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Monday, January 07, 2008

Update of the Rearranging

Well, this has really surprised me! I unloaded everything, book out of the cases, and the tools and drawers from the jeweler's bench, and of course the living room was then a horrible mess! I decided to see if I could move all three pieces away from the walls and vacuum. Then I was going to call and see if I could find someone to stop and help me with moving them after work today.

To my shock, when I moved the jeweler's bench, the heaviest of the three, it was actually very easy! Now when I moved it from the deck into the house, I really struggled because it was so heavy and awkward. Maybe I was tired on that day? I moved it before with a dolly because I couldn't scoot it where I had to take it. Perhaps the dolly actually made it more complicated? Who knows.

Anyway, I simply grabbed hold and began backing up and it came along like a good dog. A very heavy and big dog, but still.....! Same thing with the book cases. I didn't have to pick anything up at all, but simply slid them from room to room!

I'm putting the books back now. I have never figured out how books multiply when they are sitting on the floor in a stack, but they always do! I could fill another book case!! It is taking me a while to get everything back on the shelves in a reasonable grouping, but I'm nearly done now. Trouble is, I know I will have books left over. arrrghhh.

This is about 1/3 of my original library. I had a large wall covered with bookshelves in Kansas City, as well as these two cases. I gave away a lot before leaving there, then went through them again for the garage sale and ferreted out another 1/3. I've bought about eight or ten books since I've been here, so it isn't that I've added too many. I don't know what is going on. As I'm looking at them, I'm not having much luck at finding ones that I'm willing to separate from. I guess I will certainly need to be creative in my stacking of the shelves!

My plan is to buy a futon for the room, making it a "library" as well as a guest room. The futon will have a small footprint but allow for one or two guests to sleep. I think it is going to work really well. Even though it is still cluttered, it already holds promise. I'll bet Gail wishes I had it like this when she was here. She would have had more room.

My next challenge will be in getting the work area set up in the office. I still have to build the table, not a difficult job, but the table legs and the lumber are under the house, so in order to get them, I have to trek through the driveway, now wet and muddy! I can't really do too much more in that room until I get the table in there, so I may be on hold for a day or two. We'll see how tomorrow is. The forecast is for 49 degrees and mostly sunny. Mayyyyyy beeeeee.

Eventually I hope to have some sort of "hide-a-bed" furniture in the office, too, so that I have enough places for guests. There is a hide-a-bed in the living room, so I'll have at least four extra beds, then whatever I can cook up in the office will be bonus. I know that some may not like the idea of not having a guest room ready to go, without having to convert something into a bed. But I am here by myself most of the time, and I want the space to be for my use first and foremost. I figure that most years I may have guests here for a month or six week of the whole year. It's worth it to have convertible space, IMHO.

OK, gotta get back to work on those shelves. I'm nearly done, but the end is always the hardest. Talk with ya maƱana!!

Life is beautiful!!!

Maybe a bit tight on space, but certainly beautiful!!!


  1. Wow! Job well done (okay, started...LOL!). I got tired just reading...but then, I'm already tired today. I look forward to more about your reorganization!

  2. Froggi, I'm a little tired, but I'm so happy to have it underway that I don't care much about the tired factor! I'm already very pleased, even though the biggest part of organization is yet to come.

    Thanks, I'll keep everyone informed. Of course I will, LOL!!

  3. You've done well my friend in shifting furniture!!! And pushing is much easier on the back than lifting!! Wonderful.

    I laughed...I don't know how books multiply when on the floor but you are so right..they certainly seem to!!!

    Build your work area the way you want it to be for you absolutely...^5 from me on that...that's what I'm doing in my studio...son will sleep there when he's home and make it his "base" but it still first and foremost a "studio"!!!

  4. Oh, Sherry, I'm so glad it went as well as it did! I was surprised, I'll tell you for sure, because I was expecting the worst.

    The books ... oh, those books! Honestly, they won't come close to fitting back in there, and I just don't get it! So now they are double deep and lined on top, too. As I was categorizing and arranging, I did see a few that I might be able to part with, but not enough to make them fit. I also found several with book marks in them, indicating I didn't finish them. Perhaps if I finish those, I can let them go. A couple were good, but not keepers, so perhaps others....

    Yes, I will build my space as I want. When I bought this 1300 sq feet, I knew that it was small, but I didn't want a big house to keep up and have unused spaces that just sat around. It is right for me, and as I said in the post, I considered seriously the drawbacks of having guest space to be convertible, so it was not a surprise. I did have guests before I was settled and ready, and, of course, I didn't expect Gail would be here for as long as she was (neither did she!!). In spite of it, I know I'm going the right thing. I love my space!

  5. Yep I definitely agree make it useful for you. You can always make room for guests when the need arises! I still have christmas stuff in my livigroom I have to put away

  6. Oh, Patti, while you were commenting I was posting. Be sure to check out the newer post! giggle!!

    You know, back when I was a kid, few people had "guest rooms." We kids got to sleep on a palate of quilts on the floor, something we usually thought was a great treat. Or we doubled up with each other so the guests could have one of our beds. Later, my folks had a "fold down" couch that made into a bed, and that was a fun place to spend a night, too. Yep, there is always room for guests.

  7. You're just a busy little bee, aren't you? Hmmm, I guess you coming to help me paint and decorate my new craft room is outta the question, huh? :-D

  8. By the way, don't hurt yourself with all that moving around and rearranging. You hear me?? lol

  9. Dawn, of course it isn't outta the question! Hold on a minute while I close myself!!! LOL!!!

  10. Wow-I am tired just thinking about all you have done!

  11. Beans, it is surprising what we can do when we set our minds to it. I'll bet if you actually wrote down what you do in a day, it would measure up!


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