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Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Almost the Weekend!

Is everybody ready for the weekend? Whatcha got planned? Whatever your plans, I'll bet yours are more fun than mine. Maybe something unplanned and fun will come up for me!!

My weekend plan is to finish putting the office/studio and the library/guest room in order. There isn't a whole lot to do, but I'm down to the part that is worst ... the clutter of paper and small things that take longer to go through. Each item has to be examined, decided upon, then filed (or placed in a display area), if kept. It just takes time, and for me it is actually harder to sit and do this than it is to be on my feet and working hard. The prospect of having an uncluttered work area is exciting enough to keep me going, fortunately. Hopefully!!

I am tired today, and I really don't know why. Yesterday was not a taxing day. I basically "played" all day long. I was in Ruidoso several hours with some shopping. After all my talk about it, I forgot to take the TV table I wanted to exchange. Duh. I have to go in again on Monday to take the dogs to the groomer, so I'll take it then. I hope. Would someone call and remind me Sunday evening to put it in my truck? Please?? LOL!

I updated my cell phone. I wanted something slick and fun, with all the techo-goodies, but I don't need it, I wouldn't actually use it, and I surely didn't need to pay for it! So, staying with my current trend of buying (or keeping) only what I really need, want, and will use, I selected a phone similar to my last one ... camera (including video), a simple but functional date book (not a Blackberry type, sniff, sob), and other normal and useful functions. My old phone was beginning to not hold a charge as long as it should, a reminder that I was past the two years for upgrading.

I also stopped at a new store in town. It was written up in the local paper when it opened a few weeks back, and I noticed that the owners were from Gallup, NM, in the northwestern part of the state, close to Farmington, where I grew up. Although the two towns are not close enough to be considered "neighbors" (about 120 miles apart), both are integrated into the culture of the Navajo Nation and thus are kindred. I also noticed that the couple's last name was one that I recognized as being same as a former classmate. Both my classmate and this man came from multigeneration "Indian traders." Probably related, but with large Morman families who were part of that territory for well over a century, it might be very distant.

When I entered the store, the owner was busy with other people, so I looked around. I really like the store. It is very tastefully arranged, and they carry a lot of Navajo (or Dine [Deh-neigh], as thet choose to be called now days) jewelry. I like Zuni jewelry, known for inlaid designs and I like the jewelry from many other tribes. I own jewelry from several tribes. But the Navajo is truly my favorite, perhaps just because I grew up around it, and it is comfortably familiar to me. One doesn't see much jewelry from the Dine here in the southern part of the state. When he was finished with the others, the owner introduced himself and we ended up talking for over an hour! Yes, he is related to my former classmate, but I failed to ask the exact relationship. I have several pieces of jewelry purchased over the years at his uncle's store in Farmington called Fifth Generation (get it?), although I was never in the one he ran in Gallup. We found many commonalities, and I so enjoyed my time there. His wife was unfortunately not there, so I didn't meet her, but I will. I found a necklace I'm dying to own. But I won't ... because of the $390 price tag! Buuuuuuut ... by the time I left the store, I had an across the board 10% discount!!

After my errands, I came home and got my dinner ready. I had several pieces of mail for Gail, so I called her and invited her to share dinner with me when she picked up the mail. She was having some furniture delivered after work, so we decided I would just take dinner to her house and cook it there. How's that for home delivery??

OK, I've put this off as long as I can. I have got to get to busy with my tasks. I have this stuff to do here, and I also have to go to the Gallery for a while today. groooooaannnn. Perhaps a shower will make me feel more energetic.

If any of you can tell my why the heck I'm so tired, please let me know!!

Life is beautiful!!!

(even if I am tired today!)


  1. I can't explain the fatigue..I've got it too...for me, I'm putting it down to the weather, the air pressure and January!!!!

    I think you had a lovely day yesterday and I think Gail is very lucky to have such home delivery cookin'!!!

    Enjoy your weekend...but I don't envy you organizing those of my least favourite things to do because it is so tedious!!

  2. I can't explain the fatigue either. I have it as well. I blame the post holiday and January.

    Have a good weekend. I am scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday.

  3. I have got to post about my upgrade soon. It added a $1,200 mistake to my phone bill that they insisted I pay or they'd disconnect. Yeah, as if. It's all worked out now, but it took me 2 months of hell. Hope you like your phone. :)

  4. Sherry, I've talked to several other people today who are talking about unexplained fatigue. Yeah ... let's just blame it on January!!

    Tedious is the exact description. Ugh.

    Daisy, there it is again ... January! That works for me!

    I just agreed a while ago to work for someone on Sunday. I'd hoped to spend the time on my own stuff here, but it's OK. Sunday is a short day, just 10 to 4, and we always close early if there is not much traffic after about 2. So I'll be commiserating with you!

    Kathy, Oh, I can't wait to hear about that! Isn't it strange how something that starts out as a simple transaction ends up in a disaster? Uhhh, yeah, I hope I like my phone, too!! LOL!

  5. This weekend . . hmm, well tonight I was able to catch up on some stuff and empty the dishwasher. The clothes in the dryer are still there from two days ago, but I promise I will get to them. Tomorrow we will have a gathering of friends . .we are about 8 of use that call each other the Yaya's .. and we have been gathering off and on for about 5 years. Several have moved on and had kids-the nerve:), but we try and get together several times a year. The party will be at our house tomorrow in celebration of the holidays. Tonight we went to Costco and bought some stuff to prepare. Boy did we want to get the creamy chocolaty banana cake, but we didn't. Instead we went out to eat and got chicken cheese steaks with no roll.

    Sunday I watch babies at church, and then will go see a newish baby of one of our friends-ok he is like 5 months old now, but we haven't been able to get together before now.

    Hey, I have a question . . .can you freeze fresh mozzarella? I bought the gigantic size one today of fresh mozz, and now I am afraid I cannot possibly eat that much cheese-even on atkins!

  6. Ok I'm so not an expert but you might be tired because you're low on B vitamins...something dark green and leafy might help?

    Papers - pffffft, darn credit card offers are such a waste of paper. If I want a new credit card, I'll apply online anyway - junk mail is annoying.

    Have a lovely weekend, I'm hanging around with Laddie, cleaning house, and spending some time with my fella - nothing big going on at all.

  7. Hi, Beans. Hope you've had fun with the Yayas! Chocolaty banana cake? I'm drooling!

    I like that ... "newish" baby!! LOL! I promise not to tell the parents!

    I've frozen mozzarella before. The trick with any cheese is to thaw it very, very slowly. Put it in the coldest part of the fridge, like the meat drawer, and let it have several days. It may be a little crumbly, but with the slow thaw, it won't be bad.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

  8. Sandra, I actually eat quite a bit of leafy green stuff. Maybe I can step it up and see what happens anyway. Thanks.

    I agree. Completely wasteful, and then we are told we should recycle!! Hellooo?? I'll recycle, but they can help, too!!

    Have a good weekend!!

  9. Hope you had an ejoyable week-end Lynilu. I bet that jewelry is GORGEOUS!

  10. Patti, it was a good weekend, and the necklace was gorgeous and classy. :D


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