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Monday, February 25, 2008

Mountains and Rocks and Aspens and Picnics ...Oh, My!!

Da Boss and I talked on the phone several times today. I called him to ask about the road beyond where Gail and I went, and he got excited about it again. He said, yes, there are places to turn around, and if the road is impassable (snow, mud, rockslide, etc.), the forest service blocks it of where you can turn around. He said he'd take me up and show me one day if I liked. I jumped on that! And I told him about the artist, L, who wants to go.

He said when you get to the top of the trail, there are meadows and aspen groves, beautiful rocks and wildlife, with views that go on forever. He said you can see Roswell (about 60 miles), and you can see over the top of hills/mountains to see other mountains that you wouldn't think about ever seeing over. It offers a bunch of views that he called phenomenal. I can't wait!!

Later he called me back and said he had been thinking. Why not turn one of our potlucks into a picnic on top of the mountain? Yeah! So we did some planning and decided to talk to everyone soon and make plans to do this while the weather is so friendly and before the spring rain comes. So we talked a while about that, and hung up.

And he called again!! Why not, he proposes, don't we pile people into three trucks. OK, sounds good to me. AND.... if I buy a permit for $10 we can load the trucks with those beautiful rocks and bring them down so I can do something cool with them here on my property! Well, Alright!! I have no idea at this moment what I will do with them, but I'll come up with something! And if it turns out that the whole gang doesn't want to go, it's OK. Da Boss, L. and I will still go. Probably won't bring home many rocks because he has a bad back, and we just won't risk lifting bunches of rocks under the circumstances.

So tomorrow I will talk with another coworker, JW, and begin making plans, calling the others, etc. AL is in Las Vegas with her hub, so we'll go ahead with the plans and get ready to have a ball!

I'm going on Wednesday and buy a pair of hiking poles to be prepared for this and other hiking opportunities. I'm so excited!

Isn't life beautiful???


  1. As I said i'm really no nature girl but I am very happy that you are so excited and it's nice that you have people who enjoy it as much as you do!

  2. Patti, so far everyone is game about going, so it might be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it. In fact, tomorrow, I'm off to buy a pair of hiking poles! Yay!!


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