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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gettin' There!

The household rearrangement is going well. Of course, it goes slower that I would like, but it goes, none the less. I have almost everything transferred from one room to the other, and I'm beginning to get much of it put away. Or thrown away! I'm purging as I go in hopes that it will all fit well.

I keep being amazed at the growth I'm making in the process of cleaning out. I can actually see the top of my desk in the office again! Long time, no see! And I'm sorting papers as I go, something that I am terrible about doing on a daily basis. If I would just slow down and decide about whether to keep something and then file it right then, my life would be so much more manageable. But I don't. I put paid bills on the desk. I put notes to myself on the desk. I put scribbled phone numbers on the desk. Unfortunately, I also put junk mail on the desk. So now I have a stack of papers to file that will probably take me an hour. grrrrrrr. It's a bad habit that is not likely to get broken at this late stage of my life.

Every time I go through some file of "treasures" again, I find more things that I couldn't part with on the previous time. At one time I couldn't let go. Now it is becoming so easy! It is a rush to throw things away! Figure that out!!

Lawdy, lawdy, the wind is back. I don't think it is as bad as a few days ago, but it is making a stir out there. New Mexico is known for it's wind, but it usually comes later on, in the spring. I also realize that I'm living on the side of the mountain, but I surely wasn't ready for this! I don't mind when I'm inside, but holey-moley, when a body has to go outside for some reason, it is rugged! The poor little dogs ... the wind blows them sideways at times!

I'm glad I got out earlier today and cleared the steps of the ice that had built up. There are a few areas that just don't get much sun, and with the freeze-thaw-freeze that has been going on, some of them had built up nearly two inches of ice. I got it at the right time of the day, just enough thaw to make it sorta removable ... well, with the help of a hammer, a machete, the snow shovel and a broom. No problem!! Ha! No, it really wasn't too bad, but took some banging with the hammer to break it loose, whacking with the machete to loosen it further, and then the shovel could scrape it up. Next a good sweeping with the broom cleaned it well enough to avoid a refreeze. I'm guessing I'll have to sharpen the machete before it will work on cutting the brush in the spring. But the steps are safe now!

OK, I need some rest. I've worn myself out today! My tiredness is good tiredness, but it needs the antidote ... sleep! Take care!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I smile at you being able to toss things now, that you couldn't part with's an odd feeling isn't it? I see that as shows you where you are now from where you were..."who" you are and how much stronger ... you were strong before but strength grows as well as everything else...I'm really happy for you!!!

    Battend down your hatches!!!

  2. okay..I know there is no "d" on batten...this is the second comment I've left today with an error on I either have to (a) start using the preview button or (b) drink coffee BEFORE I start talking!! :)

  3. Good morning, Sherry. You said it just like I see it ... growth. Occasionally I worry, thinking I'm "losing" the past. But no, I finally see things this way ... I can't give away the past away because it isn't the things but what is in my head. Of course, I've kept a few special reminders of special times, however, I've cut the bulk by, hmmm, as much as 90%. It is freeing.

    I have to laugh about the extra letter! I do that all the time! I either add a letter or I omit one, click on "publish" before proofing, then just groan. What is even funnier is that I read your first note without noticing it!! I was awake just a few minutes, had fixed my cup of tea, but hadn't had a sip yet. Yeah, that's my excuse, too ... I needed the caffeine!!

  4. Decluttering is addictive, I'm convinced of that! It's very freeing to just toss something that you used to think you needed.

    Can't you buy sidewalk salt there? You can get doggie-paw safe sidewalk salt and it'll melt that ice without so much effort! Also, here in MN lots of people sprinkle cat litter on icy patches, gives you traction.

  5. I always feel good when I can purge. Sometimes when I go through stuff I have saved, I wonder why on earth I saved some of it to begin with. :-)

    Hope you had a good night's sleep.

  6. Sandra, it is! Isn't that part of the idea in Feng Shui?

    I can get sidewalk salt, but the areas I have to de-ice are wood, and the salt is really hard on wood. I might try the cat litter thing on the steps. That would give some traction without damaging the wood. I worry about someone starting up or down the steps and falling down all 14 of them!!

    I have to say, breaking the ice up and removing it as I did is somewhat therapeutic, much like the tossing of clutter. There is something about having power over my environment, I think. Besides, it is physical activity that I might not have otherwise in this weather. Not heavy enough to cause harm, but enough to make the juices flow well.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Good Thursday morning to you, Lynilu !

    It feels so good to 'clean house' in a metaphorical sense, tossing out things and leaving a clean and open energy in its place in your office. That's great feng-shui !

    I love the sound of the wind when I'm inside all snug and warm because it leaves the sky so clear the next day; but the poor dogs being blown sideways, that's no fun for them.

    Smart of you to clear the ice on the steps before it got too high. Do you put salt there as well ?

    Hope you got a good night's sleep !

  8. Hi, Daisy. Yes, I found a number of things that I wondered about, but I assume that it is that trait of mine to just pile things and "deal with them later" that gives me grief! They just get stored away in haste and without thought.

    I did sleep well, and I'm about to get into the shower and go conquer the world. Well maybe not the world, but at least a few of my issues!! LOL!!

    Good morning, Annie! Yes, moving on is magical, isn't it? feng shui of one's space results in feng shui in one's inner self. Peeling away layers of sludge. Good stuff!

    I like the wind, too. When it blows this hard and for long times, it becomes wearisome. I'm trying to be patient, equating it to cleaning the environment much as I am cleaning my inside environment.

    I don't use ice, as I said to Sandra above, because the steps are all wood. Apparently you and Daisy commented as I was replying to Sandra, so our messages cross in cyberspace!

    Yep, I'm rested and ready!

  9. I am so impressed with your ability to de-clutter. Every once in a while I get in the mood to throw EVERY thing away. I need to do that more often!

  10. Cheryl, I predict that one day you and Gary will find yourselves rattling around in your big house, you'll realize that you are tired of keeping up a big ol' house, and you'll find that throw-away mood handy!!

  11. I love that you used a machete to clear the ice LOL

    I have been slowly purging too and throwing out things I once kept for whatever reason.

  12. Cheeky, the machete was chosen because it was long and I could slide it under loosened ice. It worked well, but I discovered it worked well to chop at some areas, too. Since the machete isn't commonly used to clear ice (!!!) I'm sure those who use it regularly would be astounded!!

    Purging of the living space is so freeing! I was thinking recently as I looked at an item, "Why the heck did I keep this useless thing?" Then I realized that at one time it was important to me, even though I didn't recall why. It was with my until I no longer needed it.

  13. Okay this is mean but I would laugh to see the wind blow the pups sideways. LOL

    Thanks for your kind words about Maddie!

  14. Aww, Patti, now the pups are pouting and crying!! (Let's not talk about the fact that I just brushed them and they had some doozy tangles!!)

    No prob. I hope she is better and has no long-term effects. Poor little girl.


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