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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Land of Enchantment

OK, Patti started it.

She said that the South Carolina State flag is the most beautiful. Balderdash. Has she see the New Mexico State flag? Sighhhh. Some people.

I've added it to my layout. See it there in the upper right corner of the sidebar?

Here's a little history about how it came to be:

The New Mexico State Flag

Since 1912, when New Mexico entered the union, two official state flags have flown over this southwestern state.

The first flag of the state was designed by New Mexico historian Ralph Emerson Twitchell and featured a design quite different from the current flag. Mr. Twitchell's flag was blue with a small representation of the flag of the United States in the upper left hand corner and the New Mexico State Seal in the lower right hand corner. "NEW MEXICO" was embroidered diagonally across the field from the lower left hand corner to the upper right hand corner.

Enter the Daughters of the American Revolution who had been quite involved with the official state flag designations in other states. In 1920, the Daughters of the American Revolution suggested that a new design be adopted that was more representative of the unique character of New Mexico. This idea had many supporters and, as had been done in other states, a design competition was launched. The winner was Dr. Harry Mera, a Santa Fe physician and archeologist. The flag was constructed by Dr. Mera's wife, Reba.

The simple and meaningful design features an interpretation of an ancient symbol of the sun as found on a late 19th century water jar from Zia Pueblo. This red symbol is called a "Zia" and is centered on a field of yellow.

Four is the sacred number of the Zia and can be found repeated in the four points radiating from the circle. The number four is embodied in the four points of the of the compass, North, East, South and West; in the four seasons of the year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; in the 24 hours of each day by sunrise, noon, evening and night; by four seasons of life, childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. The Zia also believed that with life came four sacred obligations: development of a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit and devotion to the welfare of people/family. All of these things are bound together within the circle of life.

The red and yellow colors are the colors of Isabel of Castilla brought to the continent by the Spanish Conquistadors.

So there you have it. The New Mexico is, clearly the most beautiful flag. Clearly. Obviously. Undoubtedly.

Anyone else care to enter the fray? Do you think your State's flag is prettier? You know you'll lose, because this is MY BLOG!! But you can try!! (Since you can't post a picture in my comments, put it on your post and leave a note here for us to check it out.)


  1. New Mexico has a good flag, true...

    I liked that in your post below you knew that first and foremost the house is tpo work for YOU - and then for your guests afterwards. That is taking good care of yourself - and your multiplying numbers of books :)

  2. Annie, if I thought of my house otherwise, would it really be mine?? I think to do otherwise is to make the abode simply a shelter from the elements, not an extension of oneself. My Brother remarked a few weeks ago that it is ridiculous that we buy houses with a lot more space than we need for other people! How true. Yep, me and my ... sigh ... multiplying books!!

  3. Ok, that just proves it....I didn't even know New Mexico HAD a flag! Well, maybe I did. All states have a flag, don't they?

    I told you, I've lived a very sheltered life, lol. Thanks for enlightening me...AGAIN!!!

  4. Your flag is argument from me!! :)

  5. Dawn, Oh, my! You have lead a sheltered life!! yes, the all have flags, even those newcomers like NM!! LOL!! You are too funny!

    Sherry, thank you! I think I like it because it is so different in style, color, everything.

  6. Well, you certainly know I won't be putting up an argument. Especially now that I'm in Colorado. Our flag is so lame in comparison.

  7. Catherine, I looked at all the state flags, and while there are some pretty nice ones, ours is simply outstanding!


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