherwise, ready to add to the local landfill. I'm doing my part to "build up the land."

I'm not through yet.

I wish there were a law about companies sending out any paper that is not n.e.c.e.s.s.a.r.y!!!!


  1. Oh your poor back!!! Amen on garbage mail that we don't need!!! I sometimes (don't tell!) send things requests for me to have a new credit card or subscription to something...anything where they include an sase...I mean give me your money and the paper..I just pop whatever it is in the envelope (don't fill anything out or sign anything) and send that sucker back...then they have to pay on the sase postage!!

    Now, what you need, is a good glass of wine (oh hell, take the bottle with you and stick it in the toilet to keep it cold if it's white), and a warm bath with lots of scent and bubbles...and then "aaah" just r.e.l.a.x.

  2. Sherry, I never thought of returning it like that. Cool idea! Hey, why didn't you tell me that before I shredded everything?? LOL!!

    I've had the wine, and I'm headed to the shower and the massage head aimed right between the shoulder blades. I thought about a bath, but I have a garden tub, meaning there is no heater or jets, but it is a really big tub. It takes so much water to get it deep enough to be effective, and then the heat dissipates quickly, so I never really relax. But I'll be much better in about 45 minutes, regardless!

  3. Hello, my uncle was a mail carrier he was the one who told me to put the junk mail back in the postage paid envelops... Sometimes I put coupons I don't use in them. Just so the company has to pay the postage on it!!! LOL

  4. PS. Hope the shower helped. Sometimes when I have a throbbing headache I hit the shower and have the hot water hit my head and that helps for me.

  5. Daisy, do you remember enough from your civics class to know how we start the process?

    Manblogger, Well, now that I've been told about that, I'm gonna do it for sure. If only it would cut down on the repeated mailings from that company!

    The shower did help. but I'm awake now at 4:30 and can't go back to sleep! No, I'm not hurting. I don't know what my deal is. I think I'm just too worked up. sighhh.

  6. I hope your back feels better!

  7. Patti, it's fine. It was just that stiffness you get between the shoulder blades when you bend over for a long time like that. Thanks.


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