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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally, A Trip to Town

I'm just back from my delayed trip to town, and it was good and bad. First of all I filled up the gas tank and put air in the tires. I was below a quarter tank, and since it has a 32 gallon tank, it took a pretty penny to fill it. No, make that a pretty buncha dollars!

Next stop was WalMart for some groceries and some non grocery items. I was looking for a small bookshelf that would fit between the barrister book cases to hold the overflow books and didn't look too chintzy. I didn't find one. :( But while I was walking down the furniture aisle, I saw wooden TV trays. I've avoided buying TV trays, but occasionally, it is nice to have them. I finally broke down and bought two. :) :( And about two steps farther down the aisle, I spotted something. A Cosco table. Measuring 48 inches by 24 inches. The exact size I was planning to make. :) I thought it over (yeah, for about five seconds!!) considered the price of $33 and loaded it into my cart. :D I'll still make the table as I was planning, but it will probably be for use on the deck since I will spend time there when the weather is gentler. For $33 this one will be nicer for inside the house, and it saves me $66 of aggravation!! Tomorrow I will be able to start getting the office in order without having to lug the wood up, saw it and attach the legs!! :D

I also bought a large bag to compress bedding for storage. I've used similar ones, and I really like them. This one is more heavy duty and compresses into a rectangle. It is actually called a "tote." If it works, I'll go back and get one or two more, because they can be stacked on one another. :) That would help, because the plain bags compress to irregular shapes and slide around terribly, always winding up in an untidy pile in the closet.

My next stop was unexciting, just to pick up medications. I headed for another grocery to buy three items that I can't get at WalMart, and after that I was going home. I had some other errands, but I got a late start, so I decided to hold the others until later. I have to go back later in the week to pick up a printer ink cartridge that wasn't in last week. So I hop into the store, get the things I needed, and swiped my debit card. It was rejected!! :( OK, I made a mistake. I swiped it again. Again, it was rejected! :( Come on!!! I just used it three other times!! I had checked my balance before I left home and there is at least five times what I've purchased today!! Fortunately, they took a check, and I left.

I was planning to call the bank when I got home. When I walked in the door, the phone was ringing. I grabbed it, and it was the bank. A few days ago I paid my cell phone bill on the phone, and I incorrectly entered the expiration date twice, then got it right on the third try. It seems that such a mistake, then several large purchases made close together in time sends an electrical alarm, and they locked down the debit charge feature until I verified the purchases! Yikes!! :( and Yippee!! :) It was embarrassing and alarming when my purchase was rejected, but I'm very glad they are on top of it! Those of you who have read my blog for a while might remember than my online account was compromised a couple years ago, and money removed from my account. It was replaced by the bank, the account closed and a new one opened, but it was very scary! So, yes, I'm glad they caught it, despite the embarrassment. :)

My late start for the shopping trip came because I decided to go meet the builder of the house that is up the hill from me. As I left today, I drove around to the site and introduced myself. I've said to several people that I would probably end up liking him because it is one man building a house, not a big contractor who has little regard for the environment. I was right! It is actually an existing neighbor who is building on a spare lot with plans to sell his current home across the road. He told me about the plan, and he has built with consideration for my location. The house is situated so that they won't be looking right down at me, and he also plans to put in a couple trees between us!! We laughed about how we will both be helping the forest stay alive, just between the two houses! He is a nice guy, and I met his equally pleasant wife on an earlier adventure while looking for my missing Ali one day. Very nice people. Ahhhhhhh.

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Sometimes life just hands you good things..but it did so because you made that postiive first say hello and introduce yourself...and look what you discovered!! Sounds all very positive...may it stay that way!!!

    As for your errands...I love it when I'm "not" looking for something and I find a great deal or something that will make life easier...YES!!!

    As for the bank card..totally embarrassing but isn't it good to know that the bank is on top of things when something looks "wrong"?!

  2. YAY for you finding the things you needed. I love those trips to Walmart. I can NEVER go in there and just get the one or two things on my list. For some reason, more things seem to find their way into my cart. WEIRD!!!

    That bank situation is interesting. I think that has happened to us at LEAST once. But like you, our bank was on top of it with the quickness and it was taken care of. What a scary problem to have.

  3. Lynilu sounds like you had a busy and productive day. Love finding those treasures at Walmart. I too can never go in there to buy just one or two things. Dont know what I ever did without it. Havent been to Zellers (Sherry will know what I mean) for two years. Walmart is five minutes from me so I frequent it weekly. Im glad you met the new neighbour and sounds like it will be a nice addition to your little corner of the world.

    Ruth in Canada

  4. I SO miss Walmart!!! One of the things I will never take for granted again is the wealth of different products that are available to us in America to buy! As shoppers, we have so much to choose from.

    But it's something you'd never realize-- until you don't have it anymore!

  5. Good Wednesday morning to you Lynilu ! You got a lot accomplished in town, and glad that the bank thing got sorted out.

