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Monday, February 25, 2008

Jus' Stuff

A little earlier this afternoon I started to go outside and I stopped in my tracks. I carefully backed into the house and picked up my camera. 'Cause here is what I saw at the bottom of my steps:

What you see is actually a fawn. The doe is munching on leaves to the right, but I couldn't get her in the lens. Well, you can see her leg in the lower right corner. Note how heavy their coats are. Yep, it's winter! I wonder if those rough patches are the beginnings of shedding the winter doat. I donno.

Then I looked and there was another fawn down below the driveway. Twinsies!!

Meanwhile, mama got a little nervous and moved away from the house with baby in tow....

...and she "hid" behind my truck.

Look at that little one peeking out!

He just kept poking his head out. I'm guessing baby deer are as curious as other babies in the world!

I moved a little so I could take a better picture of them.

Pretty soon, the doe headed into the scrub brush toward the end of the house. She stopped just a few feet beyond this and fed on the dry leaves of the scrub oak (all that brown stuff in the background).

And the two babies stayed in the area below the driveway to graze. I'm guessing they found grasses there which were easier for them than the scrub oak leaves.

Still snacking!
I came back in so I didn't freak them too badly. I want them to come back.


I wanted to show you something to prove the winds we've had. The other day I noticed that the aluminum leaves on the bird feeder were twisted around. Would you look at how these are bent? Now admittedly, they aren't heavy duty; they are decorative. But for the wind to do that? Wow!

Here is what it should look like, and it does now, after I bent them back.

That's all ... jus' stuff!!


  1. WOW!!! How cool is that? I love those pictures of your new "pets" :-). That's amazing that they were that close to the house.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dawn, I know! The coolest part is that they didn't leave when they saw me. They were careful and cautious, but they just continued to munch and watch me!

  3. Hi Lynilu- I saw your comments on Loving Annie's blog, and I'm looking for more blogs to read since so many of my favorites are drying up! Yours is a keeper -I'll be back for more nature stories.


  4. So beautiful! Amazing to see a fawn and a doe together.

    Every time we see deer near the city here we remark that most people find them fascinating, but it just makes us sad that they have to come so close to us because we've forced them from their homes. You certainly have much more space than we do in NYC, but we still see them occasionally not far from the city and it always makes me sad.

  5. Hi, Betty! And welcome! Love to have you reading here, and I'll be over to read your blog soon. I know what you mean about favorites drying up. It seems to go through phases like that where people just tire out. Not me! I'm tireless!! HA!! :D

    Your picture reminds me of a cousin! That's a good thing!

    And welcome to you, too, Melissa! It is sad to see the wildlife being forced into the "civilized" areas. When I was in KC, the deer fatalities on the highway were, I think, higher than they are out here. At least we have room here for them to co-exist, and I try to not upset their lives and environment much. I will be cleaning out some of the bushes that they were feeding on, the ones near the house, but I will certainly leave them other places so the deer will have a natural feeding place. Every time I hear about a new housing project going on here I cringe.

    I can't imagine living in NYC! I was "citified" for a while in my life, but this last year and a half has been pure bliss. At your age ... the city; at mine ... s..p..a..c..e!!

  6. Where I lived when I was married to the Ex, there were deer that would come up into our backyard daily. I was always up early to get the girls off to school, so I saw the deer often. They're so pretty.

  7. How cool that you have that right in your backyard. I am so jealous.

    So, are we going to have another contest for naming your new pets? My vote has been and will always be Wilson. :):) (I bet you thought I had forgot)

  8. Daisy, they are beautiful, aren't they? I'm happy that they are comfortable being so close so I can see them like this.

    Caroline, yeah, very cool!

    OK, now, listen. I caught myself calling the damn cat Wilson the other day. Stop it!


  9. I love deer, I always get excited when I see them. Always.
    Wow that IS some wind!

  10. You know I am like the energizer (sp?--they need spellcheck for the comment section) bunny when it comes this little game i have created on your blog. :)

    I can't wait to come back and visit. I am hoping sometime in the fall.

  11. Loved that! So very cool, and I'm so very jealous! Never find that in my neighborhood. They're so precious.

  12. Patti, I know that deer can be pests, but are just so pretty!

    The wind ... YEAH!! Even though that aluminum is light weight, the fact that the wind got hold of the feeder and did that is just amazing!

    Caroline, Game? That ain't no GAME!!! Whasamattachu??? :D

    Well, c'mon!!!

    Kathi, Me, too. they are such gentle creatures, and I love to watch them.

  13. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing them. I remember the deer at my folks house used to get that close. We had a bear that close once and I nearly gave my mom a heart attack when I went out to see how close I could get to it.

  14. Beans, I can fully imagine you doing that! LOL!!

  15. I need to read your blog every day. First the cat, now the deer - you have a lot of pets. The pictures are fantastic. I love the header.

    Hiking boots are a priority. In my haste to take a picture I just took off in my sandals. I spent 30 minutes after that picking thorns and thanking god I didn't run into a snake.

  16. Pepper, I agree (1) you should read here every day [LOL!!] and (2) I *must* get the boots. I'm a little torn about what to buy. I've worn my cowboy boots with a walking heel with good luck, and I like them because of the high top in case I run into a snake; but I know I should have a real hiking boot to protect my ankles on the terrain. When it gets hot, I'm gonna look quite silly with a cowboy boot and shorts!!


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