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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunset Horizon

I've been neglectful about photos. I know. I've been busy with ... stuff! But tonight on the way home from the Gallery, I saw some awesome skies!

It was just before sunset. The sky was scattered with some potentially threatening clouds. The sun was close to the horizon, slipping in and out from behind the clouds, and leaving golden streaks across the white and grey of the looming overcast. Behind it all was the bluest of blue skies. It was a marvelous sight.

I stopped several times on the trip home to take pictures of it from various places, different angles, an array of stages of the sunset. As I did, the colors moved into the brilliant colors of the setting sun, then to the pastels as the light faded, and finally to the dark greys that comes in the moments before darkness.

Here is the earlier sky.

These are some of the potential storm clouds.

Here is Sierra Blanca, the big mountain. You can pretty easily see the snow at the crest. In this photo, I've focused low, on the mountain so you can actually see it.

This is the same mountain, Sierra Blanca, but I've focused the lens on the sky, so you see the brilliant colors up there while the mountain looks dark. These two photos, the one above and this one, were actually taken back to back, but you wouldn't think so, would you?

Closer to home I saw this view of "my" mountain, Nogal Peak, with one of the dark clouds behind it. Beautiful. And majestic..

This cloud was in the north, and it was catching gorgeous reflections from the setting sun. It was actually a brighter color, almost salmon, but for some reason I was having trouble getting the whole cloud with accurate colors. I could manipulate it, but I chose not to.

This is one of the mountains to the south. I liked the way the cloud seemed to be barely touching it.

And I turned onto the highway close to home, I was greeted with the sight seen in the following two pictures. This is also facing south. My house is off the highway to the right, about a mile and a half ahead.

Same place, but looking roughly East-Southeast. The colors are reflecting against the clouds. Golly, it was pretty!

As I turned onto the road to my house, I got a few shots of this thunderhead. It was breathtaking. Here are three of my photos from that place.

So there you are. You just drove home with me, a short trip of about seven miles, but with lots to see. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. your blog and especially these pics..breathtaking!

  2. Breathtaking!!!! Thanks for sharing...

  3. very pretty.
    i saw nothing of our sunset tongiht. so this was good for me!

  4. Hi, Alive! Thanks! And welcome! I just zipped over and took a quick look at your blog, and I'll go back later for a longer read. Glad you stopped by!

    Froggi, a lot of that was probably overhead for you while I was taking those pix! It was gorgeous! Thanks, and you're welcome!

    Ya know, Cameo, I rarely saw the sunsets when I was in KC. Our house was in one of those locations that was great in tornado weather, down in a valley so the tornado would (at least hopefully) skip over us. But the view to the west was completely blocked so I only saw sunsets if I was out of "the hole" on errands or something.

    Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I know I did!

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  6. Very pretty pictures. I loved them all. Sometimes in the morning if the sun rise is especially nice I call my coworker up and we meet in the parking lot to watch it. Then we go get a cup of coffee.

    I deleted the comment to fix all my typo's. It seems I see them only after I hit the publish button. Have a great day!!!

  7. As always, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!!!!

  8. Oh WOW!!! I have GOT to come for a visit. You busy this weekend? LOL

    The pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing your piece of the country with us.

  9. Man, thank you so much. Wow, you must work a bad (IMO) shift! But if you can just call up a buddy and meet in the parking lot, it is apparently a pretty laid back place, and that's good.

    What?! You see typos after you publish a comment? Are you serious?? Oh, good! I thought I was the only one who did that!! LOL!!

    Thanks, and you have a great day,too! :)

    Miss Daisy, I thank you so much! Hope your day is as gorgeous as the sunset was!

    Dawn, my dear, this weekend would be perfect! Gail has a friend coming for a visit and we are having dinner so I can meet her. If you come along, we'll have the 4th for cards or dominoes!! Perfect!! :D

    Thanks! My love for this place is too big to keep to myself. I want all of you to enjoy it, if only through pix.

    Now, are you flying into Albuquerque or El Paso? Just so I know where I'm headed! :D

  10. This is a special comment that involves Manblogger and Dawn.

    Manblogger, I did just *that*!!! I published and then saw a typo in my answer to Dawn. I cracked up over the coincidence!! I said Dawn could come *alone* rather than *along*. Dawn, I didn't mean you couldn't bring Marque! He could watch the playoffs while we played cards, I guess!! Bring Jayla and Briyanna, and we'll send them off to the ski slopes, I suppose!! LOL!!

    Isn't it funny what a difference one letter makes?

  11. What great pictures, as always. You know what I love about your pictures of your area...I know exactly where you were when you took them. I think I need to come for a visit again..maybe this coming fall. Oh and my favorite pic is the first one as you turned the corner to go home. I love that the road is in picture.

  12. Caroline, It is fun to understand the pix, isn't it? Since they are in order just as I took them, I'll bet you can exactly picture the part of the trip! That first one was, of course, at the place where I turn onto the gravel road.

    You know you are welcome anytime! :)


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