    I wasn't sure if your comment yesterday on Sherry's blog was directed at me (may not have been) or if when you stopped by later to wish me good luck, you meant 'good-bye' or if I was just being overly sensitive.

    Uhmmm, ball is in your court. I enjoy cyber visiting you and reading; and hope even if my methods of dealing with things/processing is different than yours, that you felt the same.

    Loving Annie

  6. Sherry, I think the neighbor will be just fine. He and his wife are both "just regular" people. I know things can change, but it's less likely with down to earth souls.

    I'm very glad the bank is alert. Momentary embarrassment, especially with a checker who will likely not remember it, is worth it to know I'm safe.

    Dawn, I know exactly what you mean about those WalMart items that just appear in the cart! But I usually get home and remember something else I wish I'd remembered, regardless of the lists and magic combined!

    I've had the bank check activity on a credit card more than once, especially if I go out of town. this is the first for a debit card, but I'm glad they checked with me. The now have my cell phone # as well, so they can check with me anywhere.

    Hi, Ruth! Since WalMart is about 20-25 miles away from me, it makes me especially happy to have those unexpected finds and avoid another trip. One learns to be as time and gas thrifty as possible! And a person can never have too many good neighbors and friends.l I like the elbow space we have out here, but it is good to know as many nearby dwellers as possible, just in case.

    DMB, I know just what you mean. I have the same feelings for Target. I miss having a Target around, but perhaps it is good, because I'll spend less! the closest one is over an hour drive, and the next closest is 3 hours away! I guess I never thought of there being no WalMarts in Japan. And you're right, you don't miss it until you don't have it. Ha! There you have it ... I have a WalMart, but you have technology coming out your ears! We are even! LOL!

    Annie!! Oh, my gosh, no!!! You weren't at all in my thoughts in that comment!! I was referring to some blogs that consisted of consistent and constant griping and bitching. I find those tiresome and disheartening.

    Everyone has the right to gripe when they need to let off steam. If a blog isn't to my liking, yes, I will stop reading there. I've already quit going to some blogs that I find negative and depressing; I'm still very actively reading yours!

    And no, it was not "goodbye and good luck." Just "good luck with a new format." I think a blog is very personal. We each use it as suits us. Those who use theirs as a daily grumble can continue it, but it bores me when it becomes ugly, barbed and so frequent that it is meaningless, IMO.

    I use mine as a reminder to myself that life certainly is full of ups and downs, and to keep myself focused on looking for the positives from which I draw energy, as well as to realize that the bad days are far fewer and less important than the others.

    I have not found your blog unpleasant or off-putting! It is pretty much a daily read for me, even on days that I don't comment. Not commenting doesn't mean anything more than I had no particular thoughts for that topic or sometimes that I am busy and move on to tasks IRL.

    Annie, I just caught the ball and laid it on the court. I'm not playing ball ... I'm having a love fest here, even with the bank that embarrassed me!!! And I'll be over to read at your place later today! I'm not going away, and I hope you're not either!! :)

    Hmm. I guess I'd better re-read what I wrote at Sherry's place.

  7. Okay girlfriend..having been out twice today -- second time worse than the first...I can safely say "you sent your wind to us"...wwweeeehooooo!!

  8. Oh, Sherry, I've still got wind, although I'll admit that it isn't anything like it was the other day. I've heard from several friends in various places that their winds have been unusually strong recently. Was told just minutes ago that wind gusts above 50 are in El Paso right now, so depending on the direction of the storm, I may be in for another round!


  9. I love it when banks take care of us. And when Wal-Mart takes care of us, too. ;)

  10. Glad you were finally able to make it to town...i imagine your heart was racing when your card was denied...but glad the bank was keeping an eye on your account...

    be sure to check out my response to your comment on my 1000th post...

  11. Catherine, you got it! Banks and WalMart, our best friends!! LOL!!!

    Caroline, I'm glad the bank was on top of it again!

    And be sure to see my reply at your blog!! LOL!!

  12. I have never had luck with those compressing bag systems . . .they seem really god in theory, and once we shoved a whole bunch of compressed things under the bed . . then a few weeks later we had like an explosion and the items were packed in solid under the bed . . .it was a mess. I will be interested in knowing how yours work for you.

    PS-I owe you an email and I think tomorrow will be the day!

  13. Aww, Annie, big hugs back to you!!

    Beans, I've used the plain bags without a serious problem, although a couple of them wouldn't hold the seal. I thought about storing under the bed, but decided not to, just for that reason! Mine will be in a closet where if they leak and expand, the worst is that they will wrinkle of off-season clothes. The new one that is more heavy duty and holds a rectangle shape seems to be holding will so far. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Whenever you have time, dear girl!

  14. Glad you got good news on the building of the near house!

    I had that happen with my debit card and even though it was a little embarassing and inconvenient you are right. Best to be on top of things financial!

  15. Patti, Yep, I'm happy about it all! Some days the world works for me better than others, and that was a good one.


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